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 • 26 Apr 2014 136 reviews 0 follower
So, it is a pizza day! I heard that their pasta and others tasted normal and so didn’t get them. I’m sure you will be satisfied if you stick to their pizza. These pizzas are 11 inch and are all under $20 (considering that $19.90 is < $20). Such good pizzas can easily cost more than $20 if you were to try to get them in town area, such as Da Mario Pizzeria. This is really a good pizza place for ppl living in the eastern side. Spent about $28 for this meal per person. They also have two other pizzas not in the menu, which is the four cheese pizza and beef pizza. Knowing that they make four cheese pizza, it makes this place feels even more authentic and I almost wanted to get it but thought I should have a lighter meal today. It should be a pretty good pizza as the combination of four cheeses makes the pizza exceptionally fragrant. Had it before and I loved it.

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