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Review for Makarios Cafe


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06 Apr 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Location is great but service is terrible!

Located in a library that is always packed on the weekend, this cafe could have done a great service for library patrons. Unfortunately I would much rather find some other place in Bugis then head down to this cafe for a reading spot. The food is overpriced, and the service staff hover over you. When I entered there was only another group of 4 diners in the cafe, and I asked for the corner table (a 4-seater) but the waitress reluctantly agreed as she was worried that the audience of the play in progress would need the space (don't be fooled - barely anyone used the cafe space before the play and during the intermission).

After sitting down I asked the waitress if I could use the electrical outlet, but she referred me to her boss, who only agreed with a frown and followed me back to my seat to see if my power cord would be short and trip other guests. Moreover, throughout my 3-hour stay it was difficult to read in peace as the lady boss kept barking orders to her staff.

To top it all off, as my friend and I were getting ready to go and footing the bill, the waitress whispered that her boss had instructed her to inform me not to use the outlet for the whole day. That was absolutely the last straw, and I will not be returning. 

However, as I did not order any in-house menu items, I must qualify that one may very well choose to come back if the cooked dishes are actually worth it.
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