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Back to Saveur#01-04, Talib Court, 5 Purvis Street
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Top Must Try Dishes
confit of duck with orange segments and saute s***22 votes
pan fried foue gras with lentils and pickled onion12 votes
Angel Hair Pasta with Tiger Prawn and Lumpfish; Co11 votes
confit of duck with orange segments and saute shitake11 votes
chocolate hazelnut8 votes
Salty caramel lava cake6 votes
Saveur Pasta5 votes
Foie Gras with Poached Apple4 votes
beef bourguignon with root vegetables and mixed gr3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner46 votes
Vibrant/Noisy42 votes
Lunch41 votes
After Work38 votes
Cheap Eat/Budget30 votes
Ala Carte15 votes
Chillout14 votes
Girls Night Out13 votes
Boys Night Out12 votes
Children/Family11 votes
Hidden Find9 votes
Romance/First Dates9 votes
Brunch7 votes
Anniversary6 votes
Birthdays6 votes
Relaxed6 votes
Fine Dining5 votes
Trendy5 votes
People Watching4 votes
Wine Lists4 votes
Large Groups/Gathering3 votes
Live Band3 votes
Night Out3 votes

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What others are saying...

Julyan Lee
 • Monday at 3:41pm 2 reviews 0 follower

It is pretty nice and good. We had the beef and chicken it was nicely done. The taste isn't too salty or heavy as well. For the price it isn't too bad but I had better I'd say.


Don't expect too much in terms of their service here. One word. TERRIBLE. We saw on FaceBook it indicated opening hours as 11:30am (so we could have made a mistake but it really wasn't clear), my friend got there first and asked if they were closed for the day (it was a Sunday) and the staff said no but they open at 12pm. She asked what time we could go in and be seated and was told 11:50am they will open doors and we could sit in.

When the rest of us arrived, we waited til 11:50am and was then told we can't go in as they open at 12pm strictly. Worse thing was when we tried to clarify on the opening hours the staff said point blankly no they never open at 11:30am and the FaceBook page definitely doesn't state it. What really annoyed us was the rudeness of the staff. When we told the staff we were told earlier we could sit in at 11:50am though they open at 12pm they started saying no such thing and asked us to go back out.

So am 7 months pregnant and carrying along my 21 month old toddler in the sweltering heat outside the restaurant. Mind you they didn't even offer to place a chair outside for us to sit and wait. My toddler kept wanting to go in and sit and they simply told us to take our toddler out though at thet time it was only 4 mins away from 12pm.

When it was 12pm, they asked how many of us were there, we informed them we had 5 adults and a toddler. They gave us a table for 4 and expected all of us to squeeze round the table. mind you, a toddler's hands will spare the plates no mercy and you will start seeing forks, knives, plates and all strewn on the floor.

When we requested to have another table added on they asked if we were expecting another guest and what time the additional gues will turn up. We looked puzzled and said look we are crowded around a table for 4 and you expect us to enjoy our meals like that? In my mind I was wondering if we are eating in some concentration camp or prison.

They staff then told us if we insist to have the additional table we could have it but they are usually very busy and crowded so if need be they will have to remove the table if they have more customers coming in. Mind you at that time there were plenty of empty tables.

Naturally by this time, that was all we could bear with. So we said thank you for the most horrid service rendered and left the place. We actually ended up having a way better meal that tasted just as amzing and fulfilling with warm and excellent service at a Thai eatery opposite Saveur. And oh, mind you, there's service charge for Saveur. So much for service you have to pay for.

The first experience was so so but this 2nd experience really threw us off so much we will never ever return.

So if you can still stomach food on bad service then go ahead. Definitely not for us.
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 • 06 Sep 2014 3 reviews 0 follower
Delicious French food at very affordable price. Love the Duck Confit! Just the place is a bit too crowded...
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I spent $20 per person.

Must tries: confit of duck with orange segments and saute s***

I also recommend this place for:
After Work

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 • 03 Jul 2014 11 reviews 0 follower
More photos and detailed review here:

opular dishes are totally overated. Duck confit waas okay-ish, and the Chicken stuffed with foie gras has a stinky smell.. 
Service was very good though..
Salted caramel lava cake was good too!
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