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The Royal Mail

Lying at the heart of the CBD,this restaurant that specialises in British roast beef serves a delish USDA prime roast with garlic mashed potato and Yorkshire pudding. Executives in the area might be keen to try out its set menu that includes dishes like seared shrimp fricassee and Eton mess.

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: 18:30 - 23:00

Sat: 18:30 - 23:00

Sun: 07:00 - 11:00

+65 65093589
$74 based on 23 submissions
Dinner (8 votes), After Work (7 votes), Business Dining (7 votes)

Adequate Food during Restaurant Week!

Was here during restaurant week Nov 2014.

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18 Nov 2014 • 88 reviews • 0 follower

Adequate Food during Restaurant Week!

Was here during restaurant week Nov 2014.

For full review and photos, please visit:

06 Nov 2014 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Great value for money, enjoyable

Excellent meal, we left full, happy and our wallet surprisingly not much lighter.

Is this "modern British"? It's definitely British: roast beef, banoffee pie, Eton mess, a heavy hand with the salt and rich flavours, strong overtones of French classical cuisine hidden under translation ("sole in capered butter" is also known as sole meuniere, no need to be ashamed, it's a great dish). I would not however call any of this modern - these are excellent versions of the classic dishes I used to eat at school, university and in pubs back in Blighty. And it's very good, please don't modernize it. 

The open dining area with the bar downstairs and its live music give it a slight informal, relaxed vibe, the pillows on your chair definitely help with that. Service was efficient and in a good mood (have to mention it because everybody seemed so happy to work there it stuck out). 
Roasted sweet potato soup
26 Oct 2014 • 96 reviews • 35 followers

Nice ambience.

This review is based on the 3 course menu offered during Restaurant Week 2014 at $35++, hence it does not accurately reflect the usual food portions and value. Nevertheless, it is still accurate to comment on its other aspects.

Located adjacent to Raffles Place MRT station, its accessible by MRT. Dining in the middle of the CBD on a weekend means light vehicle traffic, ample parking in the nearby Hong Leong building or AIA building.

Ambience facilitates a pleasant environment to dine with friends and loved ones. Service is attentive, friendly. There’s certainly ample waiting staff to assist you.

For starters, we had roasted sweet potato soup and pan seared foie gras. Both were executed well. The foie gras is also available on ala carte menu, but the preparation is clearly different, based on the ala carte menu.

For mains, we had the Norwegian salmon and sous vide duck breast. The duck is too chewy for my liking, although I understand that being roasted, its certainly nowhere close to what you may expect from duck confit typically seen in French cuisine. The salmon was done just nice. The flesh was firm to the bite, but melts in the mouth when chewing. Nice crisp on the outside and goes nicely with the roasted baby potatoes.

Desserts were well done. We had chocolate brownie and fresh strawberries (which came with chocolate ice cream). They were simple, yet tasty.

The best thing is when you pay with UOB Credit Card for dinner more than $50, you receive 20% discount voucher for your next dining. I look forward to returning to try the steak and rest of ala carte menu.
13 Oct 2014 • 473 reviews • 68 followers


The Royal Mail had been around for about 2 years but it was never on our to dine at list for one reason or another. We finally decided to give it a shot one Friday evening before the wife took off for an extended work trip to Korea.   Occupying a spot in Ascott Raffles Place, the restaurant's name is inspired by its location, where a former British post office once stood. And it serves up "modern British cuisine" of course.    The restaurant is situated on the second floor, up a flight of stairs that open up right into the oddly shaped dining area whilst the bar takes up a small corner on the first floor. If you value your privacy, it might be a good idea to request for seats further in and not along the stairway, especially on a busy night.    Complimentary Bread - Puff pastry with brie cheese - Now that's something you don't get very often. Soft and moist with a nice cheesy nuance. I did find it a wee bit too oily though.    Amuse Bouche - The amuse bouche was a classic duck rillette on toast; nice but not creamy enough with a mildly spicy kick. Still a good start nonetheless!   The Royal Mail Caesar Salad - Our quintessential greens for the evening, the humble Caesar salad. Spiced up with bacon strips, a nicely poached egg, strips of cheese and toasted bread. Nothing too fancy but it kept the positive momentum going.   Sous-Vide Half Maine Lobster - That's a pretty small lobster if you ask me but it was good. Crunchy meat cooked to a perfect consistency and served with a shard of crisp ibérico ham and a slice of mildly sweet Japanese pumpkin, sitting in a pool of rich emulsified butter sauce.    Roasted Whole Chicken - The roasted chicken needed quite a fair bit of work, coming across as bland and uninspiring. The accompanying chermoula sauce was just plan oily and we had a hard time finishing the chicken, small as it was.   Roast Prime Rib - A signature of the restaurant, we had the classic cut (280g), which came served with delicious sauteed Brussels sprouts topped with pine nuts and blue cheese, a roasted whole garlic and Yorkshire pudding. Done up medium well instead of medium as per my request, the prime rib was quite good; Thickly cut, succulent and tasty. I didn't quite fancy the Yorkshire pudding though, which was neither crisp nor hot.    With a 50% discount, the bill for the both of us came up to a mere $105, which is a rather good deal considering the very decent quality and quantity of food (with the exception of the chicken). Service was excellent; Personal without coming across as overbearing. At such a price point and quality, I'll be hard pressed to find an excuse not to revisit.   See my entire review and all my pictures here
25 Aug 2014 • 227 reviews • 8 followers

Humble Bar Bites

Full review and pics on

The Royal Mail Bar, part of The Royal Mail Restaurant, refreshes its bar menu with new curated cocktails and bar grubs that reflect modern British sensibilities. Despite being a non-alcoholic drinker, I enjoyed the "Apple of my Eye" ($18), made with an entire crushed apple mixed with vodka, frangelico, an egg white for a frothy finish. This light and sweet martini with lovely cinnamon perfumes definitely met my eye that night For those who prefer more intense drinks, the Old-fashioned Spice ($18) that is mischievously implanted with a burning stick of cinnamon, should fit the bill. The combination of Bourbon with honey, cloves gave it an even sweeter aftertaste than the green apple martini. As a light drinker, I was glad not being knocked out by this smoky booze. Mention British fare and one can't miss out the Roast Prime Rib. This signature dish of the Royal Mail Restaurant is transformed into dainty cubes bites served medium rare. Though many were lavishing praises at this dish, I thought it was slightly overdone. The beef seems awkward with the two kinds of dip-spicy crab tomato and béarnaise sauce, which could mask the natural sweetness of the meat. Perhaps a simple dash of salt on the meat would enhance the taste. But I do love the spicy crab tomato sauce--so delish it can stand on its own. The Shrimp paste Chicken drumlets ($14) could easily be mistaken as Thai-style chicken since they were served with the classic sweet-spicy dip and did not have that umami taste found in Hap Cheong Kai of zichar stall. That said, they were crunchier than those greasy Karaage (deep fried chicken) served in ramen-ya or izakayas. Standout starters range from the garlic bread ($8) and sweet potato chips served with shallots and onion salsa ($8). They might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you come to a bar but they unbelievably moreish--once started, can't stop. Hardcore fans of truffled fries would not be disappointed by the Straight Cut Fries with Truffled Mayo, which seemed to surpass the former with formidable fries. They are like creamy mash potato encased in a crispy shell.