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Humble Bar Bites

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 285

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The Royal Mail Bar, part of The Royal Mail Restaurant, refreshes its bar menu with new curated cocktails and bar grubs that reflect modern British sensibilities. Despite being a non-alcoholic drinker, I enjoyed the "Apple of my Eye" ($18), made with an entire crushed apple mixed with vodka, frangelico, an egg white for a frothy finish. This light and sweet martini with lovely cinnamon perfumes definitely met my eye that night

For those who prefer more intense drinks, the Old-fashioned Spice ($18) that is mischievously implanted with a burning stick of cinnamon, should fit the bill. The combination of Bourbon with honey, cloves gave it an even sweeter aftertaste than the green apple martini. As a light drinker, I was glad not being knocked out by this smoky booze.

Mention British fare and one can't miss out the Roast Prime Rib. This signature dish of the Royal Mail Restaurant is transformed into dainty cubes bites served medium rare. Though many were lavishing praises at this dish, I thought it was slightly overdone. The beef seems awkward with the two kinds of dip-spicy crab tomato and béarnaise sauce, which could mask the natural sweetness of the meat. Perhaps a simple dash of salt on the meat would enhance the taste. But I do love the spicy crab tomato sauce--so delish it can stand on its own.

The Shrimp paste Chicken drumlets ($14) could easily be mistaken as Thai-style chicken since they were served with the classic sweet-spicy dip and did not have that umami taste found in Hap Cheong Kai of zichar stall. That said, they were crunchier than those greasy Karaage (deep fried chicken) served in ramen-ya or izakayas.

Standout starters range from the garlic bread ($8) and sweet potato chips served with shallots and onion salsa ($8). They might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you come to a bar but they unbelievably moreish--once started, can't stop.

Hardcore fans of truffled fries would not be disappointed by the Straight Cut Fries with Truffled Mayo, which seemed to surpass the former with formidable fries. They are like creamy mash potato encased in a crispy shell.

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Double Standards

Food/Drink 1 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I dined at The Royal Mail with a friend on Tuesday (15/9/15). When I placed an order for the English Cut Prime Rib, I requested to replace the Yorkshire pudding and mashed potato with a salad. My server was not sure if this could be done, so he politely asked to be excused while he checked with his Manager. I was told that the Yorkshire pudding and mashed potato were ACCOMPANIMENTS, which could not be replaced with a salad, which was a SIDE DISH. I was rather bemused, as most restaurants would be more than happy to make this change. However, I accepted this as what I believed to be the restaurant’s policy.
 During the course of my meal, a British couple was ushered to the table next to mine. Right after I placed my order for dessert, the British couple was served their main course. I noticed that one of them also ordered one of the prime ribs. But what caught my attention was the fact that they had a serving of sautéed vegetables on their platter instead of the standard accompaniments. I believe the mashed potato had been replaced with the sautéed vegetables. Perplexed, I asked one of the servers why my request was denied, but the British couple’s similar request was clearly acceded to. Once again, the server could not answer my question, but politely told me that he would ask the Manager to speak to me.
 When the Manager came around, I enquired courteously and in hushed tones about the different outcomes of 2 very similar requests. The Manager at first told me that it was not his decision but that of the chef’s. However, I pointed out that that did not explain why my request was rejected. He then tried to explain that the salad was a SIDE DISH while the sautéed vegetables were an ACCOMPANIMENT. But I pointed out that both the sautéed vegetables and the salad were listed under the “SIDES” section in the menu. When I verified this online subsequently before typing this review, I discovered that they were priced exactly the same too. The Manager then said that I was comparing apples with oranges and that I did not understand. Therefore, I asked him to explain it in a way that I could understand. I also said that if this was a matter of policy, it should apply equally to all customers. He replied that it was not a policy. So I asked what determines if a customer would have his/her request to replace ACCOMPANIMENTS acceded to. The manager then repeated that I did not understand. By this point, I was getting rather impatient, as I was not able to elicit a logical answer from the Manager, so I clarified if he was attributing his inability to explain to my lack of capacity to comprehend his “explanation”. He simply said it was neither party’s fault, but merely a difference in perspective. Sensing that I was not going to get a straightforward answer from him, I decided to end the conversation by thanking him for his time. By then, dessert was served, but I had already lost my appetite.

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Terrible Experience

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Here is my experience dining at The Royal Mail:
 The complimentary appetizer comes with a piece of hair. After informing them I receive no apology. Then I wait for my next piece to arrive, that only came after the main course (while I saw others being served the bread).
 Moving on to the actual food, they did not have the one vegetarian dish on the menu and then with no choice I was forced to select from the lunch menu. It is less than average and not worth the price at all, so much so I had to drown the food in tabasco. Then come the two desserts and finally the bill. We are charged extra for both the desserts, which I realize after paying. Then we wait for 15 minutes for them to correct the bill. It just so happens I check it again after the disappointing experience and guess what- they only amend the price for one dessert, still having charged extra for the other. With no patience left in me, I walked out never wanting to return.

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restaurant week review

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I was here last Friday with a couple of friends for Restaurant Week. Love the ambience but food was meh. 
For appetizers, I had foie gras which was a little stringy and thought it could be prepared better. A friend ordered the soft shell crab and we thought it was crispy and fragrant, very good. 
For main course, I ordered risotto which were undercooked. I could taste the hard graininess in the rice, not pleasing at all.
For dessert, I had the chendol pudding. It was supposed to have gula melaka granita in it, but mine came with syrup instead. I think the icy granita melted. How long was it sitting for? The waiter came over to ask how the meal was and I told him about my dessert, but since I was finishing it, I didn't ask for a replacement.
Quite disappointed with the meal and I don't think it's worth the $55++.

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Disappointing Food. Failed to impress.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

We were looking at the restaurants participating in Restaurant week and came acorss this place. Reviews we found on this restaurant were generally pretty good however my experience was quite the opposite.








Maybe they were overwhelmed with bookings and had to bring out extra tables, but we were seated on seminar "event" type of covered  chairs with those wooden plank + metal bars pasar malam tables covered with cloth. It wasn't comforatable and don't even know what to say about that. 










The menu looked awesome, the website was stylish, the description was great but the food failed to impress. To start things off, we were servered half a slice of bread each. I've taken a photo and attached to this post. I mean, c'mon The Royal Mail, you're a british concept restaurant! 



The rest of the food came and went, clam chower was a non-event with 4 deep fried mini clams. I had the pan seared halibut which wasn't too bad, fish didn't smell bad, meat was firm and tasted fresh. The desserts left much to be desired. The homemade banana roll was like a London roll with ice-cream. 



Overall i felt that there was a severe lack of finesse in the quality of the food.








While the food was edible, it didn't impress and definetly didn't justify it's price. I've had more fulfulling meals at Hans just up the street.







The service staff were polite, courteous and prompt. It was a nice touch that they remembered the individual orders and serve them accordingly!










Based on my experience at The Royal Mail, i can't recommend eating at this establishment. I felt as if the chefs didn't care about their food at all and no efforts were made at perfecting the dishes. There are many other dining alternatives around the vicinity and i suggest you consider them instead of this establishment.

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The best business lunch in CBD, very good for romantic dinners

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 8

I am a regular of the Royal Mail. I always bring  my clients there ( a 5 min walking distance from anywhere in CBD). The large table, the comfortable chairs, the "sound proof" cosy ambience allows to have business lunches and to conclude deals on the spot. The food is great, refined but unpretentious, with a relaxed focus on western roast and British desserts. The prime roast and the Eton Mess are must try. 

I came also there once for dinner with my wife, and it happened to be quite romantic, a bit as an island of peace in the (too) busy CBD night life. 

Will definitely come back. 



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