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One of the Best homemade noodle in SG!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
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Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle ??????? specialises in serving home made noodles (the likes of ban mian, you mian). The stall is located in the food court of City Plaza at level 5. If City Plaza rings a bell among foodies, that could be because this is where our very own local fast food; Arnold's Fried Chicken is located at. The food court is not easily accessible unless you are familiar with the area; City Plaza.

They offer a wide variety of noodles ranging from Ban Mee, You Mian, Mee Sua, Bee Hoon to Bean Flour Noodle.

After you have ordered, a bright red number tag will be given to you. All you have to do next is to find a table, display the tag clearly and wait for your bowl of noodles.

The Abalone Clam Hand Made Yu Mee comes in either $4 or $5. In the $5 version you can either ask for more ingredients or more Yu Mee (You Mian). In my case, I choose the $5 version and asked for more Yu Mee.

The last time I had a meal in this stall was in 2008. Everything looks the same except that the price has increased.

Inside the piping hot bowl of Abalone Clam Hand Made Yu Mee, there were abalone clams, vegetable, minced meat, sliced mushrooms was topped with ikan bilis. The stall used New Moon Razor Clams for its Abalone Clam Hand Made Yu Mee, 3 pieces were given.

The hand made noodles made themselves was soft and tasty. In addition, the broth was robust and tasty. I drank practically all of it. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients (meat, vegetable, ikan bilis) given. A very generous amount of vegetable was given, much more than other hand made noodles stalls. The noodles given was alot too, almost 50% more than other stalls. The only down side I would say is the mushroom. This sounds weird coming from a mushroom lover. Well..the reason is because the dried mushroom was hard and salty.

The freshly made thick chilli paste was very spicy yet addictive. I like to dip the minced meat or eat the paste without anything. Despite the spiciness (my mouth was literally burning), I could not stop eating this!

This has got to be one of the best (if not better) home made noodles stall in Singapore. I enjoyed the meal and the price tag of $5 is certainly worthwhile. I wish that I am located nearby and can come by daily for lunch.

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