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Power Rojak Bundung

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
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Power Rojak Bandung is one of famous Rojak stall that had won a few consecutive years of awards from Makansutra as seen from the number of certificates sticked on its stall. Having said this, their rojak served is no closer to those Indian Rojak but rather similar to our chinese mixed fruits and fried fritters rojak.


Service is consumer friendly I felt especially when it was stated self service but the helper offered to deliver the dish to my table.


The stall is famous and specialised in Rojak. There was  a handful of varieties offered and we were just simply spoilt for choices.


It caught my curiosity when my eyes spotted someone on the hawker tables having Bee Hoon with Kang Kong Cuttlefish I thought. After checking out with them, I had got myself a plate of Rojak Bandung.


This marked my first time trying such dish. From what I had eaten, the dish was perhaps a modified version of a plate of Rojak with bee hoon added. It left me with a good impression with her service as well as food.

The plate of Rojak Bandung was showered with grated peanuts.

If you like Rojak, I bet you will like this as well. Overall, I find that the Chilli is very "power" and their dishes were well rated as claimed by makansutra!

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Rare Food Bussinnes

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This Rojak Bandung stall is one of a few places yuo can find. Rojak Bandung is a very rare food bussinnes you can find in Singapore. So all of you if yuo want to taste how Rojak Bandung look like better hurry-up before it too late.

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