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Value for Money!! Visit on 29/05/2011

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Yesterday was my first visit to Momiji... I found this place looking for a place to celebrate my brother's birthday... This place was displayed when i was looking for buffet... I saw that they are having a promotion which was $30/nett for dinner which included the Snow Crab... I was very interested and read all the reviews... So i shall also include my own review on this place... Below shall be my take on this restaurant.

There is quite a lot of food choices from this place... It is generally a Japanese Buffet place but there are quite some food also. They have a section that has all the sushi, sashimi, oyster, snow crab and etc... This section is generally a hot fav as there will be quite alot of people queuing... There is also a "teppanyaki" area which will cook the food and send to your table and next to it is the cooked food area that serve fried rice and also have a very interesting dish- Oyster wrapped in bacon. To my surprise, this dish turned out to be really tasty. Den there is the beverage section which has soft-drinks and also the "healthy" drinks... There is also a fried item section that has stuffs like onion rings, ebi tempura, fried lotus roots, tori karrage and etc. They also have a fruit juice counter that is serving the fruit juice of the day. The next section which is my fav is the Paper Steamboat section and next to it is the "tori-Q" style assorted food stringed with skewers. The Seafood Paper Steamboat was Fantastic and the soup was really tasty... The dessert section was next and had alot of varieties such as cakes, fruits and jelly and also a CHOCOLATE FONDUE!!! It was really good...

Cons: The sushi was not really that great. It was just mediocre. The watermelon Juice was alittle bland and had alot of pulps inside. They do not have student offers thus, students from 13-21 had to pay adult price also.

I would recommend you all to try out becos for 30 Bucks, i think this restaurant delivered the food valued for money... So i am satisfied... :)

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Terrible service & food quality dropped

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Went to Momiji restaurent on the 14th Aug with some friends from USA.  Found that food varieties reduced as compared to previous few visits and staffs never smile when spoken to.

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Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 3

Went there quite some time back for the lunch buffet.

No doubt there was quite a variety, I did not find it really value-for-money. Its $23 per person for me.

There was skewed food, dessert (lots of mochi), the hot plate thing, paper steamboat a like and there's this fried section.

I love their eclair, my friend was gobbling their sashimi. The hot plate was pretty good, but over all, it got boring after a while, so you don't really eat much. Maybe it's because we're not really a fan of japanese food, so it got bored for us.

But for the food, it is good. The fried section is average, sashimi is good.

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A MUST TRY! A VALUE FOR DOLLAR BUFFET! I will be back again!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 19

Only spent $19.90 for this Japanese "EAT ALL U CAN" lunch Buffet ( Because there is 15% diiscount for passion card holder)... There is a variety of food... I There is Sushi, fried food, chocolate fundue, teppanyaki, cooked food, Cold seafood, dessert, FREE FLOW drinks.. cranberry juice, fruit punch, apple juice.. and FRESH Watermelon juice etc ..

For only 20 dollar(after discount)... The quality is not bad and the PRICE and variety is very worth it!

Chawanmushi ( It is smooth and taste good too)

Paper Steamboat ( The soup is good.. However, there is only 1 prawn with some Vege. LOVE THE PAPER STEAMBOAT... Because I do not like cold I add those prawn and salmon into the paper steamboat... and the soup become very nice! ( Btw, the "fire" goes off after some time la.. I ask the staff to light up "fire" 4 times lor.. so I can continue to put those cold seafood inside to boil it hot!haha...

Seafood Hotplate.. Like the big prawn, mussel.. There is also salmon ... It is Fresh and the sauce is good too! Must Try.

Do not like the Mushroom Hotplate... The Chicken hotplate is not bad too :)

I like the steam siewmai and dumpling too.

The Tofu Miso Soup look healthy, however, we think that the miso can be stonger.

A good variety of Sushi.. Not fantastic but not bad too :)

As for the fried food, it is still crispy even though it is not hot anymore.. I still prepare Hot fried food ...

The dessert is not really good.. However, my friend comment that she like the chocolate eclair.. I put it aside for awhile, because it is Too cold and hard to bite on.. I am trying to "de-frost" it ... There is chocolate fondue, which my friend comment that it is nice..

The sashmi is fresh and good! I like the salmon..

Service is generally good.. And the environment is cosy and clean.

Strongly recommended.. For normal weekend lunch buffet.. After GST, is around $23.. For the good spread and decent quality of the food... It is so Value for money!

For more food reviews and photos, visit my facebook at [email protected]

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2nd visit

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 37

the price is $33.05 per person incl. GST. (no change from 1st visit)

came back here for a second visit on 23rd feb 2011. staff have changed since my first visit. main man doesn't recognize return customers. more waiting staff this time it seems, all new. Simeon served our table quite often, he's got some decent service. :)

According to my friend, he says the food here isn't that fresh. and on his last visit, he saw a creepy crawly at one of the counters when he went to get food. eeks? :/4 of us dining this time so I/we got to try a whole lot more things than my first visit!

the bad news:the chilli soft shelled crab was odd. not used to eating soft-shelled crab that's not fried! :/ We didn't finish that.

the dory fish was not that appetizing with its taste.

fried chicken wings were cold. so were the onion rings but that one tasted nicer i think. I didn't eat the chicken wing after my friend abandoned his bitten-once wing.

fried shishamo has got a whole lot of batter! i took one bite, then peel off the batter before eating.

grilled shishamo was terribly salty! the sauce I think. huge salty reaction from me for the first (and last) bite.

tempura dip didn't really have much taste or add to the flavour of the tempura.

the good news:the salmon (in the foil "bowl") was verrrry nice :D

friend says the ramen is good too.

friend likes the fried fish crispies~ i liked the lotus crisps.

salted BBQ prawns tasted very nice, though fingers stink after peeling it! :/

salted grilled shishamo was mmmmm very nice! compared to the other two types!

grilled chicken was nice. grilled squid was nice. grilled bacon wrapped tomato/asparagus was mmmmmmm sinful! we had 3 plate orders of that! lol

the hotplate mushrooms was verrrry tasty :D

dou miao was nice too. they even have broccoli! not too bad either! :) veg is good for you~~

friend seems to loooove the konyaku dessert :/ god knows how many of those he ate! yogurt would have been better if it was chilled/cold.

I've selected healthy eating because if you just stick to the non-fried food, you're quite alright.

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