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Review for Lenas (Nex)


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28 Mar 2014 • 86 Reviews • 22 Followers

Disappointing Experience

It took us at least 15mins of waiting before someone noticed us and came over to take our order. We were not the only one experiencing it though. We managed to get the attention of one or two staff along the way but they simply just requested us to wait, politely. I don't think this should be the way since there are more than enough staff in the restaurant. Even when I requested my dessert to be served, it took me a while (and a few times requesting) before I finally get my dessert.

Ordered the the Mixed Mushroom Pasta, which appeared to be more creamy than it actually was. The sauce was a little dry and bland. I tried adding the chili flakes and cheese but still, didn't help alot. The Matcha Imo was slightly better as MOF's ice cream comes with the warm "Premium Air-flown Japanese Sweet Potato" and red bean. Not too bad for a dessert.

First time having my meal here, I doubt I will return again.
Must Tries
Matcha Imo
Recommended for
After Work
Average Spend
$50 for 2 pax
  • Mixed Mushroom Pasta
  • Matcha Imo
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