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Authentic Korean Food @ Muhan Dojeon Korean Restaurant

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 18

With the growing popularity of the K-wave, K-pop, running man, Korean Restaurants are rapidly gaining ground here. Muhan Dojeon is tucked at a corner in Amoy Street, operated by a Korean couple. Though simple and not much decoration, the cleanliness and the authenticity of the food make up for it.Like many Korean Restaurants, one is served the complimentary side dishes here. They were very generous in the portion and varieties. The best of all, the side dishes were all refillable with the exception of the omelette. What a pity, I had really wanted more of that~~~~~ Nonetheless the side dishes were simply awesome and delicious. In particular, I had really favored the peanuts. Sweet and crunchy at the same time, definitely a must try!We have a love and hate relationship with the spicy rice cake (Ddukbokki). That being said, this is definitely on our hit list. The spicy rice cake were indeed chewy and tasty. Simply put, the rice cake never disappoint us. However to improve the dish, I would prefer and suggest that the gravy be thicker. While we were deciding what to order, other than the spicy rice cake. We finally settled on the Army Stew (Budae Jigae). The boss (ajusshi) whom was being friendly and nice, as in he came by and commented that the Army Stew is nice. Wow, thumbs up! this is definitely the kind of service that added a personal touch.Meanwhile, the portion of the Army Stew was generous, with lots of ingredients (Luncheon meat, sausage, Enoki, Kimchi, mushroom etc) and good for sharing. Not to mention, the taste of the Army Stew is real good and satisfying. Drool~~~~ I would say this is at least as good as others, if not better! No complains… Conclusion: Long story short, the food here is good with reasonable pricing and value for money. The authenticity of the food and the level of service is worth commendable as well.
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Authentic Korean food at reasonable price well loved by Koreans

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

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When the Korean in SG says a Korean restaurant is good, it must be good right? There must be something about the food which is highly similar to the ones in Korea which has won their hearts over. So upon hearing R is going out for dinner with his Korean tenant and since its his recommendation, I just had to be thick skinned enough to tag along right? Although I have a list of favourite Korean restaurants run by Koreans, indeed it was the correct choice to tag along for I have made myself two Korean friends, and discovered a new Korean place to be added to my favourite list.

Muhan Dojeon Korean Restaurant, which I believe was named after the popular Korean variety show, stands for Infinite Challenge. I wonder why but seems like its a normal to be naming their eateries after variety shows, just like 2D1N Soju Bang.

The place is run by a couple and they have just opened for three months. There isn’t much decoration but the place is very brightly lit and clean which feels like any typical Korean eatery.

When we entered the place, just nice the ajuma was preparing the side dishes, and they do have a wide selection.

So this is what was being served to us. They are very generous in their portion.

Majority of the side dishes are quite similar to other restaurants. But there is a special one which has captured my attention. I believe there’s pickles, radish, onions and chillies. It tasted sour yet refreshing with a tint of spice. Its my favourite among all the other side dishes.

The Kimchi Ji Gae is very concentrated and sour. A wonderful soup to increase the appetite.

The Tukbegi Bulgogi is definitely one of the better standard ones which I have had before. The beef is soft and well marinated in soy sauce, within the small bowl you can feel the powerful punch from the concentrated broth. Hence, very tasty and fragrant.

Kimchi Jeon is one of my favourites in Korean food. Despite being kimchi pancake, they added squid as extra ingredient, which is absent is other places. The pancake is quite thin and pan fried to give a little crisp. My favourite way of cooking, soft on then inside yet crispy on the outside.

Apparently in Korea, when it comes to grilling, the staffs will help you to grill your meat on your table which is not a common sight in SG. However, as our Korean friend is like a VIP to this place, the ajusi specially grilled the pork belly for us, which is a big contrast if we were to do the grilling ourself. Can see that each piece of the pork is being grilled to golden brown perfection.

Overall, ajusi and ajuma are pretty generous with their portion. There is a certain authenticity in terms of flavour and services. Pricing wise I think its quite reasonable compared to other places. However I feel that perhaps it is located a stone throw away to the more famous Red Pig Korean BBQ, which resulted in lesser crowd for them. But with such nice food at reasonable price and friendly ajusi and ajuma, it has won itself a place in my favourite list. =D

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