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Sauce at Esplanade Mall is a bar and grill dining concept established by the management of dance club The Butter Factory. Accompanying its vast range of drinks is a menu consisting of grilled meats, seafood and finger food.

Sun - Thu: 17:00 - 01:00

Fri - Sat: 17:00 - 02:00

+65 68372959
$26 based on 30 submissions
After Work (12 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (10 votes), Chillout (8 votes)

Love the pink and purple umbrellas

Price is very reasonable for a bar at a prime location and ambience is good for chilling in the late night. They have very good buffalo wings do try them.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Asahi Premium3 votes
  • Chicken wings3 votes
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Asahi super dry
20 Aug 2014 • 31 reviews • 0 follower

Love the pink and purple umbrellas

Price is very reasonable for a bar at a prime location and ambience is good for chilling in the late night. They have very good buffalo wings do try them.
Lyonnaise Potato
12 Jun 2014 • 326 reviews • 54 followers

Cheap Beer & Great Bar Snacks

Full Sauce Bar review here:

The sister bar of the Butter Factory, Sauce Bar has reinvented itself over the years, and is now positioning itself as a whimsical, vintage bar that specialises in meatballs. Located close to the waterfront and stage, Sauce Bar sometimes has additional ambience from bands that play nearby.

Ambience at Sauce Bar has always been its weak point. While the decor is very good, attractive and whimsical, the relatively open area does little to shelter from the elements. And at night, the interior is barely lit, the dim lighting makes photography difficult.

Service at Sauce Bar is inconsistent. With the experienced staff, I find them polite and helpful, but during peak periods, you'll normally have to wait quite a long time to be served. Attracting their attention is difficult as well. The junior staff aren't much help, apparently, they need to refer to the senior staff. I'm also slightly irked by having staff ask if you can settle the tab / bill immediately after being served.

Sauce Bar focuses mainly on bar snacks, and as such, have almost no main dishes. Portions are either appetizer size, or meant for sharing. Generally, I find food here to be tasty and creative, and the variety of meatballs with choice of sauce are especially good.

The Lyonnaise Potato (SGD $5) is a French side dish that originated from Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France. Made with thinly sliced, pan-fried potatoes and onions sauteed in butter and parsley, the dish is fragrant and savoury, with a strong caramelised onion flavour.

I tried the Meatballs Classic Italian With Firehouse Arrabbiata Sauce (SGD $14). The hand made beef and pork meatballs were tightly packed, but juicy within, and the fresh, tangy tomato sauce had a slight heat from the chili. Very good!

Loved the unique Lunch Meat Chip Is The New Chip (SGD $8)! The thinly sliced luncheon meat / spam is fried till crisp, but well drained so it isn't oily. A heart attack in a bucket, it's recommended to share this sinful delight.
Crabolore with Vodka and Caviar sauce
08 Dec 2013 • 71 reviews • 7 followers

Now, the first and only meatball bar

For full photos and review, click my blog link above.   Even though technically there is no more $5 beers, there is still a little known method to get it. Find out how to still get $5 beers!

With a revamped meatball concept, is it time to revisit Sauce Bar? Food is decent and you don't exactly pay exorbitant prices. Esplanade is quite a prime location and I think the food prices are average.    I would recommend the crabolore meatballs, and pair with the Green Market sauce. Vodka with Caviar sauce is also pretty unique.
18 Jul 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


Recently Sauce had a new revamp in food and drinks

The food is overpriced, and the drinks sucks

During my visit, for food, I tried the Pig Tails, Upper Class Cocktail, Meatballs, and Truffle Fries

The Pig Tails is something unique, but it has no flavour without it lime vinegar sauce. For two pig tails, the price of $12 is not worth trying.
Review: 4/10

The Upper Class Cocktail is nice for a casual snack. Quality is okay for bar food, but quantity is awful. For this bar food, you would pay $16 for 5 smal shrimps and small lump of crab with cavier and mango. It is a messy snack though as the shrimps are dripping with sauce everywhere.
Review: 5/10

The Meatballs are okay for a main course. Though there is a wide selection of meatballs, they all taste the same and have the same texture. Out of all the sauce, the best sauce is the Vodka & Cavier. Though vodka used in the sauce is Smirnoff, overall its not bad. Without the sauce, the meatballs are dry and disgusting. Be careful though, after eating, at the bottom of the plate is this big pool of oil left over from the meatballs. $14 ($16 for crab) for meatballs and two pieces of bread with sauce and arugula with cheese on top.
Review: 6/10

The Truffle Fries are normal. They taste as normal as fries with truffle oil can taste. In my opinion, they should put more truffle oil and a bit more salt, because overall it tasted like normal fries. $10 for the smallest portion of truffle fries is not worth it here
Review : 4/10

The drinks, asahi is no longer $25 a bucket, unless you buy 4 buckets. Each bottle is now $9 each. Since they changed the prices, it no longer worth coming here for drinks. Taste-wise, its as good as bottle beer can get.
Review: 4/10

Their new signature cocktails and sparkling cocktails are nice, but nothing unique. It very typical. If you are coming for cocktails, Sauce is not the place to go. The prices are overrated and the taste does not fit the price. At $15 for a glass full of ice and little cocktails, its quite bad.
Review: 3/10

Service was the worse. It took the service staff long to get me ketchup and chili sauce for my fries, and even longer for them to get me ice water. I asked this tall foreigner floor staff there for water 5 times, and in the end, I never got it. Thankfully, the chinese staff there were helpful and got me what I need and wanted fast. My drinks got served after a table that ordered after me and they ordered more than I did. I order a bucket of beer and a signature cocktail. The manager there did nothing but drink and talk to his friends, the service staff there is a mess. One tip: Hire more locals and less foreigners!!!
Review: would be 2/10, but because of the chinese staff there 5/10

Overall, Food and drinks sucks. Service is not bad
Review: 5/10

Tips: Order from the chinese staff, they will get you the drinks and anything you need faster. And best of all, they let you know of the current promotions and their recommendations. They are truthful, and honest, and the most helpful!
31 May 2013 • 36 reviews • 0 follower

Come here for the cheap beer

For full review and pictures:

Had a chillax dinner and drinks at this place. We ordered

1) Asahi beer: $25 for 5 
2) Mentaiko: $14
3) Rivoli: $20
4) Fries

Tried the fish and chips b4, but I wldnt recommend it. 

This is a budget friendly place for beer if you're looking to chillax for 2-3hours at night. Drinks are much cheaper than those at overeasy. There wasnt a live band and it has an open-air concept. Good for people who do not like noisy enclosed places.