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(Closed) Rascals Gone Dining

Latin AmericanMexican

Serving Mexican food, this restaurant is located along Purvis Street.

Daily: 11:00 - 14:30

Daily: 17:30 - 23:00

+65 63394803
$40 based on 23 submissions
After Work (8 votes), Dinner (8 votes), Quiet (8 votes)

Mexican Dining

I stumped upon this place thru buying the coupon offered online. The coupon was applicable for a 3-Course tasting menu that includes exciting options like Meat Balls for starters, Beef Stew for main course and Ancho chilli chocolate cake. It also includes a free margarita too.

The owner of the restaurant were very helpful and friendly which adds up to the good dining experience we had for the night.

I'll be back again for the Ancho Chilli Chocolate Cake which was indeed very good.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Ancho Chili Chocolate1 vote
  • Ancho Chili Chocolate Cake1 vote
  • Ancho Chili Chocolate Cake($6.90)1 vote
  • Ancho Chilli Chocolate Cake1 vote
  • Chicken Ballontine ($17.90)1 vote
  • Chilli Chocolate cake1 vote
  • Chilli Nagoda1 vote
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21 Mar 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Once is more than enough!

If you are looking for authentic mexican food, this is definitely not the place for you. My husband and I decided to try out the restaurant after reading pretty good reviews in 8 days. We went there on a Saturday night, around 7+pm and only 2 tables were occupied at the time (2 more tables were filled subsequently). Definitely not a good sign. We ordered the tasting menu, which was value for money, since it came with three courses and a margarita. I had the chili nogada, Comarones con Diablo, ice-cream with strawberry salsa. The husband had crab gazpacho, Carne con chile Colorado, and Ancho chili chocolate cake. The only saving grace of this restaurant is the chili nogada. The comarones con diablo (prawns cooked with chipotle, chillis and coconut cream, served with angel hair) tasted only of coconut cream, totally un-mexican. The carne con chile tasted like beef rendang, very very different from the ones we are used at other mexican restaurants. The ice cream with strawberry salsa was the worst. Try pairing ice cream with onions, cilantro, garlic and tomatoes and tell me if you enjoyed it.

Not only was the food unpalatable, the service left much to be desired as well. The waitress was rather deaf (maybe the music was too loud) and we had to repeat our orders a few times. She kept on going, "Sorry?Sorry?" It got pretty annoying after a while. Considering that there were only 2 tables occupied at the time, it was totally unacceptable that we had to wait 15-20 mins just to be served our margaritas. The hub was getting pretty murderous by the time our drinks arrived. The food took way too long to arrive as well.

The ambience was fine. Pretty good for chilling out. You wouldn't think it was a mexican restaurant at all, given its minimalist decor.

In sum, I will not return to this restaurant, given its bad food and service.

07 Mar 2011 • 69 reviews • 7 followers

Mexican Dining

I stumped upon this place thru buying the coupon offered online. The coupon was applicable for a 3-Course tasting menu that includes exciting options like Meat Balls for starters, Beef Stew for main course and Ancho chilli chocolate cake. It also includes a free margarita too.

The owner of the restaurant were very helpful and friendly which adds up to the good dining experience we had for the night.

I'll be back again for the Ancho Chilli Chocolate Cake which was indeed very good.

21 Feb 2011 • 7 reviews • 22 followers

valentines day

absolutely loved my dining experience in this quaint mexican retaurant. it was well furbished, good music in the background (not blaring, not too soft), candle lit and good and smiley servers. the menu was the valentines menu but, we opted al la carte dishes and a peppers for starters. using only the freshest of ingredients, the red snapper was just an explosion of juicy fish and pineapple with a soft hint of mexican flavour! his dish was a beef with pumpkin mash. it was such a beautifully designed mix of texture and taste for the pallet.

dessert was fun too! hot chocolate cake with a dallop of vanilla ice cream. sounds common but, together, they were a perfect hot and cold blend.

The interior of the restaurant
15 Feb 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Awesome Vday :)

After reading so many good reviews that were initially posted here, I felt really excited to try this new place out. Hence, I made my reservation for Valentines' Day.

I also wish to clarify that it does not mean those with only 1 reviews are not reliable/ real, we were just starting out later. My review is 100% honest and true.

Back to the topic, my bf and I went to the restaurant for dinner. We were given the set menu for Vday but decided not to choose any dishes from there. Instead, we chose our choice of starters, main from their ala carte menu (partly also because I read some of the earlier raves of their good food).

1) I have to agree with Ef's review on the ambiance, decos and the staffs services - the place is pretty with the decos and red walls, and the ambiance for last night was good. They had candles on each table; Romantic feeling. However, the music selection last night was not as romantic as the settings were. I thought Vday, they should at least have played some romantic, slow and soft music.

2) The service staffs I felt, were kinda inexperienced as they were not sure of the food they served. Although there weren't many couples in the house last night, but I felt that they were shorthanded. The Management should at least have 3 servers but there were only 2 yesterday. But overall, they were very friendly and prompt in responding to our needs.

We ordered quite a bit to share among the two of us.


We tried the Chili Nogada ($9.70): It was a little too spicy for me so my poor bf have to finish the two chili himself. But I ate a little of the stuffings inside the chili, the beef was a little chewy. Nothing really fantastic other than the thrill of spiciness, if you are looking for one.

We also ordered their supposed Meatballs($10.80): it was yummy for me. The meat were mashed up just nice, not too mashed up. The sauce also goes along well with it too. It was also a little spicy but bearable. This is also an additional dish we ordered after the mix-up.


I had the Chicken Ballontine ($17.90): I loved this dish a lot! The chicken was done just right - very tender and juicy. I believe they used the thigh part of the chicken. The shitake mushroom wrapped inside was very juicy as well. The vegetables that were lying at the bottom adds on to the sweetness of the dish. I would really come back for this dish!

We initially ordered the Ribeye Steak ($26) but was served the Beef Kebab ($18.90): After clarifying with the waiter, he confirmed with the Chef that they had the orders wrong (?) and he didn't know that the Steak was not available. We were quite alright with the alternative so we didn't really make a fuss. The beef kebabs were a little too tough for us (we chose the beef to be done medium rare). But the side dishes that came along were very refreshing and I especially like to wrap it with the taco wrap they provided. :)


After reading so many reviews on their signature Ancho Chili Chocolate Cake($6.90): I just had to have this! I am glad I stick to my stand and asked my bf to get this. Even my bf said it was nice. This is awesome and I believe chocolate lovers and girls would love this cake alot! It is so chocolaty that it makes me wanna go for another piece but I still have to care about my weight :p The coconut sauce on top of the cake was not too thick and suits well with the cake. I was very tempted to pack this back for my breakfast too!

Room for improvement:

After so many positive points mentioned, I think there are some areas that the Management should take note of. My bf and I were there at around 730pm but we only managed to have our mains at 845pm sharp. We waited for our starters for quite a while but I thought that was okay. The only not okay thing was the waiting time for our mains - other couple from other tables who arrived later than us was served faster than us and I was wondering if it was because they ordered the set dinner.... I think the Management have to consider speeding up the cooking process so that the waiting time will be reduced... The management should also come up with a drinks menu so that we would not ask for what non-alcoholic drinks are available. As of last night, we had to ask for the drinks menu only to find that they doesn't have that.

Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with my dinner last night and am glad I didn't back out last minute! :)

13 Feb 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Rascals gone awry

Unfortunately the experience at this place has been one of the most disappointing I have had in a long time. Plus points first:1) the ambience of the place is quite pretty, with red walls, chandelier lights, candles and dim lighting;2) the wait staff although apparently inexperienced, are enthusiastic and cheerful;3) the pricing on the whole is quite inexpensive.

Misled by the number of positive reviews on this website, we were motivated to give this new place a try, and having tried, I have been motivated to sign up for an account solely to give an unbiased review.

The list of points that this little restaurant falls short on: 1) Drinks: the margaritas were made with what we think was lime cordial and tasted like diluted flavoured water at best. Incidentally there was no drinks list as well and when we were asked by the wait staff whether we would like drinks, we said "yes" and then had to enquire "but what drinks do you have?"

2) Time taken for food to arrive at table: it was quite painfully slow. While we were not in a hurry and hardly impatient on this front, this leads to a suspicious feeling that this was a sign of an amateur cook in the kitchen. Given that we had arrived rather late, and the cook should only need to push out food for a couple of tables, it really was surprising slow. While waiting, we were offered nachos without any dip, and upon prompting, we were then offered a strange cold gazpacho-like soup.

3) Quality of food overall: quite disappointing

Starters: we had a ceviche and meatballs. The ceviche was too acidic, and the seafood of a strange squishy texture. The meatballs were the most normal and acceptable food I had all evening, although nothing to shout about.

Main dishes: we ordered a shrimp pasta and minted lamb shank (recommended by the wait staff). The lamb shank was supposed to be served on a bed of vermicelli (as described in the menu) but arrived with refried beans. When queried, the chef arranged for a side of vermicelli to be served, and the manager explained that the chef is allowed to be creative. I am personally fine with creativity but I think as a matter of courtesy, please just inform the customer prior to the food being served, instead of surprising them on the spot. The shrimp pasta came bathed in a very unappetising and rather bland cream sauce (although the shrimps were fresh). Incidentally, the same cream sauce was used to pour over the side of vermicelli, which was then heated in the microwave. This results in overcooked soggy pasta which is all rather unappetising. As for the lamb shank, it was overcooked and the refried beans were too salty. We were obviously not enjoying our meal at this point and as a gesture of goodwill, the manager arranged for us to try another main - a fish dish which although was fresh and firm, was unfortunately bathed in the same unappetising and bland cream sauce (oh dear). The problem we gather was not with the quality of the ingredients but the technique of the chef in the preparation of the food, and the general taste. We were told the concept of the food was "Mexican-fusion".

We gave up on trying desserts at this point.

If this was food served by a friend cooking at home, a lot more can be forgiven. However I do think that if a restaurant is purporting to charge to serve food & beverages, out of professionalism, there needs to be a certain culinary standard. Even if I was offered money, it would take a lot to return, so it would be back to the drawing board I'm afraid.

We are appreciative of the fact that the manager and wait staff are generally friendly, enthusiastic and did their best in service. Given our obvious disenjoyment, our meal charge was discounted fairly in the end which is a fact we appreciated. However, I do hope that the chef can put in more effort to improve the quality of the menu as this is still far from restaurant-passable food at this point.