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Needs a better exhaust system

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 216

Located at the new and plush Scotts Square, La Luna Rossa specialises in Japanese-style Italian food. So we're talking pasta with mentaiko or uni, that sort of thing. I found the food generally competent, nothing to shout about. Although to be fair to the restaurant, I didn't order their grilled meats, which seem to be a speciality. About those grilled meats - the restaurant has an open kitchen, and with all that grilling, one experiences the not-so-occasional waft of cooked meat that is not unpleasant, but certainly distracting. There seem to be some private rooms off to the side, which might make for a better dining experience, but then you'd miss the views of Scotts Road and the shopping multitudes. But that's probably a price worth paying.

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Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 20

I've been meaning to visit this restaurant for some time after seeing it being featured in a few magazines.

I love the entrance of the resturant...the brick walls gave it a very quaint feeling.
Inside the resturant, it was bright, polished and comfortable.
The loft windows provided a great view of what's outside but unfortunately it's mostly traffic.
The resturant has a open-concept kitchen where you’ll see the chefs hard at work.
So far, so good and I am really liking the place.

My antipasto was tart of pork rillettes and beets with orange ravigote sauce.
The rillettes didn't look or taste appetizing...they were mushy and bland.

My main course was aglio olio spaghetti with shrimp,
porcini mushroom and sicilian tomato.
The shrimps had a fishy taste and I think it's because they used frozen shrimps.
While it tasted decent, I'm not impressed because it's so easy to make and I had ate tastier versions at food stalls.

Dessert was souffle cheese cake with berries sauce.
The cake was dry with a tiny piece of strawberry next to it.
Icing sugar was carelessly sieved over it making it look messy.

Maybe I am being harsh but I don't think whoever cooked my dishes take pride in his work (but I don't think it's head chef Takada san).
Plating was careless and the food unremarkable.

It's a huge letdown for me as I really like the place and service.

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La Luna Rossa opens at Scotts Square

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 48

The recent debut of Scotts Square has unveiled not one but a raft of new-to-Singapore Japanese gourmet concepts: Maison Kayser, Sushi Ichi and La Luna Rossa, that are raising eyebrows – and expectations alike – as much for their lip smacking offerings as for their glamorous Tokyo lineage. Perhaps lesser known amongst the crop is La Luna Rossa, the first outpost of a 10-year-old restaurant of the same name from Meguro River, Tokyo.

At first glance, La Luna Rossa, which boasts neither the Michelin stars of Sushi Ichi nor the lengthy queues of Maison Kayser, plays the quietly rustic Italian trattoria part with rough-cut brick walls and an austere, if formulaic, menu of antipasti, primi and secondi.

But the devil is surely in the details and a peek at the menu is all it takes to convince us that the restaurant’s trump card lays in its Japanese accents. If it helps, Executive Chef, Masahiro Takada, is Japanese too.

Here, bagna cauda ($24), or blanched asparagus, broccoli and raw carrots, is served alongside an anchovy and garlic dip laced with an intensely savoury miso paste while tuna tartare ($28) is gently spiked with wasabi and embedded with buttery avocado chunks.

Chef Takada’s pastas are not spared the anointed Italian-Japanese pairing. Our order of perfectly al dente spaghettini crowned with creamy lobes of melt-in-the-mouth sea urchin in carbonara sauce ($34) is a standout, with the chilled capellini with salted mullet roe and luscious pearls of caviar ($34) coming in a close second.

Mains, like the pink and moist lamb loin roasted with rosemary and garlic ($48), are worth a go though these are classic Italian jobs and you will find them at most mom-and-pop Italian joints.

Lest you think you may rub your bellies and bid farewell now, truth be told that La Lunna Rosa serves one of the finest - and most fluid - tiramisu ($14) quite unlike any we’ve tasted in Singapore. For the Japanese food aficionados amongst us, perhaps a more fitting conclusion would be the matcha crème brulee ($14) crowned with an equally satisfying scoop of matcha gelato.

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italian dining

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 283

Made reservations for Saturday dinner, to celebrate a birthday. Was pleasantly surprised to discover that we would be seated in a private dining area. Nice.


Ordered ala-carte dishes. We had five pasta and two meat items. Complimentary bread (foccacia and walnut) was served meanwhile. For starters, we had duck breast salad and prosciutto with buffalo mozarella.


Sharing the mains was fun, and allowed everyone to have a taste of everything.

For pasta, we had Arrabiata (spicy tomato sauce penne with garlic) done al-dente and it was refreshing with some spice. The Sakura-Ebi spaghetti tasted akin to Chinese hae-bee (dried shrimp) dish.

The Tagliatelle with wagyu bolognese and black truffle was fragrant. The bolognese was subtle though. Didn't quite enjoy the ravioli with lobster, in bisque sauce. Found the ravioli skin a tad too hard, and bisque sauce a bit too salty.

The Carbonara was quite a hit as it was the only cream based pasta on our table that night. Pancetta tasted rather like fatty pork, and liked the doneness of the spaghetti.


The beef cheeks braised in red wine sauce with acacia honey was nicely tender and flavourful. The iberian pork loin was done medium well. Kind of fatty, but definitely tender. Yums.

Kudos to the maitre d' for taking care of us that night. The birthday memento was a nice touch as well.

For more pictures, you may wish to click here.

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A mixture of good and bad

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 55

For full coverage and pictures; please read: Nestled in the corner at Scotts Square since Feb 2012; this Italian-Japanese restaurant La Luna Rossa Osteria is helmed by chef Masahiro Takada (known as Masa) who has had 8-years stay in Italy. He aims to replicate the cuisine from "La Luna Rossa bijou ristorante"- Japan; introducing the same artisan taste to this flagship outlet in Singapore. With his kitchen experience with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, it is unquestionable that I will be in good hands.My lunch began with a Bread Basket; a slice of butter bread and wholemeal buns. I was blown away by the butter bread for its dense texture and crusty shell while the wholemeal buns were less impressive. I wished it has been more toasted. The dipping extra virgin olive oil was very comforting, nice penetrating olive fragrance. By the way, bread-sticks will be served in addition to the bread basket, when you chose a $38++ or $60++ set, but not the $25++. The Celeriac Soup - solacing. Full-bodied soup, true on its own - 100% celery-based and it was so magnificently creamy. The bowl was licked clean!The other main - Spaghettini Cream Sauce with Baby Scallop and Broccoli. Sadly, neither did it out-performed the former, nor was it on par. The pasta came with a generous serving of seafood; baby scallops and clams of which the clams - dreaded fishy. The baby scallops were alright. The cream sauce tinted with that fishy odor, was light but tasted slightly awful. It was a pity as the pasta had been cooked well - firm and chewy.The main - Spaghettini MENTAIKO Peperoncino topped with KIZA MINORI. The portion was sufficient to feed any lady, slightly more than what a fine-dining would served. The roe has been well-seasoned with a tinge of spiciness but not overly burning. Most notably, the spaghetti was one of the best - cooked al dente. I have been to some highly regarded Italian restaurant but their spaghetti were lackluster. Here, at La Luna Rossa; they have done a good job! The seaweed nori in replacement to the usual Italian herbs was a brilliant tweak. A clever innovate. Perhaps, I should opt for dishes that were whipped up by the master chef himself, then can I conclude on his true culinary skills. For now, I could only pass judgement (a mixture of good & bad taste) based on the the generic Japanese influenced - Italian dishes, along with the artful plating and ambiance. A $70 bill, sure was hefty and it was less bang for your dining bucks, if you had asked me.

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