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222 Upper Thomson Road, 574354
Desserts, Western
+65 64568698
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Overall RatingBased on 4 reviews
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cheap n good

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

Reasonable price :) love the durian ice cream , really rich :) you could taste the fruit itself :) jackfruit ice cream was pretty rich too :) fragrant

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worth eating

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

Overall , the food here are cheap. Quite reasonable price :) love the waffle and the lava cake best .. :) nice place to chill out with friends :) definitely a place to go during a hot weather :)

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cheap and mediocre

Food/Drink 2| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 10

durian ice-cream was okay, nothing spectacular

jackfruit was overpowering :/

earl grey tasted metallic, a far cry from the one at salted caramel

lychee sorbet was so-so, tasted slightly plastic but passable.

strawberry cheesecake was absolutely horrid.

Inaccessible place...if you're thinking of driving then don't bother, taking the bus is probably more convenient

Waffles took quite long to mum and i were almost done with our ice-cream before my dad's waffles came. One customer asked a young waitress how long it would take for the waffles to be done - the young waitress then asked the auntie cooking the waffles. She replied "10 mins", then stopped the young waitress who was about to tell the customer that. Lol.

Only consolation is that the prices are real cheap:

single scoop: $2.9

double scoop (med): $3.9

double scoops (large): $4.9

triple scoop (jumbo) : $6.5

5 scoops (good if you're sharing with friends): $6.9 !!

Cones/Waffle bowls were $.60

Waffles (plus one scoop of ice-cream): $5+ if i'm not wrong.

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favourite treat!!

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 8

i haven get to try the one at parkway that was highly raved about. but i immediately understood what they meant by "chewy" icecream that "doesnt melt easily" after trying the newly open shop at upp thomson! haha.

the first and second time i popped by was ard 2am! ungodly hour for a sinful treat. haha. i thought they were closing but they still gladly welcomed us in. i didnt get to see them "frying" their icecream though. haha. their ice cream was really nice. chewy and not so sweet. you dun have that "gelat" feeling after eating the ice cream at all!! you can really taste the difference and the goodness of natural ingredients!

the third time i went there was in the hot afternoon where bf and i shared a waffle ice cream and a float that tasted great too!!

all in all, i have tried their rum and raisin, chocolate, grape, watermelon, cookies 'n' cream. I will definitely be back for more!

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