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McDonald's (Lot 1)

The largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald's has been serving burgers and fries since 1940 when the first outlet opened in California. It has also moved into the cafe space with the introduction of McCafe which serves a range of premium coffees as well as sandwiches and cakes.

Mon - Thu: 06:00 - 00:00

Sun: 06:00 - 00:00

+65 67635908

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23 Jan 2011 • 230 reviews • 0 follower

good for groups.

their space is quite big and with the good food around. its just awesome for the groups to sit and gather.
09 Apr 2010 • 1254 reviews • 1 follower


to the contrary to their service in the counter next to them, the McCafe is very slow in serving the customer. i know they have to make the coffee first accordingly but when they get my cake also took some time. the taste is fine, i like their coffee and their chocolate delicacies but when it is combine with the McDonalds where so many kids around and teens, it is too cramped and give me difficulty to enjoy my coffee moment. what is a coffee moment? watch Ally McBeal
16 Dec 2009 • 241 reviews • 0 follower

Spacious queue area

This is probably the most efficient outlet in taking orders, I almost never have to queue. The outlet is combined with the Mccafe so you could get a seat at the chic mccafe area even though you're not getting anything from the mccafe and they wouldnt mind. Particularly busy during the afternoon hours because there are a lot of students from the neighbouring choa chu kang area. Alternatively, there are many other fast food chains in the lot1 shopping mall at basement 1.
31 Jul 2009 • 1254 reviews • 1 follower

Kids go ahead!

When I bring my kid to McDonald's one thing is surely in the kid's mind: Balloon and toys. And yes they got it, but the minute step my foot toward the door the staff quickly help me open the door when she saw me walking with young children and hands full of grocery, a very nice touch! Then after we place our order and sit down the same staff come toward my daughter and offer a free tattoo sticker in a very gentle and big smile, love it! For me in this cold cold world or Singapore where smile is a very expensive product, indeed McDonald's have offer me warmth and feels like home ambiance in their place. NB: one thing only that make it not highly recommended, the cleaning staff that keep opening the trash in front of eating customer and 'playing' with trash around them.