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Mikuni offers a culinary tour through exquisite creations from its three stunning Teppanyaki, Sushi and Robatayaki live stations, each helmed by a master chef, that highlight the most premium of seasonal Japanese produce. Be delighted with Mikuni’s multi-sensory dining experience complemented with signature creations by Executive Chef Moon’s novel and exciting modern kaiseki dishes that seamlessly blend modern and century-old Japanese culinary techniques with a dash of theatrical humour.

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:30 - 22:30

Last order for lunch: 2.15pm

Last order for dinner: 10.15pm
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SUPERB Winter Robata Creation!

Previously Inagiku, the space and the menu was given a major overhaul last August and what you see now, is a modern Japanese restaurant called "Mikuni", serving exciting Japanese fare.

The Executive Chef of Mikuni is a korean chef (and very jovial) named Moon Kyung Soo, whose creations �pay homage to the rich history of Japanese cuisine with flair and artisanship.�. Chef Moon harnessed the finest products directly from the sub-prefectures of Sapporo, Tokachi, Rishiri and Hakodate during the winter season, creating an opulent and innovative 11-Course Kaiseki menu.

Apperitif: Sapporo Classic Beer with Dry Scallop

Our first course is Sapporo Classic Beer with Dry Scallop. A good combination, but the dry scallop was too chewy that night.

Starter: Salmon Roe with Hokkaido Smoke Camembert Cheese

Salmon Roe with Hokkaido Smoked Camembert Cheese arrived in a bottle. When you opened it, there was this dash of nice charcoal smell.

I must say that the presentation of all the dishes were very carefully done. Put the cheese in your mouth, there was a smoky hint with a burst of salmon roes in the mouth.

Soup: Potato Pork Gyoza with Mushroom Broth

What was dumpling soup doing in this Japanese restaurant? No no, it was actually Potato Pork Gyoza with Mushroom Broth. A lovely clear soup with a well flavoured pork gyoza, it warms the stomach.

Sashimi: Giant Scallop and Sea Urchin

I love the Giant Scallop and Sea Urchin very much. One big scallop was sliced into many slices and the sweet and refreshing sauce goes well with it.

Sapporo: Salmon Chan Chan Yaki

If you are wondering why was it called "Chan Chan", the waitress said this dish was usually prepare by the father (in Japanese, it is called Oto-chan), hence it was named as "Chan Chan Yaki".

Cooked in miso sauce, the salmon and golden mushrooms were very flavourful. I like the salmon especially, very tender.

Hakodate: Hokki Shell Soy Yaki

The big fat clam from Hokki Shelll Soy Yaki was soaked in butter onion sauce. I find the sauce too salty for my liking.

Tempura: Potato and Crab Cream Kromeski

Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, Potato and Crab Cream Kromeski arrives piping hot. One bite, you can taste the crab cream melting in your mouth.

Tokachi: Wagyu Beef with Hokkaido Wine Sauce

One dining features of Mikuni is their robatayaki live station, a traditional grilling concept where food is cooked over charcoal fire.

The Wagyu Beef with Hokkaido Wine Sauce was excellent. The robata grilled wagyu was very juicy and tender. It certainly gives you a �melt-in-your-mouth� feeling.

Rishiri: Abalone and Uni, Seaweed and Shio Gama Yaki

No no, it was not glutinous rice in the lotus leaf. Opening up the big piece of grilled salt, is Abalone and Uni, Seaweed and Shio Gama Yaki.

Shio Gama is a japanese salt that helps to retain the flavour of the dish when grilled. True enough, the abalone and uni was moist and tender.

Noodle: Taraba Kani with Uchiko Egg and Sapporo Miso Seafood Ramen

It was a long dining journey in Mikuni. Initially, I thought I would still be hungry after my 11 course meal. But I was wrong. By now, I was filling to the brim but when Taraba Kani with Uchiko Egg and Sapporo Miso Seafood Ramen came, I couldn't bear to stop eating.

Although the ramen broth was boiled for 16 hours, but it wasn't as intense as I thought it would be. Which was a good thing, as it won't be too heavy on my tummy. The ramen came with a beautiful runny egg and a big fresh prawn.

Dessert: Milk Pudding and Apple Cake

Last but not least, dessert was Milk Pudding and Apple Cake. the milk pudding was smooth and creamy, but I think the apple cake can be softer.

Mikuni offers a robatayaki counter teeming with action-packed, Japanese style grilling, dynamic sushi and teppanyaki stations, and a vibrant sake bar. Its chic Japanese look with touches of blue and gold allow diner to enjoy a casual but intimate dining experience.

If you are interested to try the Winter Robata menu, make your reservation now as the promotion runs from 1 to 29 February 2012. The set menu is priced at $280+++ per person and $350++ per person with sake pairing.

For more photos, please click here.

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#3 kagoshima beef robatayaki
17 Dec 2014 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

Most Enjoyable Autumn Course Dinner @ Mikuni on 11Dec2014

e my full reviews & photos at =

had another splendid dinner at mikuni with wife on 11.12.2014. 
we had the excellent autumn course menu, like a mini kaiseki. i have never taken a course menu or kaiseki since the name changed from inagiku to mikuni some years back. instead we had been exploring the ala carte menu, creating our own Andy’s kaiseki (just in jest). and lately i am quite sold onmikuni’s chirashi don (i would say almost choutokusen 超特選 chirashi don). 
we were very pleased though with this autumn course menu. 
#1 japanese taro, hokkaido uni in sesame tofu topped with ikura – taro was just so so. the uni, ikura tofu was of course very nice. did not taste much of the sesame though. #2 sashimi – hamachi, maguro & white prawns topped with caviar – sashimi was good cuts but otherwise ordinary except white prawn but that was kind of smallish. #3 shell grilled scallops, & kagoshima beef robatayaki – kagoshima beef was heavenly. scallops was very nicely done too. quite excellent! #4 chestnut tempura & sillago fish tempura – the sill ago (whiting) fish tempura was par excellence. chestnut was ok, quite nice really if non descript. #5 the osaka styled barachirashi don – uni, maguro, tai, kampachi, kajiki, ikura, lily bulb was superb. came with pickles & miso soup. #6 chestnut ice cream & japanese honey dew was ok. i prefer yuzu ice cream & black sesami ice cream, and of course japanese rock melon to honey dew. mikuni offered very good complimentary drawer tray dessert. :-) the 6-course dinner cost S$158pax. after 50% feed at raffles discounts, it was S$79pax exceeding sake/drinks. a quality & very good value dinner.
27 Oct 2014 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

A Dinner to Remember

See my full reviews & photos at =

had 5pax family dinner at our favourite restaurant, mikuni, on 26oct2014. an occasion to remember for me. :-) we came mikuni quite a few times. the most recent which i blogged on was on 23.6.2014. we ordered 4 chirashi don & 1 kagoshima wagyu don as main courses, and had few other dishes to share. :-) we had the superb sous vide & deep-fried tako to share. this still the best octopus dish i have tried, better than all the very nice grilled octopus dish at alle darsene lake como & miky at monterosso cinque terre. & i think this the best chirashi don (2 toro, 2 hotate, 2 shake, 2 kajiki. 2 hirame, 2 kampachi, 2 tamago, uni, botan ebi, ikura) in singapore for quality & price. don’t think there is anything better. :-) we tried a new dish, kagoshima wagyu don. wagyu was very good. quite surprisingly to me, the rice was not great. hmmm, any of the  kamameshi (釜饭) at sun with moon wheelock or unagi chahan at zen japanese dining was tastier than this. & another new dish – kagoshima wagyu ishiyaki. i estimated the 6 cuts to be about 80g or 100g. beef was excellent of course, very nicely marbled. JH said reminded him of hida beef 飛騨牛 on a boba leaf 朴叶 or magnolia leaf he had at takayama. :-) & kagoshima wagyu sukiyaki konabe, our favourite. 
they served complimentary dessert in drawer dessert tray – pick your own. :-) daughter collected a nice chocolate banana cake from ritz carlton. they do very nice cakes these days, not too sweet & very nice chic mousse. the cake not really my favourite though.
03 Oct 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Top Draw

Top quality food, presentation and service. One of my favourite Japanese joints. Recommended.

10 Characters.
12 Sep 2014 • 124 reviews • 7 followers

Set Lunch

For pictures and full review, pls visit:

It’s not every day one can indulge in Mikuni’s epicurean dinners. Thankfully, exquisite Japanese restaurant’s set lunches help satisfy cravings (until the next special occasion) without breaking the bank. Priced from $65-$120, the sets allow diners a taste of Mikuni’s signature dishes, perfect for the mid-day recharge or for corporate diners seeking to impress clients. Amex Platinum card holders and Far Card members can enjoy 50% off the total bill (2 diners only).

Complimentary paper-thin prawn crackers coated with spices tantalizes our anticipating taste buds. All sets include a refreshing organic salad drizzled with Mikuni Original dressing.

From the Robatayaki counter, the King Prawn Lunch ($80) was slightly disappointing. Grilled over Japanese charcoal that is made from oak branches, the conveniently deshelled crustacean was a tad too dry and tough. The saving grace was its distinctive charcoal flavor; it’s even better when paired with the spicy lemony sauce, which brightening the whole taste profile. Grilled vegetables, brilliantly smooth chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles and fluffy rice completes the set.

Australian Beef and Ebi Ougon Set ($80). Succulent teppanyaki prawns blanketed in golden sauce made from egg, mustard, shoyu and sesame, adorned with heaps of tobiko. The sauce is rather rich but does not mask the sweetness of the prawns. Irresistibly juicy and tender is the Australian tenderloin, with a beautiful pink center. You can opt for beef sirloin instead of tenderloin. Awake your senses with a burst of zing from the citrusy flavor imparted from the yuzu butter dousing fresh, plump Hokkaido scallops. While M felt the Hotate Mentaiko ($28) was too sour, I reveled in its tanginess. Included in the set lunch was this intense Espresso ice cream glittered with chocolate crumble. Finally, petite fours arrived in the form of green tea chocolate and red bean jelly. Nothing too fancy, but nevertheless a satisfactory end to a meal.    
08 Sep 2014 • 51 reviews • 1 follower

Delightful Modern Japanese Cuisine

With so many Japanese restaurants around, offering quality, top notch food, it is not easy to stand above all. In the case of Mikuni, the strength lies in the offerings of modern Japanese cuisine where non-traditional ingredients are used without compromising the original essence of Japanese cuisine.   The Business Bento is very good and showcases the chef's creativity; the raw fresh salmon with truffle is so sinfully good (hard to go wrong with that distinctive woody aroma of truffle), the lobster with uni sauce is very rich and decadent in taste, where the strong taste of uni imbues strong flavours into the mildly flavoured lobster meat, the vegetable tempura is crispy and the tonjiru (soup) is very flavourful. The famed futomaki is decent, though not exceptional. Even the salad is surprisingly good since crunchy fried flour bits are added for the extra bite and texture.    Uminosachi set consists of teppanyaki seafood which is fresh and tasty, especially the fish and scallop. The aroma of the smoky flavour on the grilled seafood is distinct enough to please the senses, yet the meats are not burnt in anyway—perfectly cooked, I must say.Though I feel that this set pales in comparison to the Business Bento due to less creativity and variety injected into it.   The ambience is modern and classy; it will be impossible not to be impressed by the decor of this place. Service is good also.   While Mikuni is not the best (Shinji is still the best in my opinion), the food is no doubt luxurious in terms of presentation and quality, I sure don't mind going back if in the mood to indulge on modern Japanese cuisine.

For photos, visit my blog at