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Back to PastaMania#B1-09B, Singapore Post Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8
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Maybe I'm Naive
 • 06 Mar 2012 279 reviews 44 followers
This restaurant is located at the extreme side end on the Basement 1 of the mall and if you don't walk pass here, you may not even know there is a restaurant here. Very "isolated" but it is indeed a nice and quiet place.

The ambience was nice, brightly lighted and with the window panes of decorations (displaying items of sauces, pasta, cans of food).

My friend and I arrived and were greeted by the staff to our seats. It was not too crowded with only 3-4 tables occupied and shortly after, the crowd grew. Service was ok, staff were polite and time taken of serving food was reasonable.

We ordered our favourite items - the creamy chicken pasta and creamy chicken ham pasta. The pasta were cooked well and came with lots of chicken slices. The sauce was ok, though not as thick as other outlets, tended to be more watery. If the sauce was thicker, it would be much better.

We also ordered the cheese sticks, quite flavourful and were deep fried appropriately and nice.

As for beverages, we ordered the Calamasi Lime and Plum Juice, which was very refreshing and cooling and it was great to have this especially on a hot sunny day!

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable dinning experience here!

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I spent $14 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
Quiet, Hidden Find, People Watching
I added 4 photos
  • Calimasi Lime and Plum Juice
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Chicken Ham Pasta

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