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Favourite place for food

Food/Drink 5 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

Delicious, came to this outlet for 3 times now and their food has been consistent. XL pizza lives up to the hype. Service staff are wonderful and sweet. Food are served promptly and i would love to come back soon! Thumbs up

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Most helpful reviews for Peperoni Pizzeria (Zion Road)

Impressed by the quality of food here.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

We were a party of six, so it made economical sense to have the XXL 21-inch pizza ($50). Was initially a little skeptical about the consistency considering its sheer size, but it turned out to be such a fantastic idea! The two flavours we chose for this mega pie were 1) Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, generously topped with thinly sliced fresh Parma ham & peppery rocket and 2) Salmone - fresh salmon chunks, caramelised onions & spunky capers. Both were really good, although I was partial to the parma ham one for its multi-dimensional, savoury flavours.
 We also had 4 pastas to share. My favourites were in this order - Lasagna, Aglio Olio, Pesto, Squid Ink. The Lasagna was very well done. The combination of flavourful minced beef and cheese sandwich between soft pasta layers, slathered with a lively tomato sauce, gave this dish immediate entry into my list of all-time comfort foods. The pastas are all done perfectly al-dente, in true-blue Italian-style. Aglio Olio is robust and fragrant, and has enough garlic to knock you off your chair; while the Pesto version is delightfully fresh and creamy, though my taste buds wished it were slightly more herbaceous.
 The service was great as well. The servers were prompt , courteous, and helpful. They made us feel really at ease throughout our entire time there.

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Insulting, barbaric, horrendous service to kill the day

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 20

On 8 March 2014, we arrived for our reservation at 6pm. All went well until 7:25pm when the manager came to our table and told us to leave In 5 minutes. Not knowing that we were supposed to vacant our table by 7:30pm, we enquired the rationale since we have just replenished our drinks. The manager claimed that this was conversed when the reservation was made but our friend did not recall such an arrangement. He then offered us another 5 minutes to finish up our drinks and leave. 
 We weren’t too pleased and his impoliteness didn’t help. He suggested moving us to the half-occupied bar which left 2 seats. There were 6 of us. After a moment, he came back to our table and told us that he will strike off the drinks that was just served from our bill so that we can leave immediately. And the next moment without saying anything, he removed our drinks from the table and walked away. 
 It is probably miscommunication but we did not know there is a 90-minute restriction for dine-in. After all, I don’t think this a norm for restaurants in Singapore. Be it a weekend, limiting the time for customers to eat just so to squeeze in more reservations is truly unprofessional in any standard. And the worst part is, he removed our drinks just so to make us leave. 
 There is not a tiny trace of decent customer service. Insulting, barbaric, horrendous…all the vilest expressions and words that can be used to describe Peperoni Pizzeria’s service is still understated. There are serious management issues that needs to be rectified. 

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Bad service to the max...

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

A lot of issues with this place.. 1) It doesn't take a genius to ask their customers if they would like something to drink. Waited more than 30 mins before someone asked... 2) Waited for more than 1 hour for pizzas that were not served...a table that came after mine got their orders first... When I informed the waitress I was going to leave, she said ok and didn't care... When I left, the person in charge said: "Oh, we have a lot of orders." Is the customer's fault if you can't manage? You have takeouts, delivery and walk-ins - you need to manage all. If you can't then why bother having delivery at all? Kitchen is backed up.. I saw what was wrong with it... You gave priority to all of your take outs... An experienced manager would have known what order is next & would have fixed this even before the situation blew up... The manager had a very bad attitude and he had a smirk with a face that showed "I don't care if you stay anyways"

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Tasty Food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 16

I order for takeaway for 8 people. Pizza and Pasta mostly are good. One or two dishes we found just so so (spaghetti Bolognaise and prosciutto and funghi pizza). If you do online order there is a 10% discount. Pasta Portion is quite big so is good value. The ingredients inside also quite generous. I think I saw the most garlic in an Aglio Olio pasta ever.

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