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PappaMia is seen to be a place for one to catch up with friends while enjoying a cup of delicious and aromatic coffee. In addition to serving authentic Malaysian cuisine, the cafe has introduced Hainanese chicken rice using the recipe used in Chatterbox of Meritus Mandarin.

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Ipoh chicken Hor fun  - tasty n quite genuine
Ipoh chicken Hor fun - tasty n quite genuine
Close up of the hor fun n "ku chai"
Close up of the hor fun n "ku chai"
  • Ipoh horfun soup with chicken 1 vote

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Pappa.......... not Mama Mia also good food

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 787

Intended to eat at Boon Tong Kee along River Valley rd, but found it closed for a snooze in the afternoon, popped into this place by chance and had a chance to try their "Malaysian" style food.

Ambience: A refurbished old stall, now decked out in modern counter, chairs, tables etc. cool place, with aircon but faces a construction site - so noisy. Sit upstairs if you want to escape the noise.

Food: It was originally the famous Ipoh hor fun stall which moved now does not exist. This old stall sold the best curry chicken hor fun and we enjoyed it. They now have the same Ipoh hor fun served in a bowl with a side dish of chicken which we tried. It was pretty good, and a surprise. I also ordered the Tauhu telor which used egg tofu fried in a egg batter. Tasty but I prefer them to use the ordinary white tofu, not the egg vareity.

Value: If you plus 10 and 7, the price goes up by 17%. Not so good value after that.

Service: Friendly and knowledgeable.

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I am a regular here. I don't recommend it.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 59

I am only a regular because I live a 2 min walk away and on several occasions was desperate for a quick bite. So decided to pop in. Does this about 6 times over the past 5 months. So I guess I am regular. The menu looks gorgeous. But don't be fooled. There has not been 1 time that there wasn't an item I ordered which was "out of stock". Usually at least 2-3 items I try to order are out of stock. And for those that are in stock, key ingredients may also be missing and they will ask if u want to replace it. Food quality is bad. I must say the first time I tried this place, over a year back, before I moved into this area, the standard was much higher. My partner and I both agree that the standard has dropped TREMENDOUSLY. There was a faulty chair which I sat in which tipped over too. They apparently knew about it but left it. I get the sense that the owners have abandoned this place to see out its lease. Bad bad bad.

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 86

The food is not as great as before, so say my friend who recommended me there.It is my first time there and i must admit that it is a disappointing visit.We ordered three types of Ipoh Kway Teow Soup (They spell differently). I had tried the Kway Teow with the white chicken on a side dish. When the Kway Teow Soup was served, I can smell something funny. Since this was the first dish to be served, it is likely that the smell come from this dish. I get closer to the soup to confirm the smell is from there. I try to taste it and to my disappointment, it taste the same as it smell, bad. I was expecting some good soup, maybe chicken base, that is comparable to Old Town (Kuala Lumpur). Apart from the weird taste, there is nothing making the kway teow soup to stand out. Rather blend, i had to add chilli, pepper and the sauce from the chicken to improve the taste. Disappointing, I must say. To their credit, the chicken drumstick meat taste pretty good. That's about it.
We also ordered Taufu Telur (spelling according to their menu) and that is another wrong move. When the food was served, there is a foul smell coming from the dish. Judging from the taste and smell, it is likely due to the re-used oil. It is a very oily and sick smell, if you know what i mean. This dish is super duper oily with little Toufu in it. In the end, we try to pick out the toufu hidden and leave the rest of the deep fried 'toufu skin' on the plate. This must be the worst Taufu Telur i ever have. Yucks. Disgusted.The drinks of mojito and blended cucumber does not help. Mojito was on the safe side while the blended cucumber tasted a little bitter and sour (suspecting lemon was added). The cucumber is not as smoothing as i love, due to the ice and cucumber. We also ordered a Cendol that seems to be the best among the rest. It is just a normal cendol without much decorations. Taste sweet, like other Cendol. Safe.
Honestly, I am unlikely to return for a second try with this kind of standard of food. Not Recommended.

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