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Punjab Grill By Jiggs Kalra

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Punjab Grill is the premier award winning restaurant established by famed Indian chef Jiggs Kalra. It showcases signature dishes from Punjab and other classic favourites from traditional Indian recipes.

Mon - Sun: 11:30 - 15:30

Mon - Sun: 18:30 - 22:30

$63 based on 38 submissions
Dinner (12 votes), Lunch (10 votes), Business Dining (7 votes)
Hoongy !

Fine Dining Indian Cuisine

Marina Bay Sands has brought along a bunch of top notch restaurants, and Punjab Grill certainly matches up.

I recently went to the sprawling restaurant and tried their degustation menu ($95).

The soup was a chicken soup, which was somewhat clearer than the usual Indian soups that I am used to but it can get rather filling. If you are a small eater, take a few sips and move on.

The value in the degustation menu is the ability to try many items, and this is what I certainly did. Outstanding were most of the dishes, particularly the salmon tikka, the chicken tikka and mutton curry. A winner though has to be the tandoori tiger prawn, which was fresh, large and meaty. Lots of marination and hard work was clearly put into preparing the food.

Dessert was a rather heavy, with a large serving of kulfi.

Service was excellent. The staff were quick to let me know when I over-ordered and were ready to recommend their specialties. Also, it was rather efficient, and I was warned when certain items would take longer to arrive after informing them I was on a time constraint.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Tandoori -Murg Malai Tikka (Chicken)4 votes
  • Tandoori Foie Gras4 votes
  • Chicken and Almond Soup3 votes
  • Tandoori -Salmon Tikka3 votes
  • Tandoori Yoghurt Chicken2 votes
  • Cheese Garlic Naan1 vote
  • Foie Gras on mini Naan1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 38 votes
28 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Very very rude staff !! Awesome food !, but do we go to a restaurant to get kicked by rude staff ?

I have been to almost all Punjab Grill restaurants , I am a bi-weekly visitor at the select city walk , saket , New Delhi branch  I was in Singapore for holidays in June & visited the Singapore branch , we were accompanied by 2 more families , we reached the restaurant by 10:00 pm , we called up before coming , we were told that the table would be ready in another 10 mins so in the meantime you can order because the kitchen closes at 10:30  I placed an order but the person named Deepak took our order & told us reduce the order because this May be extra quantity , we took his suggestion  We sat on the table & immediately I called up the service person named Mohit & told him this food will be insufficient for all of us & do get some more breads , but to my utter surprise he completely refused , I asked him to call the manager who's name was Mr. Manu , and guess what same reply "SORRY" reason told was that the kitchen is closed , I told them guys how do you expect us to eat half food , but nothing happened ... We cribbed , requested then insisted .... Such a rude behaviour , never seen in my life  & specially at PUNJAB GRILL  please everyone never visit this restaurant  I will try and alert all the people looking for restaurant worldwide    Dear Mr. Kalra check out this kind of staff or see your clients get kicked  The friend accompanying me who brought me to this restaurant that day was your regular corporate client This incident happened on 17th June  Kindly check your CCTV footage if you don't believe 
29 Apr 2014 • 30 reviews • 0 follower

Real north indian food

As a punjabi (north indian) myself, i can vouch for the authenticity of their north indian food.
It is an expensive restaurant. But, with this quality of food and service i don't mind spending.
Me and my husband went for their set lunch non-veg menu. So, we got to taste so many different things. Like, amritsari machi, murgh tikka, patiyala shahi machi, dal tadka, sorbet, desserts.....Each and everything we tried was awesome. From appetizer to main course to desserts, thumbs up to everything.
Highly recommend. It is expensive so, one can go for set lunch menu and can try different things.
01 Nov 2013 • 296 reviews • 15 followers

Staying to their sweet roots

Punjab Grill resonates within the upper echelons of Indian culinary finesse, serving some of the truest dishes that tap on age-old recipes, like the Multani paneer tikka (marinated and grilled paneer (cottage cheese cubes, $32). For Deepavali however, the restaurant showcases their sweeter side with the Diwali sweet boxes special (available for takeaways): 12 pieces of jannat mithai (heavenly sweets) for $35 and the 20-piece Royal Mithai Sweet Box at a slightly more expensive $40. If you are eating in, celebrate with a sweet finish of the mango saffron crème brûlée, served with pineapple sorbet ($15). For more Indian restaurant reviews, read here*aid-be2f3101/
30 Sep 2013 • 38 reviews • 7 followers

My favourite Indian restaurant in Singapore

I've had the pleasure of dining twice at Punjab Grill.  Once you've managed to find it (Shoppes at MBS can be a little hard to navigate around at times) you're rewarded with a top-notch dining experience.  The venue is modern and fresh, and a million miles away from your standard old fashioned Indian restaurant.  

The Punjab grill serves a wide variety of regional Indian cuisine, though not surprisingly, it focuses on the food of the North of India.  We sampled a very wide range of plates from the menu, and all of them hit the mark.  I particularly enjoyed the Salmon and Murg Malai Tikka we had as part of our starters, and the Lamb Biryani and Tawa Asparagus.  

The ambience and location of the Punjab Grill suits a variety of occasions. It's ideally placed near the Financial district for a business lunch, and for leisure time, it's great for spurging after a win at the Casino, for a break from shopping or even for a romantic evening meal.  

I'm sure it won't be long until I return for my third dining experience at the Punjab.
Cheese Naan
30 Sep 2013 • 59 reviews • 1 follower

Impressive Indian fine dinning

I have been hearing about Punjab Grill for a while. Mostly about which are the best Indian Restaurant in Singapore. Punjab Grill is always on the top mentioned list. Finally I have a chance to try out this famous restaurant with my fellow colleague for a business lunch.   When we arrive at the restaurant, the wall of wine caught my attention, what a nice statement that represent the status of the restaurant. Inside the restaurant, you can see the kitchen through a window at the back the restaurant. Nice little touch that shows you how your food was prepared. The ambience of the restaurant is quiet and cozy as compared to the MBS bright light setting. It is perfect to have business lunch where you can have conversation while enjoying the great service.  There are many foods that day. We had more than 10 courses meal. Here are some of the foods that really steal my heart.  Cheese garlic Naan – Although this is not the first time I had cheese prata. But I really love the creamy saltiness taste of the cheese. It goes very well with the dips.  Chicken and almond soup – A normal looking soup that turn out to be the wonderful surprise of great taste and starter. The soup is more creamy based and it really kick-start my appetite.  Tikka Platter – This is the wow factor that you will not get in other place. There are 3 type of dish on this platter. Salmon Tikka, which is the signature of the restaurant, chicken Tikka and Lamb kebab. The food is presented in a very modern fine dinning style. What a nice idea to put all three great dishes together where you can enjoy these signatures Tikka and grill food. This is a must have if you come here.  Foie Gras – I was very surprise that there is Foie Gras served in Indian Cuisine. This show the creativities of the chef to create fusion food yet keep the traditional food great. The Foie Gras was served with a mini naan. And it was really good.  Lamb Biryani Rice – When we order biryani rice, I was not expected it would be serve in such a fine dinning style. The Biryani Rice was served with a nicely decorated plate with grilled asparagus and yogurt. Just when I thought that all for the biryani rice, the waiter served us with the dal and my favorite butter chicken. These combinations really make me a happy biryani man. The waiter will ask you if you need a top up for your rice or butter chicken. More chicken please.  Finally the meal ends with the 4 in 1 dessert. What a delightful sight when the waiter places the dessert in front of me. These desserts really make a really happy ending meal for me.  I am very impressed with the meal. This is a place where you can confidently bring your business guest who wish for some local Indian Cuisine. I will surely come back here next time.