#01-01, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, 088444
Fusion, Western
+65 94871287

Closed on Mon, Sun: 1.00pm - 10.00pm, Thu to Sat: 5.00pm - 3.00am, Tue & Wed: 5.00pm - 11.00pm

$29 based on 6 submissions

Qafe by Night is a brand new lifestyle cafe in the heart of Tanjong Pagar by celebrity Irene Ang.

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Queen's Pie aka Shepherd's Pie
Queen's Pie aka Shepherd's Pie
The front of the restaurant
The front of the restaurant
Bumble Bee drink
Bumble Bee drink
The boardgames
The boardgames
Dirty Mars aka Mars bars + Ice cream
Dirty Mars aka Mars bars + Ice cream

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Overall RatingBased on 6 reviews
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An awesome restaurant to dine in!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

I had been to this restaurant not once but twice over! And I highly recommend it to all! Whether it's for dates or for birthday celebration!

I first went there after buying Groupon vouchers in mid-May. I bought 2 vouchers and spent $20 for $60 worth of food. So I tried alot of food just to make up to that amount of money.

First, my bf and I had a starters of Wings Combi as recommended. It had 3 types of wings (Spicy Girls, Auntie Ang's secret recipe and Sweet Revenge). Cos my bf and I don't really take spicy food, we requested for spicy girls to be removed, giving us more of the other 2 types of wings. And boy!! IT WAS AWESOME! When I sank my teeth into the meat, I was overwhelmed! It tasted really good! The marinate was unique and different! Sweet Revenge was more of BBQ and Auntie Ang's was more of fried chicken wings. But both are good! After everything, I heard that spicy girls was really spicy. I'm glad I didn't take it! This starters is definitely a must-try! It cost $12.90.

Next, for main course, my bf had the sherpherd pie that was on May special that month. It changes every month and I haven't seen it again. But once again, the food surprised us cos it was very well-done! Different yet pleasant! The sauce for the minced beef was unique!

As for myself, I had the Beer-battered Fish & Chips ($15.90). It was alright to me. A little oily but the pieces of fish were huge. But the taste of the beer isn't too strong. Can't really tell. But the salad served with it had a unique sauce on top! Nice touch!

For drinks, the menu is really cute! They had special mix drinks ($5-$6) named "This one", "That one", "Anything", "Whatever"...among the common cocktails, beer, soft drinks and juices. So we shared one cup of "Bumble Bee".

For desserts, we tried their recommended Dirty Mars and it was awesome!! It's mars bars with ice cream, just like the famous Mars Bars at Raffles Place but only bigger and better! It was warm, cold and sweet all at the same time! Yums! The sauce is raspberry sauce! So it's like there's chocolate, vanilla and raspberry sauce! $7.90.

And prior to all this, while waiting for the food to arrive, we were chillax-ing with the monopoly deal game cards that are available there. There are many other games like cluedo. So we were pretty much entertained, coupled with the nice contemporary songs playing in the background.

The place was quiet and nice. Not too many people at dinner time. The crowds usually come in for drinks as it's a famous place to hangout for drinks too. So I had the privacy I wanted. The artifacts around are nice. The lightings are unique and soft. Making everything soft and pleasant.

The service is really good! They serve with a smile and are very patient with you. And even for guests like me who use vouchers, they didn't despise us as some restaurants do. It was such a pleasant experience that it left a deep impression on me. It's rare to find restaurants with such good service now. And what's more, they don't charge GST or Service Charge. Quite surprised about it!

Well, this restaurant is so good that I went back there to celebrate my bf's birthday with a group of friends and took up their birthday package (which is so economically viable)! It's in the post above! Read on!

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Another groupon dud

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 65

Kinda regretted buying the groupon voucher without checking out the place. After all, I spent $10 on $30 value voucher, how can I resist? After reading various reviews about this place, I wasn't expecting too much. We were there on a Tuesday night, after my violin class. The place was very quiet. J and I took our seats and flipped through the somewhat limited menu.

Hmm. Not much to choose from. We got the 2 beers, wings combi (which was ordered in many of the reviews I read), mushroom soup, spring rolls, triple sauce pasta and fish and chip. The wings combi consists of 3 flavors. I like Auntie Ang's special wings the most, as they taste distinctly like the prawn paste chicken we have at tze char stalls. The supposedly spicy wings were not spicy at all and the sweet ones are really bad. Honey and black pepper does NOT go well together. The mushroom soup was lukewarm and definitely from the can. I am not expecting homemade, but lukewarm is NOT acceptable. The spring rolls are frozen variety, and the chef didn't bother to turn them when cooking, resulting in very uneven browning.

I tried to tell J to get the pasta with pink sauce since I saw favorable reviews on it. He got the triple sauce pasta instead. To his own peril. We wondered why was it called triple sauce pasta. Does that mean it has 3 times more sauce than others? When he took a bite of it, he gave a face. That got me slightly alarmed. Usually, I am the picky person when it comes to food. J NEVER gives a face. I took a bite gingerly. The taste is quite odd. It tastes like a mixture cream and bolognese sauce, with a very cloying creamy aftertaste. Not something I can take more than a few bites of. I looked at J braved through it and cringed. Then came my fish and chips, which was supposed to be a safe bet as well. However, I was wrong. The fish was tasteless. The accompanying potato wedges were good, but the fish had no taste. Maybe the chef forgot to season it? Well whatever. I didn't finish it. The total bill came up to $85 (before deducting $30 groupon voucher). I can think of at least 10 good places where I can eat 10 times better at less than that amount. Such c***. Irene Ang, shame on you!

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Fine art café by day, qafé by night

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 408

We passed by this cafe a few times and I always had a nagging feeling that it's got something to do with Irene Ang, the local actress/comedian. It's only when we decided to dine here one evening that we saw articles of her plastered at the entrance.

Our first visit fell on a Sunday, and we immediately settled on the all-day brunch menu.

First to arrive was the queen's breakfast ($13.90), which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, wholemeal toast served with baked beans, roasted tomato and chunky fries. Pretty nondescript except for the spicy sausage and the fries that were perfectly done and well seasoned.

The bangin' burrito ($13.90) had a filling of ham, scrambled eggs, melted cheese and mushroom, and accompanied with side salad and baked beans. Somehow, I didn't quite appreciate eating baked beans that came straight from a can.

As for pancakes with caramelized apples ($9.90), they were sufficiently fluffy and good with butter and maple-flavored syrup.

Total damage: $37.70

Two weeks later, we opted for a main dish each.

K's kronenbourg fish and chips ($15.90) was appetizing. The beer battered fish was moist, flaky and had a nice crisp. It came with salad and chunky fries but was there really beer in the batter?!

My spring a surprise ($16.90) was a half spring chicken served with broccoli, baby carrots, potato salad and brown pepper sauce. The chicken was a tad dry with too little sauce and we had to request for more to make it go down easier.

Total damage: $32.80

The staff were pleasant but no one offered to refill our warm water and the cups were left empty the entire time. The food wasn't particularly memorable but the peaceful atmosphere was ideal for a nice chat over dinner. However, we left straight after since the stools were terribly uncomfortable.

Note: Prices are nett and the cafe also showcases art pieces like paintings and pottery which are for sale.

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