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Review for Salt Grill & Sky Bar


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Address: #55-01 & 56-01, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801

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31 Mar 2012 • 167 Reviews • 14 Followers

High Altitude Dining

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Dining at Salt Grill during the course of Restaurant Week was a obviously more viable option considering the cost of an ala carte main was almost the same as the cost of the restaurant week dinner. I was initially rather peeved when the staff at the 4th floor reception made us wait 15-20 minutes when the restaurant wasn’t ready yet. So much for bad management.

Bread with Luke Mangan Olive Oil & dukkah

The bread arrived lukewarm at best, while I really hated the brittle crust of both varieties, I resorted to peeling of the crust, and the fluffy bread actually tasted pretty solid when dipped with olive oil and some curry powder, where the experience was practically as good as dipping the bread into the real thing.

Sea Tasting: Tuna, Scallop, Kingfish

The meal started of with a trio of sashimi, which showcased the very best and freshness of Australian produce. My favorite of the three had to be the kingfish which possessed a similar flavor to yellowtail, where its silvery texture paired with the complex and funky flavors of feta was sublime. The lightly seared scallop was juicy and succulent with a hint of green chili for some kick. The wafer thin slice of tuna had some Japanese influence to it with the use of seaweed and wasabi fish roe embodied the clean and extremely fresh flavors of tuna.

Grilled Barramundi, Coconut Broth, Sydney spices

One of the parentals decided to play it safe that night and opt for the seafood choice. The skin of the barramundi was overly charred for my liking, despite the fish being cooked properly. The use of Sydney spices infused in a coconut broth embodied a striking resemblance to Thai green curry, which made the overall dish rather interesting.

Maori Lakes Beef Tenderloin, Grilled with Celeraic Puree, Green Beans

A substantial portion of steak was given for the main which was pretty impressive, considering a quality cut of beef was served. Grilled to the requested doneness of medium rare, the steak had a wonderfully charred flavor on the outside, while the flavorful meat was so good on its on that no sauce was required at all. The restaurant manager kindly offered us a quartet of mustard’s to go along with our steaks, where I chose the French & Horseradish which were actually in fact pretty redundant considering the melt in your mouth steak was already mouthwatering on its own. The base of celeriac puree was a refreshing change from the usual mashed potatoes, where the subtle sweetness of the puree complemented the savoriness of the steak wonderfully. I honestly hate beans, but the crunchy green beans with a rich buttery flavor were actually pretty good. Overall, definitely the better choice of the two.

Luke’s Liquorice Parfait, Lime

The dessert of the day was Luke Mangan’s signature dessert, the Liquorice Parfait. The semi-frozen dessert surprisingly wasn’t as bitter or excessively sweet as other reviews had made it out to be! In fact, the parfait was extremely palatable which the wonderfully balanced flavors, where the zestiness from the lime peel, slices and syrup, neutralized any excessive sugar added. Definitely a rather pleasant dessert, considering it was my virgin attempt sampling liquorice

A choice of Coffee or Tea ( Non-refillable) came with the dessert, where I for a change had a Cappuccino while the parentals had their usually Earl Grey Fix to cleanse and wash all the food down. One of the restaurant managers, a french lady, deserves special mention for her stellar service where she took the time to slowly explain each and every course, asked for feedback and promptly got our glasses refilled without being intrusive. Portion sizes were a little on the small side, besides the steak which I felt was pretty substantial considering the two slabs of goodness were easily 180grams combined. Nonetheless a very pleasant meal overall with great food and great ambiance definitely made a perfect ending to restaurant week.

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