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Address: Ascott Raffles Place, 2 Finlayson Green, 049247

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25 Aug 2014 • 278 Reviews • 8 Followers

Humble Bar Bites

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The Royal Mail Bar, part of The Royal Mail Restaurant, refreshes its bar menu with new curated cocktails and bar grubs that reflect modern British sensibilities. Despite being a non-alcoholic drinker, I enjoyed the "Apple of my Eye" ($18), made with an entire crushed apple mixed with vodka, frangelico, an egg white for a frothy finish. This light and sweet martini with lovely cinnamon perfumes definitely met my eye that night

For those who prefer more intense drinks, the Old-fashioned Spice ($18) that is mischievously implanted with a burning stick of cinnamon, should fit the bill. The combination of Bourbon with honey, cloves gave it an even sweeter aftertaste than the green apple martini. As a light drinker, I was glad not being knocked out by this smoky booze.

Mention British fare and one can't miss out the Roast Prime Rib. This signature dish of the Royal Mail Restaurant is transformed into dainty cubes bites served medium rare. Though many were lavishing praises at this dish, I thought it was slightly overdone. The beef seems awkward with the two kinds of dip-spicy crab tomato and béarnaise sauce, which could mask the natural sweetness of the meat. Perhaps a simple dash of salt on the meat would enhance the taste. But I do love the spicy crab tomato sauce--so delish it can stand on its own.

The Shrimp paste Chicken drumlets ($14) could easily be mistaken as Thai-style chicken since they were served with the classic sweet-spicy dip and did not have that umami taste found in Hap Cheong Kai of zichar stall. That said, they were crunchier than those greasy Karaage (deep fried chicken) served in ramen-ya or izakayas.

Standout starters range from the garlic bread ($8) and sweet potato chips served with shallots and onion salsa ($8). They might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you come to a bar but they unbelievably moreish--once started, can't stop.

Hardcore fans of truffled fries would not be disappointed by the Straight Cut Fries with Truffled Mayo, which seemed to surpass the former with formidable fries. They are like creamy mash potato encased in a crispy shell.

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