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Mr Curry (Marina Square)

Located in Marina Square on Raffles Boulevard, Mr Curry (Marina Square) specialises in different curry dishes.

Mon - Sun: 11:30 - 23:00

Last Order : 10.30pm
+65 63382009
$18 based on 5 submissions
Dinner (3 votes), Lunch (3 votes)

Good for casual/quick dining

Food is good, personally I like the scallop muschroom teppanyaki a lot. The scallops are really fresh & juicy.
Visit here for more pictures

Price is decent. Decor of the restaurant is cute :)

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Chicken Bento1 vote
  • Scallop muschroom teppanyaki1 vote
  • potatoe salad1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 5 votes
27 Nov 2012 • 60 reviews • 0 follower

Good for casual/quick dining

Food is good, personally I like the scallop muschroom teppanyaki a lot. The scallops are really fresh & juicy.
Visit here for more pictures

Price is decent. Decor of the restaurant is cute :)
Wall decor
25 Mar 2012 • 219 reviews • 16 followers

Not too bad I think?

Finally tried this - have been curious about this one. Armed with a $10 voucher which can be used with minimum spending of $50 before taxes, me and my friend trooped down on a Sat evening to find it surprisingly not full.

Tomato soup ($5.80) - surprisingly, not too bad! I've never been inclined towards tomato soup as they've always been sourish and nothing else. But this was quite light and had bits of tomatoes in it which provided a bite.

Salmon Caparccio ($8.80) - Good! Fresh slices of salmon with diced onions and dressed with some sesame oil thingy.

Curry katsu udon ($15.80) - Average unfortunately, with the katsu already soggy when served. and the meat very tough to bite into. Not worth the price for me.

Hokkai curry ramen ($15.80) - This fared a bit better and ramen went well with the curry soup. The scallops and salmon in it made it a better value choice than the katsu udon.

Service leaves much to be desired with all very young staff acting clueless. I asked for a Heineken and was met with a confused slow drawl repeating "Hein....e...ken?".

I find some items overpriced and suspect people are here because they are curious more than wanting to eat good food. Prob will not return.

23 Nov 2011 • 3 reviews • 0 follower


Ordered the :

shrimp curry omurice

salmon , ebi temprua bento

potatoe salad

I like the fact that you get to choose the type of curry and the spiciness of it . But I must say I was a little disappointed with my omurice.

shrimps were a little overcooked, omelette wasn't as runny as I'd like , curry was not too bad but halfway into this, I was done with it.

Personally , a little too rich in flavour for me.

That being said, the potatoe salad is good ! If i'm ever going back again, this will definitely be on my table.

For pictures visit :
20 Nov 2011 • 279 reviews • 44 followers

Nice ambience and Good food!

Have passed by this place many times but never try it until today. Was nearby doing the weekly grocery shopping and decided to come here for the late lunch. It was not crowded when we arrived and were immediately ushered to a table.

The restaurant was brightly lighted with many nice and tempting dummy plastic bowls and plates or Japanese dishes being hang on the wall. It was very decorative and nice! In addition, the restaurant was played nice songs, western oldies and evergreens, which I like very much, though I feel it will be better if it can play Japanese music and songs, especially those J-drama songs.

As we had some curry dishes yesterday, we decided to drop the curry dishes (though it is a curry restaurant) but ordered the Chicken Katsu and Teriyaki Bento sets instead.

We felt the Bento were very nicely cooked. Not only they were nicely decorated with lots of greens and vegetables, the chicken were very well marinated and deep fried. The sauces that came with them was heavenly. I must commend on the Teriyaki Chicken, which was cooked to perfection, tender and juicy and the sauce was good. Very flavourful and yet not salty or too sweet! We were also given 2 extra pieces of Tempura and Chicken Nuggets for our Bento sets. We requested for mayaonnaise and tartart sauces and I added lots of chilli powder into the rice and it was just fantastic!

The miso soup was ok and not salty.

We also order a Strawberry Yuzu, a similiar to soft-drink beverage. It was refreshing and gassy but I felt it was a bit too sweet. It came with some almond jelly and a cherry that added the flavour to the drink.

Service was ok as our ice water were being refilled regularly and promptly and our used plates and utensils were promptly cleared. While some staff were smileful and overly polite, there were a few who had "no facial expressions" when we thanked them for serving our food and refilling our drinks and had no responses.

Value for money? Good. With the quality and quantity of food, it was worth it.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal here and will come back again to try the curry dishes!

30 Dec 2010 • 78 reviews • 0 follower

Kids Meal?

Nice presentation but their curry was below average
Pork Katsu was much better :) only if their portion are bigger