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Those in the CBD who are looking a casual and affordable lunch can head over to Platypus Test Kitchen, a Mediterranean bistro that churns out hand-made pasta daily and specialising in seasonal Mediterranean fare.

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Sun-dried Chicken Pesto Pasta (penne)
Sun-dried Chicken Pesto Pasta (penne)
Wild Mushroom Soup
Wild Mushroom Soup
Summer Trufffle Tagliatelle
Summer Trufffle Tagliatelle
Porcini Ravioli
Porcini Ravioli
  • Mushroom Soup 3 votes
  • Panna Cotta 2 votes
  • Wild- Mushroom Soup; Vine- Ripened Tomato Soup; Spicy ‘Diablo’ Crab and Prawn; Porcini Raviolacci an 2 votes
  • Crispy Duck Salad 1 vote
  • Seafood Risotto 1 vote
  • Sun-dried Chicken Pesto Pasta 1 vote

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Interesting flavors for homemade pastas

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 167

Homemade pasta dishes start from $15.50,  portions are considerably  substantial,  where you have the optional of topping up an addition $4 for a soup and a drink.  I was rather fortunate that S happened to be working in that area that very summer, as we trudged our way to the bistro a little earlier, averting the much anticipated lunch crowd which followed suit as soon as we placed our orders.

Chunky Mushroom Soup ($3.50)

The mushroom soup was unfortunately extremely underwhelming where the overall earthy flavor profile you’d look for in a mushroom soup was severely lacking.  Then again, you can’t exactly complain considering how much you actually pay.

Squid Ink Tagiolini, Scallop Ragout ($15.50)


The squid ink pasta turned out to be a huge disappointment where the perfect al dente noodles were let down by the lack of seasoning, not forgetting the fact that the overbearing garlic flavor masked  the squid ink flavor you’d natural expect, along with the sprightliness of the cherry tomatoes as well.  The scallops served in the pasta though were perfectly cooked, what a pity.

Lobster & Crab Ravioli in Vodka Sauce ($18.50)

Fortunately, the Lobster and Crab Meat Ravioli’s were the saving grace of the meal where a single portion contain a substantial amount of 6-7 Ravioli’s generous filled with chunks and morsels on fresh crab meat within sheets of pasta parcels that were of the perfect consistency: not too dense yet not to thin to the extent that it would end up too soggy, possesing bite. The rich vodka cream sauce accompanying the pasta was superbly executed as well, where the kitchen had certainly struck jackpot in achieving a balance of  tartness, tangy, robust flavors that married together perfectly in a cream based sauce which very often tends to be a little on the rich side.

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Quicky meal during lunch hours

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 164

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Platypus Test Kitchen is one of out of three, with Test Kitchen, and Platypus Family Dining & Platypus Kitchen, focusing on different concepts.

As the name suggests, this is the place to try out their latest creations and innovations for pastas and risottos.

For drinks, we had Lychee Peach Tea, and Passionfruit Tea. Something like syrup drink, so be sure to stir well.

Meatballs Garganelli ($15.50) with homemade meatballs braised in pomodoro sauce. Basically tomato sauce drenched on the meatballs. Meatballs are 100% beef, and are squishy!

Carbonara ($13.50) uses linguini, tossed with double smoked bacon in an egg-yolk cream sauce. If you are looking for something creamy, their Carbonara is a better choice than Meatballs Garganelli.

Their food are rather average, but I would probably go again to try other flavors. I would love to try out their Platypus Kitchen anytime soon!

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A true hidden gem.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

 Tucked away in a peaceful little corner on the 2nd floor of Clifford Centre, I have to say one who isn't familiar with Raffles Place might find difficulty locating this gem as I initially did. But trust me on this; this restaurant is worth the little hunt. Besides the clean and comfortable air-conditioned environment, Platypus Test Kitchen also offers an extensive menu of quality pastas, salads, soups and now risottos menu. A great lunch time fix for any hearty Mediterranean craving. What I have tried so far: Sun-dried Chicken Pesto Pasta (penne)- This dish calls for me, it is terrific. I love the tangy taste of sun-dried tomatoes and its overall nutty aroma. I reckon the ingredients to make this dish at home would be on the pricier side, let alone cooking and preparation time yet Platypus prices it affordably at $13.50. The only request I have and wish they could improve on would be to replace the current chicken cut with breast/lean meat instead. The current ones contain skin and I don't fancy.Seafood Risotto- I guess this is a rather new dish on the menu? It contains prawns, mussels and squid. Really creamy and rich. Each spoonful of arborio rice melts in your mouth, bursting with flavour. The garlic isn't overpowering and the rice isn't too mushy. It sits in between perfection. Service could use more efficiency and promptness though; I waited 20 minutes for this.I have been here twice (will be returning again soon enough). I also noticed that they have recently added on new dishes to their menu! Like, Angry Chicken Ragu? If I could, I'll love to try them all in a heartbeat.

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