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Review for Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant (City Square)


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22 Apr 2014 • 723 Reviews • 85 Followers

A good jap buffet at reasonable prices

There are many Jap buffet but this makes the mark as serving good food with good value. Food: sashimi is salmon, squid and prawns. It is the only place where I can enjoy the said sashimi because it is fresh and crisp. The salmon sashimi is also tasty save served on large lots.

Food:  Fresh and the best selection of sushi I've seen in any buffet.  Prawns, fish, squid sushi.  The outstanding items were the shabu shabu hot pot, with pork with a very tasty soup stock.  I usually don't eat the prepared dishes in a Japanese buffet because you'll feel stuffed after it.  I had the salads,  sushi, sashimi (squid and salmon), large prawns boiled in the shabu shabu stock and then went on to dessert.  The best part of the dessert is the quality Haagen Das icecream - 6 tubs of it:  green tea, rum raisin, and walnut.  Delicious.  The green teat mochi was memorable with soft skin and delicious green tea/cream filling.  

Value:  I went on a eve of public holiday and had to pay a higher tier price but normal days lunch for seniors is a very good deal.

Service:  Pleasant, mainly Singaporean servers and clearers.

Ambience:  Top floor of City Square with lots of places and space to enjoy your food.
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$25 for 1 pax
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