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Old Empire Gastrobar

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Old Empire Gastrobar is a restaurant and pub that serves European cuisine, craft beers and artisan coffee.

Tue - Thu: 12:00 - 00:00

Fri - Sun: 12:00 - 01:00

Closed: Mon

$64 based on 9 submissions
After Work (6 votes), Chillout (5 votes), Live Band (5 votes)
Allison Koay

Neat little bar

The list of crafted beers are extensive - makes me spoilt for choice! Cajun fries here are worth a try.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Beers2 votes
  • Burger1 vote
  • Cajun fries1 vote
  • Fish & Chips1 vote
  • Smoked Duck Breast1 vote
  • lamb stew1 vote
  • salad.1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 9 votes
20 Nov 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Neat little bar

The list of crafted beers are extensive - makes me spoilt for choice! Cajun fries here are worth a try.
26 Jul 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

A Hidden Gem!

I went to Cold Storage to pick up some milk otw home. I have never been to Valley Point at River Valley road previously but on my way driving out, I glanced by this bar. So I decided to park in front at the free parking slot, and popped in for a lazy evening pint. Ohhhh boy!! What a surprise!! Lo and behold, 100 varieties of craft beer from all over the world, at this neighbourhood bar!! And unsurprisingly, the food was excellent as well. Fish and chips were done the same way that I had them when I was living in London. Washing it down with a pint of Green Goblin cider was just heaven!! For those who love gastrobars, Old Empire is a must!!
04 Mar 2012 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Horrible service , sub standard food and great assortment of beers at reasonable prices

Ive been here thrice and the only outstanding feature is the availability of an assortment of beers available. If you are ordering a beer ( unless its a draught), please insist that you pour it yourself. The waiters/waitresses dont even know how to pour a beer. Really sub-standard food for the price as well. Additionally, the staff are biased towards expats compared to the locals. The last time i was there, i had called 6 hours in advance to check if they were screening a live EPL match and thereafter 2 hours in advance to double confirm.Both times they gave was a resounding yes! Got there only to find out they didnt even have the channel ! The waitress was too busy chatting with the cook ( looks like they were having a fling).When pressed by the other patrons , the manager just ignored us and went outside and pretended that he was busy on his handphone. Its more of a pub for the expats around the area. If your not from the neighbourhood , they cant be bothered.Be forewarned. Oh and really really uncomfortable seats too. Last but not least , most of the beers there are available from a coffee shop at Blk 5 , Dover Crescent for a fraction of the cost with much better service , so go figure.
rochefort 6
13 Nov 2011 • 62 reviews • 3 followers

decent beers, iffy food

for photos and more reviews, head to

old empire gastrobar is this unpretentious pub/bar located in the sleepy shopping centre of valley point near river valley. (yes, spize is nearby, and dozo and la noce are in the same building.. if you need a reference). the sense i get from the bar is that it is an unpretentious watering hole, with lively 90s music, simple bar furnishings -- a place that would completely blend into its surroundings had it been plonked into a irish/uk/us town. with such an environment, you would understand why foreigners flock to this place for drinks on a lazy, rainy friday night to just unwind, chillax and chat with friends. i was wondering why Singaporeans didn't seem to buy into such a culture in general, then i remembered the coffee shops littered with old uncles watching football and realized the parallel there. different strokes for different folks eh?

and as an aside, using the word "gastrobar" really does raise the atas-ness of a restaurant by several notches eh? i mean, upon reading about this gastrobar on HGW, i was imagining some cool, chic, hip, well-designed bar serving pricey fusion bar food with an assortment of beer. well my impression couldn't be more way off, considering this place was simply an unpretentious pub with well.. simple pubby food like fish & chips, burgers, chicken wings and the likes. but hey.. this shows.. using these "atas" words like gastro really does work sometimes eh? i'm chope-ing the word "gastroculture" or something like that for my future restaurant eh? lol..

trappistes rochefort 6

ok.. beer wise, they do have a real decent, long selection of beers, and with a happy hour till 8pm, you can get some relatively decently priced beers to accompany your meal. i got the trappistes rochefort 6 ($11), some belgian ale which had a malty sweet taste that appealed to my sweet-tooth sensibilities, whereas my sis got a girly koppaberg strawberry-lime beer ($8). both were pretty decent selections imo (but i still prefer wine of course =))

  smoked duck breast, $18

this is a surprisingly well plated dish for simple bar grub and the duck breast was all sorts of delicious, tasting almost somewhat like ham -- well grilled, flavorful and really kinda addictive to be honest. the drawback of this dish would be the fact that it was kinda really oily, meaning that the health-conscious sensibilities of mine were kindaprotesting at the dish. but its worth a try to be honest.

empire burger, $18

my sis ordered an empire burger, which was another surprise as well, this one not as pleasant. to be honest, the notion of burgers at a pub conjured up images of huge slabs of patty and bun in my mind, so it was kinda underwhelming to see such a small burger being served up, along with a decent potion of potato wedges. the burger was alrite, but nothing too special. this doesn't really warrant an $18 to be honest..

hmm.. all in all, this place is nice to hang out and have some beer while catching up with friends. furthermore, there's a 15% discount with standard chartered to sweeten the deal. food-wise, its kinda unexpected if you're expecting common bar grub. there's some level of sophistication but it needs some tweaking in my opinion. hold on the food-front until more reviews emerge praising their cuisine -- otherwise, come for somewhat more delicious bar grub then.

07 Nov 2011 • 4 reviews • 4 followers

Great Neighborhood Bar

I have the luxury of living across the street to a bar with one of the most extensive list of export beers I have ever seen. The staff is great and friendly and even knows about their beer selections. They can point out recommendations and describe the beer flavors when asked. That's one thing you don't get a lot in Singapore.

On top of their great selections of beer, the food is great as well. My boyfriend is an absolute die-hard fan of their Smoked Duck Breast. I personally love their burger and their best-selling fish & chips!