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PS. Cafe (Ann Siang Road)

PS Cafe is located on Ann Siang Road and speciailises in homemade cakes such as chocolate fudge cakes, Florida key lime pie as well as coffee. Please note that this outlet only admit adults and teenagers only. Families with younger children are welcome at other PS. Cafe outlets.
Sat, Sun & PH: 09:30 - 16:00
Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 16:00
+65 97970648
$40 based on 64 submissions
Brunch (10 votes), Quiet (10 votes), Chillout (9 votes)

Love It

How come I didn't know about this hidden gem before? A fantastic well priced restaurant, great food with decent portions. Great drink menu

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Truffle Fries6 votes
  • Sticky Date Pudding4 votes
  • banana mango crumble2 votes
  • Crab Cakes1 vote
  • Fish & Chips1 vote
  • PS Burger1 vote
  • Portobello Stack1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 64 votes
25 Nov 2014 • 5 reviews • 4 followers

The best and the worst

I've had the pleasure of eating at PS Cafe in Dempsey before, great meal, great ambiance and a wonderful time.
I've eaten at PS Cafe An Siang Hill before, OK lay out, good atmosphere and great food.
THIS TIME however, the third PS time, OMG.  I ordered the soup of the day (French Onion Soup) and Ploughman's Sandwich.  My partner ordered the Chicken Tikka Sandwich (looked amazing).  My meal turned up at the same time, the starter (soup) with the main course, which was a nice touch and worked well.  However...
The French Onion Soup skipped both the floating bread and the cheese.  I queried the brown oniony mass to the server who assured me the cheese was in the soup and melted.  Understand, there was no cheese anywhere to be seen.
The Ploughman's.  The menu lists both Aged Cheddar, Ham and pickled onions.  The sandwich looked good but under a bit of investiagation, there was no cheddar, in fact, no cheese.  It was then that the veg included, some lettuce, some pickled peppers and the expected ham.  I called over the server and suggested the cheese was missing.  She took the plate away and returned a few minutes later and explained the cheese had melted.  I took a bite and called for the manger.  Obviously, Ploughmans sandwiches are solved cold, not warmed (actually not unpleasent) but w** was the cheese? The manager agreed the cheese was missing (both dishes) and offered to repace the meal with something else, at this point, I was starving so had half the sandwich and the meal was dropped from the bill.
I cannot tell you how appalling this experience was "the cheese is in the soup" and "its melted in".  Awful.  The chef should be fired, the server, owner and manager should hang their heads in shame.  Wine was nice though.  Great atmoshphere but a ruined experience.
Poutine ($19)
21 Sep 2014 • 296 reviews • 15 followers

Perhaps not for the poutine

"Poutine" in Singapore: Shoestring fries, foie gras nuggets, sautéed mixed mushrooms and red wine jus ($19). This toned down version is definitely not like the real thing.
29 Jan 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


Bad Brunch experience in my life.tiny cockroach around the table.slow service. salmon Benadict verse.cold poach eggs.the plate is very small unlike ps palais.but we like the ambience and sticky date pudding.
The management of PS. Cafe responded to this review:
04 Feb 2014
Hi, we thank you for letting us know about this. We will be alerting the management who will get in touch with you once we can look into this.
25 Jan 2014 • 9 reviews • 0 follower

Love It

How come I didn't know about this hidden gem before? A fantastic well priced restaurant, great food with decent portions. Great drink menu
19 Jan 2014 • 18 reviews • 0 follower

Wonderful ambience

For full review and photos: 
The PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill Park is really beautiful with the abundance of greenery and wooden boardwalk surrounding it. As I stepped into PS Cafe I was even more amazed by the interior decor that has an European touch to it – the wooden staircases and furnishing, the lights, the Christmas tree that radiated the whole cafe with this sense of Christmas joy…

We were not particularly hungry, so my friend and I shared a sticky date pudding. We were wondering if it would be too little for the two of us, but we shouldn’t have worried because the portions of the sticky date pudding was big. How do I describe how heavenly the sticky date pudding was? It was just pure bliss eating it because it was so good. The pudding was moist and soft, while the toffee sauce was deliciously creamy and rich, yet not too sweet. I had the urge to scrape the last bit of the sauce off the plate! This is probably the best sticky date pudding I’ve eaten by far.

PS Cafe @ Ann Siang Hill Park is a really ideal spot to enjoy some quiet time with friends and loved ones, with good food to go along. It’s got the best of both worlds – being so accessible because it’s right smacked in the middle of the CBD, yet retaining its own peace and serenity.

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