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Daily: 5pm - 11pm

Last reservation at 10:45pm


Sundays: 12pm - 2pm

Last reservation at 1:45pm

Free Flow until 2:30

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Located in Los Angeles and now Singapore, Osteria Mozza is the creation of Michelin star Chefs - Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton. The heart of the restaurant is a free-standing fresh mozzarella bar, where a wide array of dishes highlighting imported bufala mozzarella and burricotta cheese—is prepared nightly. See what foodies like this place for
Middle Donald • 06 Jan 2011187 reviews 10 followers

I didn't know what to expect before going there but was hoping that it would be good knowing the success Mozza has in LA. We turned up at 7pm and there were already a few tables of customers munching away.
The decor is very American Italian like to me, i.e. dark wood with dimmed lighting. It works. The overall feel is cosy and lively, with the right choice of music in the background.
We ordered the burrata with...

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  • Osteria Mozza SingaporeOsteria Mozza Singapore
  • Osteria Mozza SingaporeOsteria Mozza Singapore
  • Osteria Mozza SingaporeOsteria Mozza Singapore
  • Osteria Mozza SingaporeOsteria Mozza Singapore
  • Osteria Mozza SingaporeOsteria Mozza Singapore
  • Osteria Mozza SingaporeOsteria Mozza Singapore
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What others are saying...

HommeLibre • 08 Jul 20141 reviews 0 followers

As an Italian I find this outrageously overpriced, ridiculously pretentious "Osteria" an insult to my country's tradition and my own wallet. Those who gave thumbs up have obviously never experienced authentic Italian food.
Needless to say, nobody in this place is Italian. Not even Mario Batali of course. even the menu is pretentiously written with Italian phrases but full of basic mistakes. ("Acque fresche" for the list of water is totally unidiomatic, borderline ridiculous. "Alla bottigliE" - not even...

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David Chester Lee • 06 Jul 20148 reviews 0 followers

Stepping into Osteria Mozza reminded me right away of its counterpart in LA- from the decor, to the feel and attentiveness of the service, every bit of the restaurant was well thought-out and executed.
There were 4 of us and we prett ymuch ordered a feast- the staff were very knowledgeable about the food as well as the wines, and that was a delight. Food service was prompt and went by without any glitches, our wine glasses were constantly...

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Ray for Lynne Enroute • 14 Dec 20138 reviews 0 followers

A full detail and complete photos are in here:
Mario Batali is known for his food shows, but that is because he earned the fame through good hard work (and of course, earning Michelin Stars like how old fashioned celebrity chefs earned it back before.)
 Osteria Mozza is just one of the many restaurants in his portfolio. Is having Mario Batali in your kitchen all hype?
 Addictingly creamy buffalo...

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Osteria Mozza Singapore