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Don't be surprised if you happen to see this Italian restaurant when you're heading to East Coast Seafood Centre for your seafood and chilli crab feast. Like its local counterparts, PizItalia is huge on its seafood menu and even has a rendition of chilli crab with Italian herbs and garlic.

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Butter Prawn Linguine ($15.50)
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Italian Chilli Crab (market price)

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Great place to chill out

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 11

Am delighted by the location of the restaurant. It is located next to the sea and in the midst of the seafood restaurants.

Price on menu is standard for Italian Food. We ordered a Mushroom pasta and a Chilli Crab Pizza.

Mushroom Pasta ($16.50) - Creamy yet light. Satisfied my craving for creamy pasta imediately. Chef was generous with the portion of mushrooms.

Chilli Crab Pizza ($23.50) - something which I have never tried before. The chilli crab sauce was good but you can't really find crabmeat on the pizza. Overall quite nice.

Good ambience with light music and the seabreeze. Will definitely come back again.

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Very Very dissapointing. Poor service

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

I came across this restaurant at a promotion at deals.com.sg earlier and decided to try it out as it only costed $3 for a Seabass. Location wise it was easy to find. There are a huge Dinosaur to welcome you at the entrance.   It was a raining day and once we reach the restaurant entrance, we ask for our seat since we have make our reservation earlier, but the staff attending to us look confusing and ask us to wait for the manager. The manager came, go through the list and just ask us to go upstairs without even asking for our name/ hp no. duh =,,=   Once we went up, there are another guy which i reckons is the boss, look very unfriendly asked who sent us up. Of coz we answered someone sent us up and he then asked for our name. After 2-3 minutes of chaos we were assigned to a table with our name on it. Duh. Why never asked for our name earlier you see. Honestly the staff dont know what they doing ler.    From my observation, the boss manager and staff look and very confusing on who to greet the customer, who to assign seat, who to take order. To me it look like I am eating in a warzone.    We sat down, ordered our food and drinks and chills. The floor was dirty and it look to me it was not swept for a week. The food arrived. And we have to asked for 2 plate of plain rice for 3-4 rounds before it finally arrived. By the time our dishes already cold. You know some people like me like to eat the dish together with white rice ma. Why take so long to serve white rice. Have to ask 3 times somemore.    We ordered a pot of chrysanthemum earlier, we asked for the staff to help us to refill with hot water. Guess what he came back to me. A pot of leftover Cold chinese tea!! Probably used by the previous customer! How could the staff make such mistake common sense lo please. By the time I am too dissapointed already that I dont even have the energy to ask for a new pot of tea. We ate paid and left for NYE celebration.    You see i never even mentioned about the food yet. It wil take a lot of convincing for me to visit them again.

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Very poor customer service

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

I wanted to celebrate my daughter's birthday at Pizitalia so went to talk to the owner at the East Coast branch by appointment. We had to wait for 2 hours to discuss the party plans with the owner. The restaurant was very poorly managed as far as service was concerned. Since we waited for so long we got hungry so decided to order food there. we got the table and kept waiting for the waiter to get the menu card for 15 minutes. We were completly pissed off. At last we got to speak to the owner for hardly 5 minutes and then he said that he will send us the recommended menu for the party through email and asked us to make an advance payment of S$200 for booking. We made the payment and left.

 He took 5 days to send us the menu through email and that also not suitable for us as 80% of my guests were vegetarians and he recommended 80% of non veg dishes. I asked him to change the menu and he sent another menu after 4 days and again not according to our requirement. We got a bit jittery about celebrating our daughter's birthday at Pizitalia and thus decided to have the party at home coz we didnt have much time left to book any other place.

Since we had given him S$ 200 advance thus we decided to order Pizzas from Pizitalia for the birthday. They did not offer any delivery service thus my husband had to collect the pizzas himself. The total bill came out to be S$174 and the cashier instead of giving us S$26 back, took S$4 extra from my husband.

We wrote to the owner regarding being overcharged twice but till date he has not responded.

This has been a terrible experience and would never recommend anybody to go there as we got cheated there.


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The management of PizItalia responded to this review:
22 Jul 2012
Dear Mrs Brinda,

you paid $200 net as a non refundable deposit to book a birthday party at our place. it equals to 174++.
so please recheck your ticket. $174 + 10% service charge + 7% GST = $200.

That's not fair to publish such review when I really tried to accommodate your change of plan and get the pizza from our other outlet.

in addition I made follow up calls to ensure you were satisfied by the pizza your husband picked up. you don't mention it in your review.

in all our communications, email it has been clear that the $200 are not refundable. Despite that, I still gave you the opportunity to redeem with pizza.

We never offered you a delivery service as it is not part of our scope of offer.

we don't cheat customers.every weekend we serve 1000s of satisfied customers with table service and birthday party.

When you sent me the sms I was travelling in Europe taking care of sad family matters.

Best Regards,

Hmmm...my review was not publish?

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 3
Total Reviews: 23

I tried writing a review on the above today, I have wrote a few reviews today & was amazed how come all except this establisement was not publish but it shown in my profile. Hmmm... i shall try again. See below.

I bought 2 bigdeal.sg voucher of their hi-tea buffet & was looking forward to savouring their italian dessert but it was a total disappointment.

The establisement was newly opened but the chair doesn't compliment as an italian restaurant. Their service staff though are polite but most of them looks as if they don't knw what they are doing, seem like a bunch of flying flies.

The hi-tea buffet was not what their establisement are currently doing & it was exclusive catered for bigdeal.sg diners. Sounds "exclusive" but it seem more like cater for construction workers to eat. It was very poorly place on 2 buffet plate for cooked food. It was one of the worst buffet I've ever came across & on top of that, they claimed that for the price u paid, u are getting a great deal. I was in "total shocked". Food item were fried bee hoon, fried spring rolls, fried chicken wings..(that's it for the cooked item, looking at those item, one might wonder why the hell they wana entice diners into their establisement with all the fried food, it just puts diners us totally. SERIOUSLY, ALL DINERS AFTER SEEING THEIR BUFFET SPREAD WERE SHOCKED & HORRIFIED), they only serve 1 type of dessert & not what the bigdeal claimed & G said it was not made in-house as he saw them taking it out from a box. What a joke! I doubt their mini muffins were made in-house either.

Their claimed fruit platter & fruit salad were a bunch of 'old-dated' watermelon, melon, apples, oranges that were so unappealing & yucking that u wouldnt wana hv a bite unless you are hunger for food.

$12.50 for the above after discount. This is the biggest joke I ever encountered. Who the hell will pay $25 for a bunch of c*** & if i knew it was that bad, as I am looking forward for their italian dessert which are overly sweet, like sugar coated sponge cream. I would have spend my $$$ in the nearby hawker center & feeling more happy both on my belly & pocket.


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