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Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
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love this place, great food and service! MUST TRY AND ITS SO GOOD WITH HAAGEN DAAZ ICE CREAM AND NOW THEY HAVE WAFFLES TOO. Great place to hangout. best outlet in north point and must try the restaurant there:)

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Biggest disappointment in 2015

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Poor seating layout, poor variety of food, poor quality of food and terribly poor service. 

Examples. I arrived at 645 placed my clips for the teppanyaki. At 8pm my clips are still in the queue virtually unmoved. Best joke of all, I chose the dish with the least clips to shorten the wait time. Replenishment of the Japanese sashimi was alarmingly slow. Thanks to the kiasu eaters in the restaurant, each item placed onto the shelf was quickly snatched up.  This means I hardly had a chance to get the item of my choice. Maybe I am just to civiliized.  The table next to me was just served their teppanyaki. If I am not mistaken they were here way in advance of me. By the way, their supposed fish looked like it was suffering from malnutrition according to my wife. 

To be fair the waffle wad decent, that is if u can be bothered to brave 20 minutes of tussling with hordes of hungry fellas. 

Massive disappointment considering we paid 90 plus for two pax including tax. Betcha I can get better value elsewhere.

In case u r wondering,  I am indeed writing this scathing review at the dinner table.  

Of before I forget, the lady next table had her shabu spilt on her. The flame was alight under her shoes but she did not realise. Don't seem to recall hearing an apology.

That's all folks.

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A good jap buffet at reasonable prices

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 787

There are many Jap buffet but this makes the mark as serving good food with good value. Food: sashimi is salmon, squid and prawns. It is the only place where I can enjoy the said sashimi because it is fresh and crisp. The salmon sashimi is also tasty save served on large lots.

Food:  Fresh and the best selection of sushi I've seen in any buffet.  Prawns, fish, squid sushi.  The outstanding items were the shabu shabu hot pot, with pork with a very tasty soup stock.  I usually don't eat the prepared dishes in a Japanese buffet because you'll feel stuffed after it.  I had the salads,  sushi, sashimi (squid and salmon), large prawns boiled in the shabu shabu stock and then went on to dessert.  The best part of the dessert is the quality Haagen Das icecream - 6 tubs of it:  green tea, rum raisin, and walnut.  Delicious.  The green teat mochi was memorable with soft skin and delicious green tea/cream filling.  

Value:  I went on a eve of public holiday and had to pay a higher tier price but normal days lunch for seniors is a very good deal.

Service:  Pleasant, mainly Singaporean servers and clearers.

Ambience:  Top floor of City Square with lots of places and space to enjoy your food.

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Average Buffet

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 60

Came here with friends for a buffet lunch. All I can say is that it is pretty average. Given the price, I suppose I cannot expect a large spread, however I personally prefer places with a larger spread as I ran out of variety by the second round of 'food collection'.

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Highly overrated food, not value for money, and lazy restaurant.

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

My friends and I decided to try this place, given the rave reviews present online. After finding out that it has shifted location from Pomo over to City Square Mall , we decided to head over to CSM to try this Japanese Buffet, since the location wasn't too far away.

When we first saw the restaurant, it was packed with people, and we presumed the food would be good, given then crowd present. Price paid per person was around $37+, which was acceptable as it was a weekend dinner. The counter told us that the buffet would be until 2200, with them clearing the food at 2130, and the deserts at 2145. It was alright, given that the time we entered was around 2000 (with a reservation being made).

To cut to the chase, I would like to share several experiences of ours while diing at Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

There was a drink counter present, which served Yogurt Drinks + Lemon Tea. Initially, the drink counter (comprising of a two GS tables with cambros placed on it.) was unmanned, until I thought I had to self serve to prepare the drink, that's when assistance was rendered. The first drink that we obtained was average, albeit sloppily served, with the Mango / Berry sauces thrown into the cups, causing the rims of all 4 cups to be stained with sauces. Taste-wise, was nothing really special, similar to any budget yogurt brand you could obtain from NTUC.

Food was absolutely nothing to be proud of. Maybe my expectations were too high, but for a Restaurant Buffet charging slightly less than $40, for the Salmon to come in an Aluminium Foil you would find at East Coast BBQs, that falls short of my expectations in terms of presentation. Taste wise, it was definitely too salty. No surprises there, as the Dory fish was still swimming in a pool of soya sauce while it was being served to us.

There is another issue with regards to the serving clips, for which to indicate which dish you would like. We were a group of 4, and inevitably, there were occasions where we wanted to have the same dish (two servings, one for each of us). Several occasions came by, when one dish came to our table, with two clips attached onto it. Did the restaurant think that we accidentally clipped two clips onto a particular dish, or was it encouraging us to share our food? Or simply plain lazy to prepare two dishes.

Although the timing that was told to us by which they were going to clear the buffet was 2130, they stopped restocking the food by 2030. This is no exaggeration to say that the sushi bar, and the takoyaki section was permanently half full once the clock struck 2030. The only food in significant quantities present at those were the Fried Yams, and Sushi with a slice of Cucumber and Egg. Pork and Chicken over at the food counter were infrequently restocked.

Cheese cake was as hard as a rock.

To be fair, Momiji had some redeeming points. The Chocolate Fondue was delicious, although the undersized strawberries made it hard to enjoy the Fondue.

As I'm typing this review, there's a "Must Try" section below, for reviewers to indicate the "Top Must Try Dishes". "nothing", has 2 votes, ahead of "Grilled Steak" and "Sashimi and Salmon Belly Miso Soup". I would like to add my "Must Try" to the options, and my suggestion would be "Must Try to Avoid"

This place is a definite "would not return" for me. I hope that the Pomo outlet lives up to its rave reviews online, and does better than the CSM counterpart.

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Poor value for money and bad quality of food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

I went to Momiji for dinner on a Tuesday evening with 3 other friends. There was no queue at all and we were requested to pay at the cashier before entering the restaurant. What shocked me was the price - $30+ for a weekday buffet dinner. Already from the outside, the decoration and ambience did not seem to warrant that price - there were tacky laterns hanging all over the place, and chinese new year music blasting.. this was supposed to be a japanese restaurant.

We asked if we could sit by the window but were told it was all full - even though it was not. But it was not an issue. The bigger issue is how poor the quality of food was.

I would say choice wise - it was reasonable - from cold dishes to cooked dishes, hot plates and yakitori sticks. Dessert included cakes, ice cream and chocolate fondue.

The cold dishes - there was tuna, salmon, salmon belly, octopus, and squid. The sashimi was not cut well, and were simply put together in a pile, leaving customers to pick and choose accordingly. The tuna was not fresh, chewy and obviously still frozen. The squid could not do much better. There was no sense of freshness at all. No oysters or any crustaceans.

The Yakitori looked promising, however, the chicken sticks were soaked in yakitori sauce, over powering any taste at all. The bacon asparagus was even more disappointing, with the bacon over cooked and the asparagus too dry and crunchy. The scallops were puny.

The paper hot pot was put at a secluded area and if we did not see others eating it, we probably would not have ordered it. Anyway, it was nothing to rave about, the soup base was very thick, and seemed like instant miso soup. The vegetables were the usual - golden mushrooms etc.

The hotplate would have been better, had the chef not used too much teriyaki sauce in all the dishes. The vegetables stuck to the hotplate, burnt.

The tepanyaki was a hit or miss. The salmon was good, the dory was tasteless, the beef was good, the pork chops were over cooked.

I did not try the sushi.

The cooked dishes looked so unappetizing i did not want to try them either. They reminded me of the army cookhouses where meat was drenched in gravy.

The fondue was miserable - only apples, strawberries and marshmellow. Not the big white marshmellow, but the small twisted ones. The strawberries had ran out before i reached the station, and was not replaced.

The ice cream was another let down. Although "Hokkaido Icecream " was written all over the ice cream station, the ice cream was definitely not hokkaido ice cream. There were five flavours - vanilla, sweet corn, mint, chocolate and coffee. Tasted so budget i did not finish it.

The selection of cakes was bland and not impressive for a $30 buffet. The green tea mochi was ok.

The only consolation was that the drinks included a range of Nestea drinks.

This place reminded me of Sakura Japanese Buffet - poor quality cheap food, except it is 50% more expensive. I would never recommend this place

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