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Nice food, friendly staff. good experience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I went with my wife & daughter for lunch today.
We have been to Lenas Hougang before and we had loved it, we were not disappointed today. The quality preparation of food is yummy. My daughter just loved tomato based salmon spaghetti, & my wife ordered a chicken pesto pIzza. we also ordered Hoegarden ZFlavoured beers.

The preparation time of the food was a bit longer than expected, but it was worth the wait.
We enjoyed every bit of it.

The staff was warm & friendly & greeting all the Guests loudly saying "Welcome to Lenas'" .
Definitely will be visiting them more regualrly.

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I love their menu!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 219

for photos and more reviews, visit (:

when i saw the menu of lena's, i was completely blown away. now this is one place that will satisfy any hungry person. or maybe not. because the menu is so extensive, with so much interesting-looking food that it's difficult to just pick one dish! like when my sis said, "i don't know what to eat!" we thought that she meant that there was nothing to eat. turns out it was cos there were TOO MANY things she wanted to eat which was why she couldn't decide -.-

started with a bread bowl of creamy mushroom soup ($8.90). this was really good! the bread had a lovely crispy, slightly crumbly crust, and the inside was lovely and airily soft, and went perfectly with the soup. the mushroom soup was absolute food-for-the-soul, warm, smooth and thick, with chunks of mushroom in it.

i always love being offered choices, so i really enjoyed ordering from lena's menu! firstly, the array of dishes is absolutely mind-blowing, from pastas and pizzas to normal meaty main courses to asian-inspired soup dishes. OMGEEEEEE! (: for the pasta, there were so many things to chose! first, decide on your pasta of course. then you have a choice of four sauces (some types of pastas have less options though!) - tomato, cream, spicy aglio olio and black pepper. then you can chose to have either spaghetti or penne. additional options include adding $3 to make it a baked pasta (cheeeeeeeeeeese! <3) or $1 to add an egg yolk to your cream pasta. mmm so yummy and fun! (: oh and you can add $5 for any dessert which is less than $7.50 or add $6 for a glass of housepour wine/half pint of Hoegaarden draft.

so anyway, my sis ordered the bacon & mushroom pasta ($13.50), aglio olio, penne-style. it was extremely fragrant (: (: each piece of penne was cooked wonderfully al dente and coated with a film of oil. it was super duper spicy though! i would have preferred if they didn't add pepper to it. i wonder what is the difference between the aglio olio and the black pepper sauces then? xP but it tasted good anyway!

i ordered the soft-shell crab pasta ($15.90), tomato sauce spaghetti. haha i asked the waiter whether the pasta i chose would go better with tomato or aglio olio sauce and he recommended the former so i went with it! (: and it was a pretty good choice! the tomato sauce was t-t-tasty! (: and the soft-shell crab was awesomeeeeeee! deep-fried (sinful! but i don't care :P) and crispy and yummy. need i say more? definitely recommend (:

my parents shared the premium pork rib ($32.80) which comes with two sides. hmm i think the variety of sides here is pretty uncreative (i mean, look at the rest of their menu!!! :O haha). the two they chose were the pilaf rice (which was infused with garlic, nice!) and coleslaw. the ribs were nice and succulent with lots of cartilage which was so fun to chew on :D

and although i was absolutely full to bursting (i finished all my noodles! :O), i just had to order dessert! the dessert has an entire menu to itself!!!!! :D so exciting. see why i HAVE to come back again? so many things i have yet to try!!! i ordered the peanut butter sundae ($8.20) because 1. i love peanut butter and 2. i wanted the waffle crackers xD loved the crackers! but i was slightly disappointed with the ice cream though >.< it didn't taste very peanut butter-ish >.< but maybe it was just me. the rest of my family loved it because of the subtle peanut butter taste -.- oh well, i'll just stick to the real thing i guess! the whipped cream on top was beautifully light, and there was this funny sweet liquid at the bottom of the glass which i didn't try.

the marshmallow brownie hot pan ($12) looked gorgeous. chocolate brownie drizzled with a creamy hot chocolate fudge, topped with a handful or marshmallows and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. i absolutely adored the fudge! creamy, thick and gooey, it made the brownie so wonderful. but, the brownie on its own was unfortunately, disappointing. without the sauce, it seemed lacking, not moist enough.

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Dinner on a weekday

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

We were attracted to the exterior of the restaurant at the newly opened LENAS at NEX. The restaurant was just beside MOF and figured out was part of the chain, and decided to give it a try.


DIY pizza was the main attraction i guess. The variety of toppings and flavours made me and my boyfriend felt immediately we should come back with friends again! However, as I am a moderate eater, we chose pasta – Carbornara (around $14) & Salmon (grilled) with one side (salad) – around $17.


The salmon was fantastic i would say. Really love the piping hot meal. And we ordered an appetiser too. Brushette with smoked salmon (around $9) (not sure if it’s spelled this way =/). Nice combination! I like both the tomatoes and the salmon - My all-time favourites.


Definitely would go back again but will try Bugis’ outlet since NEX carpark is always hard to find a parking lot L

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Disappointing Experience

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 86

It took us at least 15mins of waiting before someone noticed us and came over to take our order. We were not the only one experiencing it though. We managed to get the attention of one or two staff along the way but they simply just requested us to wait, politely. I don't think this should be the way since there are more than enough staff in the restaurant. Even when I requested my dessert to be served, it took me a while (and a few times requesting) before I finally get my dessert.

Ordered the the Mixed Mushroom Pasta, which appeared to be more creamy than it actually was. The sauce was a little dry and bland. I tried adding the chili flakes and cheese but still, didn't help alot. The Matcha Imo was slightly better as MOF's ice cream comes with the warm "Premium Air-flown Japanese Sweet Potato" and red bean. Not too bad for a dessert.

First time having my meal here, I doubt I will return again.

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great desserts

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 8

I love desserts at lenas! My favorite ate the fried bananas with icecream -- comes in traditional and breaded version! Also love the creme brulee. Slurp! For mains I go for the chicken with salsa dressing and the meatball with egg sauce. Super yummy!!!

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