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Review for Saizeriya Italian Restaurant (City Square)


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02 Mar 2014 • 6 Reviews • 0 Follower

Good value good food.. weird Potato omelette

Escagots is a must for me everytime I visit Saizeriya, although sometimes you might get overcooked and burnt snails like my previous visit. however, this time round, my escagots were beautifully cooked. delicious.

Carbonaras were decent, cheesy meatballs and Chicken gratin is nice,,

But the Potato omelette was a disaster in my opinion. I sounds and looks delicious on the menu. I was expecting the potatoes to be mashed and mixed inside the omelette or some other more creative ways..slice dice whatever.. but what came was an awkward mixture of corn, mushrooms, bacon and few pieces of wedges ( the same wedges I have as my sides) mixed with egg which tastes more like chawamushi and nothing like an omelette. It was really weird..

But at least the rest of the food was nice.. truffle ice cream was nice too. not to mention the price. value for money.

PS : management if you are reading this.. .FFS please change the PDA that you hand to your staff to take orders, I had to seat there for like 2 whole minutes and look at your staff literally stabbing the screen with the stylus to get some response from the device
Must Tries
Escargots, Truffle Ice-Cream
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