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(Closed) Lao Beijing (Orchard Central)


Designed to resemble an old Chinese teahouse, this restaurant serves northern Chinese cuisine, including noodles and dumplings. It has been named one of Singapore's top restaurants by Singapore Tatler, Wine and Dine.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

+65 65091878
$29 based on 10 submissions
Children/Family (4 votes), Dinner (4 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (4 votes)

buffet dinner

i thought that the buffet dinner was priced quite ok. $23.80++ with quite a lot of stuff to choose from. 

for pictures and reviews of the dishes, visit

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Ice cream puff1 vote
  • Salad Prawn1 vote
  • fish and beancurd claypot1 vote
  • fish skin1 vote
  • thai-style sliced fish1 vote
  • yangzhou fried rice1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 10 votes
11 Apr 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Quality dropped dramatically

My colleagues and I visited this branch at lunch (buffet) time. Frankly speaking, the quality dropped dramatically...

1. No more Xiao Long Bao served... they changed to Qing Feng bao. Understand that Qing Feng bao is famous due to the president. However, if such dry and tasteless quality is served to president, they sure die within the day...

2. None of the bao or wanton or jiaozi are fresh... my colleagues can tell they use frozen ones, just don't know how many days they froze...

3. The way they cook or store bao are not Beijing style... even shanghai bao are fresh or use vega or cloth as bottom in steamer. Surprisingly this Lao beijing use paper!!! only hawker or canteen bao use paper at the bao bottom and they charge only 50-90c... These bao steam is very unprofessional as beijing style. Look like re-sale. and the taste is not up to normal standard.. very disappointed...

4. fried vega or meat are generally salty... the cooking skill is very normal, some are not as good as hawker standard...

5. soup of the day is no standard... only mix egg and tomato... no cooking skills at all. even my 10 year old niece can cook like that...

It's very shamed to position such restaurant standard as lao beijing... Even my local colleagues say the food is bad, then you can imagine how bad it is... If beijing people tasted it, they would be angry to dead... 

I tried another branch 2 year ago. The bao was good, at least juicy and tasty. The baos in this branch are dry and over cooked and tasted like a re-sale ones... no cooking skills at all...

It's totally no standard... what a shame.... will never visit again. totally a waste of $$...
06 May 2013 • 37 reviews • 2 followers

buffet dinner

i thought that the buffet dinner was priced quite ok. $23.80++ with quite a lot of stuff to choose from. 

for pictures and reviews of the dishes, visit
05 May 2013 • 19 reviews • 0 follower

A nice and simple Chinese lunch buffet.

We enjoyed this buffet lunch. The selection could be better but the quality was very good. For a full review please visit my blog at:

The thai-style fish is the best order. Too bad we couldn't order the Popiah. But all-in-all a very positive experience. 
13 Jan 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


Went for the ala carte dinner buffet. Was pretty much disappointed when we were told that they have limited servings of Xiao long Bao. Other foods were pretty much average. I reserved seats for 20 pax and I was given a room. The service and ambience is good, staffs are attentive. Since this buffet is slightly more affordable, recommended for people on tight budget.
25 Sep 2012 • 22 reviews • 0 follower

best fish and beancurd claypot.

xlb was a disappointment. but the fried rice and fish & beancurd claypot were impressive. service at this outlet was good too, making it a pleasant dining experience.

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