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Osteria Mozza


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Located in Los Angeles and now Singapore, Osteria Mozza is the creation of Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton. The heart of the restaurant is a free-standing fresh mozzarella bar, where a wide array of dishes— highlighting imported bufala mozzarella, burrata and burricotta cheese—is prepared nightly. The extensive menu features artisanal salumi, fresh homemade pastas, and seafood, meat and game dishes cooked on a wood-burning grill.


Osteria Mozza's wine list boasts over 700 selections from across Italy, including offerings from Joe and Mario's wineries in Friuli and Tuscany.

Daily: 5pm - 11pm
Last reservation at 10:45pm

Sundays: 12pm

+65 66888522
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Dinner (13 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (10 votes), Romance/First Dates (8 votes)
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Middle Donald


I didn't know what to expect before going there but was hoping that it would be good knowing the success Mozza has in LA. We turned up at 7pm and there were already a few tables of customers munching away.

The decor is very American Italian like to me, i.e. dark wood with dimmed lighting. It works. The overall feel is cosy and lively, with the right choice of music in the background.

We ordered the burrata with leak with breadcrumb since the combination looked rather unusual to us. It was surprisingly tasty. The soft texture of the burrata with the crunchy breadcrumb together with the sweentess of the cheese and the vinegar dressing on the leak... we were pleasantly surprised.

As we weren't very hungry, we ordered a pasta each. One thing to point out is Osteria Mozza is the 1st italian restuarant in Singapore that serves i tortellini in brodo! I have yet to see it on the menu in any other italian restaurants here! I ordered the linguine with clams and my husband had the orecchietta with sausages. Both dishes were full of strong flavour and satisfying. The portion was just right as well, specially for those who want to do the antipasto, primo, secondo and il dolce! We saw a few secondi dishes being served and they didn't look that big at all but they did all look rather nice on the plates.

For il dolce, again, 1st time ever in Singapore, it's i bombolini - basically italian version of donuts but is made with mashed potato and flour. It was served with huckleberry jam and ice cream. Unless you have a big stomach for pudding, I personally think it's good enough to be shared by 2 people if not by 3! It was a nice good pudding to finish the meal and of course something that is rather unique for Mozza as well since it's unlike Tiramisu where you see it in almost every single italian restaurants here.

All in all, it was a good choice. When we left, the restuarant had more people and became more lively and happening. For sure, we will return to Osteria and also would love to try out next door, the Pizzeria.

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  • Porcini Crusted Wagyu Rib-Eye1 vote
  • bufala mozzarella1 vote
  • quail1 vote
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Stew Kuche

European • German

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08 Jul 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Beware: NOT Italian food - bad and overpriced

As an Italian I find this outrageously overpriced, ridiculously pretentious "Osteria" an insult to my country's tradition and my own wallet. Those who gave thumbs up have obviously never experienced authentic Italian food.

Needless to say, nobody in this place is Italian. Not even Mario Batali of course. even the menu is pretentiously written with Italian phrases but full of basic mistakes. ("Acque fresche" for the list of water is totally unidiomatic, borderline ridiculous. "Alla bottigliE" - not even first graders do this mistake). You're not obliged to write in Italian, but if you do - presumably to cheat patrons into thinking you are giving them Italian food - a simple spell check is useful.

Bread: the focaccia was a piece of marble, an insult to word focaccia itself.

Antipasti: the selection of mozzarella was good, except that (1) burrata wasn't burrata because it had no skin, (2) there is no such thing as "smoked burrata" in Italy, (that was probably some kind of ricotta), (3) we don't combine dates with speck and (4) speck wasn't probably real speck as I didn't see any layer of lard.

Primi: to start with, there is no such thing as "primo size" or "secondo size" for pasta in Italy as primo and secondo are not sizes. As any five-year-old, and well-travelled world foodie would know "primo" is either soup, pasta or rice and just means 'first course', "secondo" means "second course" and is what you'd call the main. There is no reason why one should be bigger than the other. Paying $57++ for their "secondo size" (which would be an individual portion both in Italy and in any other Italian restaurant in Singapore) of bucatini all'amatriciana is simply outrageous. On the food itself: agnolotti didn't look or taste like agnolotti, the shape was wrong, the filling was wrong, and agnolotti are never served with butter and sage, but with roast juice; gnocchi were shaped like balls, not like gnocchi; on the other hand, bucatini all'amatriciana were decent and made with real "guanciale".

Secondi: the grilled seabream came with bones taken off (which is not normal), and was inundated with olive oil and lemon juice. Maybe Mario Batali thinks Italians eat bread dipped with oil and put olive oil on anything, maybe he thinks to be Italian you need to make a scene with gigantic pepper mills or lemon, but try asking for lemon with fish in an Italian restaurant and you'll be stared at as if you're coming from some faraway mountain. At $60++ for a 300g sea bream!

Desserts were so unappetising we didn't even bother, none of the desserts on the list would have qualified in a one-star "osteria" on the motorway. "Biscotti", by the way, are cookies you buy in a grocery store, not a dessert you serve in a restaurant.

Espresso was terribly sour. 

Service: unattentive when you look for them, upselling when you're trying to enjoy the meal. Putting pressure to order wine quickly and telling you that you haven't ordered enough food when you have.

Don't waste your money and palate.
06 Jul 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

True to its Original, stellar food and service

Stepping into Osteria Mozza reminded me right away of its counterpart in LA- from the decor, to the feel and attentiveness of the service, every bit of the restaurant was well thought-out and executed.

There were 4 of us and we prett ymuch ordered a feast- the staff were very knowledgeable about the food as well as the wines, and that was a delight. Food service was prompt and went by without any glitches, our wine glasses were constantly and considerately topped up, and the ambience was comfortable and cosy.

Food wise, the waiter was spot on with the recommendations- the orecchiete in particular was flavourful, savoury, and of textural perfection.

Thumbs up and well done, guys!
14 Dec 2013 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Now I know what a Mario Batali restaurant is all about

A full detail and complete photos are in here:

Mario Batali is known for his food shows, but that is because he earned the fame through good hard work (and of course, earning Michelin Stars like how old fashioned celebrity chefs earned it back before.)   Osteria Mozza is just one of the many restaurants in his portfolio. Is having Mario Batali in your kitchen all hype?   Nope.   Addictingly creamy buffalo mozzarella, choicely selected prosciuto, and a recipe of steak that includes a porcini rub to make this unbelievably superb crust while retaining the medium-rare hot pink center.... oh dear Lord this is what good steak is all about.
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