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Review for Salt Grill & Sky Bar


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Address: #55-01 & 56-01, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801

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18 May 2014 • 168 Reviews • 11 Followers

Salt Grill & Sky Bar @ ION Orchard

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Salt Grill & Sky Bar, renowned for its sky high dining experience at the highest point on Orchard Road, presents several new changes to its establishment and menu headed by Executive Chef Mathew Leighton. Specialising in modern Australian cuisine and executed with celebrity chef Luke Mangan’s signature touch, diners can expect a menu of new and favourite familiar items in a newly renovated restaurant and bar setting that nonetheless, still offers the unique breathtaking view of the city landscape.


A number from Salt Grill & Sky Bar that has been on the menu for a very long time, the Sashimi of Kingfish, Ginger, Eschalot & Goats Feta is acclaimed to be a hit with its diners . Once again, I was bowled over by how undeniably fresh and succulent the Kingfish Sashimi was, and together with the Goats Feta- these ingredients were wonderfully bound by the Ginger juice which was a very light yet delightful final touch to the plate.

‘Glass’ Sydney Crab Omelette, Enoki Mushroom & Herb Salad, Miso Mustard Broth, a show-stopping dish that tugged on my heart strings, I enjoyed everything about this favourite dish of mine. With its beautiful medley of sweet and savoury flavours and the gratifying combination of varying textures when had all together- from the Omelette to the Crab filling, to the Miso Mustard broth, all were perfectly executed taste and texture- wise. This soul satisfying delicacy could easily be on my list of my most memorable numbers I have had for the year.

Tea Smoked Quail, Almond Cream, Prunes, Grains, Grilled Shallot, Sorrel, distinctly perfumed with smoke and char, the fork- tender meat was endowed with a rather intense hit of tea flavour. This was further lifted by the aromatic fragrance of truffles when had together with the grains beneath, everything came together remarkably.

Sirloin Rangers Valley, New South Wales, 300 days Grain fed, Moroccan spice, Sauté Spinach, Eggplant puree, Red wine sauce, our last main dish for the night did not disappoint as well. Cooked till medium rare perfection, the centre of the slices were uniformly pink and much was left to the meaty juiciness of the Sirloin steak to satiate the palate. There are several mustard choices available but given how much I enjoyed it on its own, this should be able to please the steak lovers and carnivorous eaters.

Luke’s Liquorice Parfait, Lime, the Liquorice ice- cream was full- flavoured and very well- balanced texturally, but what I was more pleasantly pleased about was the use of fresh Lime to the dessert in which I thought was pure brilliance- it added a refreshing citrusy touch that prevented the plate from becoming one- note.

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glass omelette with crab meat, Sashimi of Kingfish, Ginger, Eschalot & Goats Feta, Tea Smoked Quail, Almond Cream, Prunes, Grains, Grilled Shallot, Sorrel, Sirloin Rangers Valley, New South Wales, 300 days Grain fed, Moroccan spice, Sau
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