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Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant (City Square)


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Momiji Shabu Shabu Restaurant lets you feel the warmth and relaxation from the traditional Japanese culture with exquites display in its interior and serves a huge variety of seafood and Japanese premium item from fresh based to grill to steam cooked, each of the section will give you a different crave which suits the local taste bud.

Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Sun: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 65091193
$30 based on 36 submissions
Dinner (8 votes), Lunch (8 votes), Buffet (7 votes)
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Not bad but not the best

Went to the one at Revenue house for a birthday celebration. As the title suggest, the food is quite good, with the only downside being the really slow service and soso ambience.

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The HGW community like this place for...

  • Grilled Steak3 votes
  • Sashimi and Salmon Belly Miso Soup3 votes
  • Little cheese cakes2 votes
  • Ice-cream1 vote
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26 Oct 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Lousy buffet

A friend recommended to us Momiji at the Balestier outlet, but we decided to go to the one at the City Square outlet. I don't get what's the big deal about this buffet. It's the most atrocious buffet I have ever had. Cooked food: (1) Chicken yakitori was covered with sticky and glooey teriyaki sauce that was too sweet. Tori Q's beat Momiji's hands down. (2) skewered items such as scallops were tasteless and cold (3) Fried items such as prawn tempura, fried chicken wings, tonkutsu were mediocre. The prawns in the prawn tempura were too small, so you are eating mostly batter. (4) fried rice-ok only. It wasnt even garlic rice. (5) hokkien mee or some noodles cooked in the way of hokkien mee, didnt touch it, looked yucky (6) hotpot, which I thought should be the main draw of the buffet, was served in individual pot and was pathetic. The beef slices that came with it were not fresh, and the soup was meh, and not sure whether it was collagen soup or not. (6) cold seafood- alaskan crab claw- tasteless. The only thing edible to me was the raw salmon. I took the ones they just cut and put on top of the older ones, cos that's what most people did, they took the ones on top, so that what's at the bottom are the ones not so fresh. (7) mochi desserts-2 flavours- skin was too soft and did not have the chewy texture (8) cakes - cheese cake (too soft), choc cake and other assorted cakes- tasteless (9) Haagen Daz ice cream- 4 different flavours and they were the only thing good about this buffet. Service was non-existent. No one cleared our used plates. Onother thing that was a put off was that you can see them preparing the cooked grilled food in the kitchen and see the raw food just near to the cooked food area. Would never come here again. Should have gone to Astons or Pizza Hut for dinner, which would have been more satisfying. Didnt take pictures cos the food looked unappetizing.
28 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

We had a very bad experience as this will be my first and last visit too. Not worthwhile of paying $650+- for 13 adults and 2 kids.

We had a very bad experience as this will be my first and last visit too. Not worthwhile of paying $650+- for 13 adults and 2 kids.

I already make a reservation 2 days in advance however it still require me to queue for 30 minute in order to get into the restaurant. They won’t pick up call during peak hour thus you can only call during those off peak hour

For environment wise: Fail
Table is very small
No washing bay
Dishes are small
Limited utensils

Service: Fail
you need to request for cup if not cup won’t be provided
Dirty dishes not collected at all even if you requested it

Food: Fail
Food variety very minimal
Food quantity very minimal
Topping up of food is slow – we are talking about might be 30 min or no topping up
Do note: Seafood like oyster, snow crab, prawn and salmon is top up by few slices and few pieces only.

I assume their tragedy is topping food slowly so you can digest it faster during the wait and that make you feel fuller and unable to continue to eat more.

27 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Bad Services!

I have my first visit to Momiji Buffet Restaurant today with a group of friend for dinner. We were highly anticipated for this dinner but turn out to be very dissapointing.We were led to a table of 6 in one corner near the window. The spaces between the chairs were so limited that those who sit inside have a hard time coming out. We started having our dinner, the food was fine (The oyster and the crab were nice)however we found "something" on the shitake mushroom later on ( Just after i have my fourth mushroom eaten...) My friend went to the counter and told the staff over there. Okay, the shitake mushroom eventually have been taken out BUT No manager or staff are coming over to our table to give us explaination for this matter. Don't we deserve some kind of explaination???We sat there for 2hour plus and no one come over and after we leave the restaurant, no staff say anything.I guess all we get from them is silent treatment.We decided not to blown out the matter but I was really pissed. That was the worst services i ever met in my life. I will never set my foot there in that restaurant again. I have my lesson learnt:Look CAREFULLY before letting food went to your tummy.Trauma for life.