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The City Nomad
 • 22 Jul 2014 145 reviews 28 followers
Open Door Policy, or simply ODP, has been open for just over a year now, and much to my great displeasure, it was only last week that I finally made it down, just in time for not only the arrival of Open Door Policy's new menu, but also its great new Italian Chef.
Having heard some wonderfully positive reviews, and others...less positive, I approached the meal with an open mind. Considering Open Door Policy is under the same guys who run Tippling Club and Ding Dong, surely this would be a winner as well.
Arriving on a weekday lunch the place was already rammed (a good sign) and I must admit that I found the narrow shophouse setting with an open skylight allowing light to pour in through the ceiling greatly appealing.......

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I spent $50 per person.

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