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Internationally renowned French bakery and patisserie Paul sets foot in Singapore, with the opening of its 130-seater restaurant at Ngee Ann City. The bakery is famous for its range of freshly baked breads such as the La Flûte Paul and pain au chocolat , as well as pastries and sandwiches.

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Good brunch, but sometimes too crowded

Food/Drink 4| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 95

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Paul is always very crowded on the weekends, and with good reason. It's a really great place to have a nice brunch. Their pastries are really awesome as well. It must be said that because of the crowd service is not fantastic, and it does take some time to get your food and get the waiters attention. But despite that, Paul is still a good place to check out when you're out and about and want a nice little break.

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Not recommended for a sit down meal at the restaurant

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

this place was recommended by many friends for its coffee and pastries and they were not too bad! so second time round, I decided to have a go at brekkie. The menu selection was ordinarily standard with one or two 'special' menu items. The 'special' salmon on a brioche bun was nothing to rave about and service? rude, impolite, irresponsive. If you have no passion for the work you are doing, switch jobs because you guys really know how to ruin someone else's day with the frowns on your faces.

Overall, I would say, do take away for their pastries but never have a sit down meal at the restaurant. 

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a great French dining

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 40

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I usually prefer to patronize Paul before noon for a hearty brunch, a time when the crowd is thinner and the queue more acceptable. I prefer a seat within, admiring the interior decor reminiscent of European styles but sometimes I can only get a seat outside of the cafe, staring at patrons of the mall and get stared back in return.

Sometimes I get myself a choice from the usual caffeinated suspects, and if I am not up for a cup of tea or coffee, then I would choose from their other beverage selections. I loved their Chocolat Frappé à la Menthe from its Ice Blend section for its menthol sensation mixed well into the rich chocolaty taste, and I feel the urge sometimes to get to this restaurant for a cup of refreshing Lemongrass Iced Tea, its acquired taste a tang against my taste buds.

Their menu is quite varied and, of course, very French. So far my favorite remains Roulade de Poulet, a dish of stuffed chicken with pumpkin puree.

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Poor Service Staff

Ambience 3
Total Review: 1

I was looking for a place to seat and to get some drinks after shopping. Decided to go to Paul at Ngee Ann City Branch. There was a group of us, and we had a shopping trolley.
 1st bad experience: Waitress told us that the trolley could not be pushed into the restaurant, which we understood and since our trolley was at the front of the line for the waitress to seat us, we wanted to push the trolley to the side by making a u-turn. Then while making the u-turn with the trolley, the waitress told us again that the trolley could not be pushed into the restaurant. The waitress assumed that because we spoke in dialect, we could not understand English Language! How rude!
 2nd bad experience: The waitress did not give any assurance that the trolley left outside the restaurant would be safe, instead she made a sarcastic comment whether we had gold chain in the shopping trolley! Really Rude! I was very pissed by her comment and I replied there were gold bars instead. she was taken aback, and we were served by another waitress.
 3rd bad experience: I didn't even know whether the staff are trained properly, as when we asked the waitress who delivered the food to get some side plates, she did not make any acknowledgement or response. However, eventually the side plates came.
 4th bad experience: The waitress decided to clear the plate even there was some food left on it. She didn't even ask before clearing.
 5th bad experience: The waitress came to take our orders was so ready to take back the menu considering we were still browsing it. Sigh!!
 Overall my impression of the food and drinks are mediocre, not to mention the service was not impressive at all. Service was really bad to the core. Especially the waitress made that rude comment!
 They should refund me, the service charged, as there is no service at all. Waitress and waiters are too full of themselves, especially the young ones (probably age range from 18 - 35)! Terrible!

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