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Salt Tapas & Bar

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Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan's second culinary venture in Singapore is a take on traditional Spanish tapas with an Australian touch. The highlights at Salt Tapas are Mangan’s rustic plates enlivened by Middle Eastern spices and influences.

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 22:00

Sat: 11:30 - 22:30

Sun & PH: 11:30 - 21:30

$55 based on 46 submissions
After Work (9 votes), Dinner (8 votes), Chillout (7 votes)
Ms Skinnyfat

The great sangria challenge!

For pictures and more reviews, visit my blog at

We headed down to Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan's Salt Tapas & Bar at Raffles City Shopping Centre for our catch up session. Luke is also behind the Salt Grill at Ion Orchard (which has an awesome view) but Salt tapas definitely has a more relaxed atmosphere. The mix of warm lights, raw brick walls, Spanish tiles and wooden table tops radiates a laid-back ambience. We decided to sit at the alfresco section where we had a barrel for a tabletop and high stools for our bums. That gave us a good view of the Raffles hotel minus all that Cityhall crowd.

The food is an Australian style tapas with Middle Eastern and North African influence. There are only a few dishes reminded us of Spanish tapas e.g. Chorizo and Iberico ham. That was pretty fine with us since our main course was in fact the sangria and the food was just to prep our tummies for the drinking ahead. :)

For starters, we had the Oyster in chickpea cumin batter and tzatziki ($5 each). I must say that the oysters are really puny. I could hardly taste much of it but the chickpea tempura batter was light and buttery. The tzatziki at the end was refreshing even though the taste was a little bland. We kinda like this but wished it the oysters were bigger.

We also had the truffle fries which were a miss ($10). Could hardly taste the truffle oil and the fries were soggy after a while. I must say PS cafe still has one of the better shoestring truffle fries. The Coastal Settlement also has yummy truffle fries.

Tapas- Soft shell prawns with chilli and garlic aioli ($15). Crispy fried shrimps tossed with a salt and spice mix, Chinese Canto style. Perfect savory snack to go with beer or in our case, sangria. I'm usually uncomfortable about eating the entire prawn with head and all but these were crispy enough to eat and the meat were still juicy. The aioli dip is a tad heavy and kinda masks the taste of the prawns but it's nice if you just add a dash.

We love the chewy, sinewy texture of the BBQ spiced beef tongue with fried cauliflower, pistachio tabbouleh and harissa yogurt ($14). Tongue can be kinda iffy but trust me you will fall in love after eating it. The chewy texture is kinda like pig's liver (another iffy thingy) but liver is a little more powdery. This is chunky, moist and somewhat tender. This dish is definitely Moroccan inspired. Love the mix of pistachio tabbouleh with the yogurt but the sourish cream kinda overpowers the meat. The pistachio tabbouleh reminded me of my favorite Walnut cake at Pasha (read about it here). Nevertheless, it's definitely a healthier substitute for mayonnaise. Really interesting dish.

The highlight of the night was obviously the Sangria! How can you do Ladies' night without drinks right? The economists in us decided to go for the Punch Bowl ($70) because 2 glasses per pax ($17/glass) would already cover the cost of the Bowl. That was despite knowing that we could never ever finish it. 4 freaking litres of Sangria! I had 5 glasses and Z another 4 and it was still half full/half empty.

Read on about my full experience at Salt Tapas here!

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  • Chicken Liver Pate4 votes
  • gooey hot chocolate tart4 votes
  • Churros3 votes
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Based on 46 votes
02 Sep 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Good place to chill but a bit pricey

Truffle fries
09 Aug 2014 • 17 reviews • 0 follower

Big portions, quality food - just avoid those sumac meatballs!

I've had my eye on this place for a while, as it is situated right near where I work.

To get the full narrative review and lots of photos, please visit my blog:

We went for the truffle fries, wagyu sausages with polenta (a special), pork belly sliders, and the haloumi and chickpeas.  All excellent, and generous portions (we probably over-ordered).

But we also made the mistake of choosing the sumac meatballs: these were, frankly, weird-tasting, and the meat was too moist and crumbly.  I would avoid these at all costs!

We rounded it off with the dulce de leche semifreddo with strawberries: another success.

I do recommend Salt Tapas, just not those meatballs... and do get them to triple-confirm your reservation (and you WILL need a reservation, most nights), as they had no record of mine when I arrived...
14 Jul 2014 • 71 reviews • 2 followers

Food Trail

 I was attending The Great Gourmet Trail, which was happening at Raffles City, where we'll be feasting through the 4 different eateries which will be serving at least 4 dishes each. For the firs pit stop on the trail, we were trying dishes from the kids menu of Salt Tapas & Bar. The restaurant is Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan's second culinary venture in Singapore. It offers traditional Spanish tapas with an Australian touch.
For a choice of main course, dessert and a soft drink or juice, it costs $18++ for a kid meal.
From the Mains, we have
Spaghetti and tomato sauce
It tasted flavourful, without too sour in taste.
Crispy chicken breast, chips and garden peas
The Crispy chicken breast tasted a bit tough, a sign of use of frozen white meat.
Fillet of fish, chips and garden peas
The Fillet of fish tasted of beer batter.
Crispy prawns taco,mayo and chips
The Crispy prawns taco fared much better with its tasty salsa stuffing.
For desserts, we had
Churros with chocolate ($15++)
A dessert which is found in both kids menu and main menu as it is a hot favourite with both old and young. The spanish doughnut was lightly dusted with cinnamon-sugar, tasted mildly crunchy. It went well with the thick chocolate sauce and the whipped cream that served with it.
Dulce de leche & salted pecan semifreddo strawberries, coconut wafer ($13++)
A dessert which is found in the main menu. For a non strawberry lover like me, the strawberry tasted sweet and juicy, unlike the usual sour tasting ones. Salty, sweet, cold, creamy, this caramel semifreddo hit all the right notes. And it was further enhances by the crispy coconut wafer.

Overall the food was delicious, and service was fast. But too bad we did not have time to enjoy our meal as it was time for the next stop.
22 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

The best place I have visited here.

Is it too difficult for other places just to train the staff as it was done here? Excellent service, perfect starters, good main dishes and wonderfull deserts. Nice decorated and conveniently situated place!
01 Apr 2014 • 335 reviews • 3 followers

Salt Tapas - tantalizing dishes

Salt Tapas & Bar is a spinoff from its flagship, more extravagant branch, Salt Grill and Sky Bar. It is Australian Chef Luke Mangan's first tapas dining concept, located at 252 North Bridge Road #01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103 and the number for reservations is 6837 0995.

Salt Tapas & Bar exudes Spanish vibes entwined with the easy ambience of Australian culture providing a fun and vibrant space for friendships to be cultivated and diners to relax. It also serves a wide variety of unpretentious cuisine and wines.

We started with Oysters Served Natural, Nam Jim. Instead of the usual lemon and Tabasco sauce, they served the fresh oysters with a light, spicy sauce. The oysters were fresh but we thought them to be a little small. Paired with the unique chilli sauce though, it was utterly delicious.

Next, the Salt and Pepper Squid with Lime Mayo - the squid rings are fried to a lovely golden brown shade, and we loved its crispy texture. The best part was that these tiny calamari-style rings did not come with the thick layer of flour. The squid flesh was tender and tasty. It was a delight to pop these into our mouths.

After that, we were being served the Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Parfait with Pear Chutney and served with Toasted Brioche. We enjoyed the Parfait because it did not come with a heavy / strong odor; in fact the flavor of birds' innards were subtle, and the paste was scrumptious. We spread it over the crunchy bread slices and topped with the slightly-sourish pear chutney. The combination was a flavor heaven.

For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit: