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Reviews for (Closed) La Petite Cuisine (Upper Thomson)


Cheap and good french food.

I noticed I keep coming back to Upper Thomson Road to try out their food along the stretch of roads. I did notice this small and dingy looking restaurant from across the road. 

Read some reviews before decided to give it a try.

Was there with my husband for a romantic night out and I was plesantly surprise by the place (in both a good and bad way).

I was for one not impressed by the deco. It fails to attract customers base on its run down appeal unlike their competitors in the vicinity such as RS Deli and Old School Delight which both have fantastic deco. The tables we sat on was erm very vintage looking and it has a very country  appeal (to down play alittle). Not really my cup of tea. 

I heard bad review of their service, I have to say we did not receive the 'go the extra mile service' but to me it is passable. The service crew were not warm but they were not rude either so to me I am fine with that. But it does take a while to get their attention even though it was not a very crowded weekday night.

We ordered the DucK Confit and Dory with white wine butter rice and also their Creme Brulee. 

Not entirely a duck person but I am so impressed with the crispy duck confit I was actually fighting with my husband over it despite the fact that he ordered it for himself.

My Dory with White Wine Butter Rice was also delicious. The butter rice was especially fragrant and it has a tinge of creaminess in it which I greatly adore. The fish is well marinated and fresh.

The creme brulee was heavenly. I never expect such a rundown looking place can serve such delicious dessert. The slightly burnt taste of the creme brulee was of such decadent notion and a taste of it send me craving for more.

I do recommend people who wants cheap good tasting french food to give it a try. 
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11 Aug 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

I concur with the other reviewers: AVOID 100%

We had sat down for dinner on Sunday, 4 Aug, when were were assailed by bad service.

Irritant #1: Ugh.
No menu was served to us. After waiting for 5 minutes, we had to call a local chinese waiter to serve us our menus. 

Irritant #2: Double ugh.
The same local chinese waiter (young and with thick black specs) started nibbling on snacks in full view of the customers! 

Irritant #3: About to lose our cool...
We tried waving to the waiters, who made it their mission not to look up at the customers. Instead they chatted among themselves. We did not know ordering was from the counter, so we got frustrated that no one served us.

We were seating near the glass panel which separated the serving counter. Because NONE of the three waiters at the counter paid any attention to our waving, we knocked on the glass panel. 

A Filipina waiter bared her teeth angrily at us, with bulging eyes, hissing "ORDERING IS AT THE COUNTER, NOT AT THE TABLE". 

Fancy that. Not paying attention to waving customers, then behaving aggressively to them. She made us feel like pariahs. 

We felt this was unacceptable, so we put our money where our mouth was: We walked out. Thinking we were clever, we proceeded to the Serene Centre outlet...

...Only to be served by another similarly high-handed, aggressive, talk-down waiter. He was also a Filipino, a middle-aged male.  

CONCLUSION: The better-than-average food shrivels in comparison to the atrocious service. Avoid these 2 restaurants - they do not deserve our patronage.
14 Jul 2013 • 18 reviews • 0 follower



Sometimes when people talk about bad service, you may not think it will happen to you because you may not get served by the same waiter or maybe its an isolated incident. Hence I didn't think it would happen to me. Unfortunately, it did!!

Bad service - There is no GST or service charge in this restaurant so I was okay with going to the counter to place order for my food. I placed my order and asked the server what is the soup of the day. She casually pointed to the menu that was written on the glass. In my opinion, she could have just told me verbally what they were instead of just pointing there. What was worse is that I was standing behind the glass, hence, I had to READ on REVERSE?! So I told her in the face that the word is in reverse and she gave me a scornful face and told me what were the soup of the day. That was extremely rude and unacceptable. Even though I am not paying service charge, I believe you don't expect bad service because we don't pay service charge.

Mediocre food - Food was so-so. We had the dory fish, duck confit, salmon entree and escargot. Dory fish is pretty good and value for money. Salmon entree was too oily and average. Duck confit is also average (Saveur is better any time and cheaper). The croissant and sauce for the escargot was great but the escargot itself had some funny taste. 

Value for money - Well I guess its not expensive but the food is really not fantastic.

Atmosphere - So so. 

The horrible service left a bad taste in my mouth. Also, the arrangement of the place was bad. When I was ordering the food, I could see them take the frozen salmon from the fridge to the kitchen (passing me). I didn't really think I should see how they processed the food.

13 Jul 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


As per all the reviews below.. Terrible service. Mediocre food that is expensive. DO NOT GO!

 The servers were apathetic and extremely rude. 
The food sloopily placed together, and was luke warm.
And I had diarrhea after.

You get better food from Mac's.