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Value-for-money Korean BBQ buffet

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 2 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 14

I've not been to many Korean BBQ buffets, but after doing some research, I decided this was one of the most value-for-money ones. Most other buffets have primarily BBQ (self-service), but this has BBQ, all the soups (I enjoyed the budae jigae), bibimbap etc., and it's a la carte buffet.

Some of the meats were pretty good, with the spicy marinated pork belly and the beef bulgogi (mix it with some mushrooms and onions) being my favourites. It was somewhat disappointing that they didn't have beef short ribs (it'll require an $8 top-up per serving).

Service was great considering that it's a BBQ buffet place. The staff kept offering to change the grill and clear the plates. At one point, one waiter noticed that my friend was using up her napkins, so he quickly brought her more.

The main complaint is the smell, but I would be surprised if any BBQ place can address that problem.

May not be the best quality, but certainly one of the most value-for-money at just $26++. Definitely worth going back.

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Just like in Seoul or better

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 787

It's funny because that the last time I had any Korean BBQ was in Yangoon, Myanmar having only taken it once at Sheraton Walker Hill Resort near Seoul. The experience in Yangoon was better than in Seoul, because of the lower price and the better quality meats and the freshest of vegetables in Myanmar (they don't have too much money to buy fertiliser you see, so most of the vegs in Myanmar are organic).

Ambience: It's in a new mall so the restaurant is in the open air with the atrium as the ceiling, more modern than Korean. Decorated with pyramids of Korean soft drinks, beer and soju,

Food: Fresh vegs "fa cai" served with the meats (beef, pork, chicken) with tons of side dishes. The Korean slightly spicy sauce dip was delicious, and added to the pork or beef pieces, you eat it wrapped in the fa cai veg and chomp on it whole, just like in the Korean movies. We enjoyed 4 types of soups, chiken ginseng, seaweed, miso and fish cake soup. The miso soup was outstanding followed by the fish cake soup, which tasted like the fish maw soup I just had for Chinese New Year. The side dishes were OK and my favourite is the slices of marinated potato.

Value: Good value, especially since the veg and meat ingredients are fresh, kimchi prepared here too (not the canned variety).

Service: Friendly pretty Korean speaking waiters. Attentive, helpful and explains how to eat the food.

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Korean bbq at city square mall

Total Reviews: 4

We were looking forward to trying this restaurant after reading the favorable reviews but we're surprised to find out that the restaurant closed down and replaced with a pastamania. So bummed!

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 13

A group of friends and I had Korean BBQ some months ago. This food is not worth trying especially if you love beef. We have to pay extra for beef slices and it is not cheap.

However, if you love all the other korean dishes such as Kim Chi Soup, pancake etc, you can get it at Korean BBQ together with the buffet. If you love meat, try Jang Shou at Katong Village or 2D1N! They serve much better meat!

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Super nice meat!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Me and my friend were pondering on what to eat when we were in City Sq Mall when we came across this restaurant. As it was a weekend and we were having a late lunch, we couldn't try the ala carte lunch buffet, so we ordered a Kimchi Soup, a Chicken Bulgogi and 2 plain rice.

There were 8 side dishes and even though most are not really authentic Korean side dishes, I really like them and I think most Singaporeans will also prefer them to the authentic Korean side dishes.

Next, the Kimchi Soup was really nice too. Its spicyness was just right for me and the rice cakes in it was not bad too. Really good for a cold rainy day!

The Chicken Bulgogi was REALLY good. :) It's a little sweet so it's very suitable for children and for adults, you can add the chilli paste the restaurant serves to it, and the meat tastes just as good. The chicken is very tender and cooked very nicely. I recommend you to try this dish if you enjoy bulgogis.

I will definitely try their lunch buffet soon.

Oh! This restaurant also plays KPOP songs so it is quite fun for us(KPOP fans) to listen and eat at the same time. They also offer Victoria's from f'(x) favourite alcohol.

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