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(Closed) Kraze Burger (Marina Bay Sands)


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Tasty burgers but expensive

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Really tasty burger and the chili cheese fries were delicious. I was surprised that they don't serve brown sugar, which I like in my coffee...

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Worst burger!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
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Looked promising outside... The bun is dry, the beef patty is dry and doesn't worth the price we paid. Never ever come again... Worse than MacDonald

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Thumbs Down! Horrendous service with bland burgers!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
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Service: Ultimate disappointment.
 Two of my friends were there earlier and I reached shortly after their food was served. Seated at the corner. Had problems getting the attention of the servers to place my order. Never mind. We were rushing for time to catch a show. So I walked to the servers to order instead of waiting for them to come to us. A boyish lady came to me and told me she will come over to our table and requested me to return to my seat. Within 1 min she came over and I got my order placed. Impressive. 
 Checked my order with another female server 15mins later and did not hear from her. 5 mins later I walked to the same boyish lady who took my order and tried to check my order. I checked and told her if it wasn't ready, I wanted to cancel my order. She showed her palm to me and asked me where I was seated and requested me to return to my seat. We were looking at her from our seats and her body language tells us she was not coming anytime soon, so I started to eat my friends' leftover share (we will come to that later as they thought that the taste of the burger was pretty awful). 
 5 mins later, the boyish lady came over with my plate of order and placed it down on the table. By then I'm already half done with eating my friends' leftover share. So I told her can I cancel it? She said with a harsh tone: " I told you it was coming to you soon". I looked at her stunned at her reply as she did not mention this to me earlier. And she quickly added "So do you want it or not?". My reply was "No, I do not want it." And she turned and walked away with the plate of food without saying anything. Wow. We were all shocked by her attitude. I seriously have no idea what does the 10% service charge I'm paying for includes. I am not asking for tip-top service (The irony is that it is located in touristy MBS) neither am I trying to be difficult. I just wanted to have a quick fix of dinner and I tried to check with the staff but the staff failed to communicate with me and hence resulted in the misunderstanding which could be avoided. This was the ultimate service blunder I've ever come across.
 Food: Awfully Burger. 
 The Mega Burger's meat patty tasted bland. Maybe that is why they had salt and pepper ready on each table. Both friends left half of their burger uneaten. The plate had a bigger than normal portion of rocket salad that was edible and that made the whole plate of food looked more expensive. Other than that, nothing much to comment. Fries tasted bland too. Yes and they DON'T serve drinking water(My friends did order a drink each). For those who are particular about this, please take note.
 Damage: 2 Mega Burger (each served with Rocket salad on a plate), a plate of french fries and 2 cokes cost $52.00 after 10% service charge and 7% GST.
 By right: $26 per person but because I did not order and the cost was divided by 3 pax so it cost us $17+ each + unsatisfied stomach with lots of grievances. 
 Return to the place: NEVER.

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

We (my wife and I) went to Kraze following the Earth Hour walk around Marina Bay. This was mainly due to my wife being vegetarian and Kraze having a vegeburger option. Having looked at te website prior to going it promises a premium burger experience. Sadly the only premium is on the price.

The scene was set on arrival when the girl at the front podium was virtually asleep, later she seemed to be wide awake when laughing and joking around with some friends whilst people were queing up to be seated.

The restaurant is at one end of the mall where there is currently an ice rink and the only thing separating all the children and parents from the restaurant is a tensabarrier (the kind of temporary barrier made from nylon seatbelt on posts that you find outside nightclubs) which gives the restaurant itself no sense of enclosure. It desperately needs a wall or even a half height barrier between the restaurant and the thoroughfare.

It is also very expensive. My wife's vege and bean burger came in at $15 which wouldn't have been quite so bad if it wasn't stone cold when it arrived! I order a mozzarella and tomato sandwich which turned up as a salad.

For beverages we had two beers. If the staff could turn on the chiller perhaps they wouldn't have to spend ten minutes scooping froth from the top of the glasses and the beer wouldn't be room temperature when it arrives.

I could only assume that the bowl my regular fries ($5) came in was alive and hungry as it seemed to have eaten half of them!

All in all this was easily my worst burger experience in Singapore, I would have had a much better meal at MOS burger for the same price as a bowl of fries here.

If you want a decent burger there are plenty of other and much better places to go, Carl's Jr. and Berg's come to mind.

The final insult is after charging the standard 10% service charge, there is a space on the bill to add tips! Can I suggest that this frankly rubbish venue pack up and go.


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The burger tasted nothing like the Kraze burgers I've had in Korea. The pattie tasted like the frozen kind you get at the supermarkets, and my burger was served with a side of cold macaroni salad. No fries (have to order separately). The macaroni salad tasted artificial... I've had better tasting at cafeterias.

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