Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine

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#01-01, 7 Everton Park, 080007
Asian, Fusion, Japanese, Western
+65 81260646

Daily: 12:00 - 22:00

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Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine offers a huge range of dishes from various cuisines. Try its signature chicken katsu cheese and aglio olio pastas.

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Superb and consistent food at foodcourt prices

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

i have been eating at sebastian since it opend and am on fairly good terms with sebastian and this shows how nice and friendly he is.

i have seen some reviews on the poor service by the helper but what i can say is that i understand how difficult it is to get help when it comes to any business in Singapore plus this is a coffeeshop after all so what service should one be expecting
anyways. However sebastian himself always provides top notch service. The food itself is always consistently top notch and is comparable to alot of restaurants or cafes i have been to. It is THAT good. So if you want great good at reasonable prices and if you are in the area, this is a no brainer. Must try dishes are all his spaghetti dishes and fried rice dishes. 

dishes too. And lnotch service.

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Brilliant Fusion Cuisines

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 2

Excellent combination of different cooking styles for the perfect dishes. They are tasty and leave a savoury aroma that makes you want more. Definitely will bring more friends over to enjoy their food again!

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Poor service

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Review: 1

My family had been customers of Sebastian Mix Fusion Cuisine for a long time. However, the latest person working at Sebastian's is extremely rude. We watched as he snapped at customers trying to get orders in (they weren't being rude either, just had poor timing), and at customers making payment (one lady thought he was talking to her when he read out a total, and was trying to clarify with him - he simply snapped at her unnecessarily and harshly...and she asking him so nicely!). He even snapped at customers to get their own cutlery.

I understand lunch crowds are hectic and stressful, but such an abusive and uncivil attitude towards customers is really uncalled for, especially when the customers were not even being rude or demanding to begin with. Sebastian's food is good, but that's about all there is to it at the moment. Hopefully something can be done about this service attitude.

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Worst Service

Service 1
Total Review: 1

Food is decent. however, worst experience on the service.

if your staff doesnt wish to change a big notes, could just inform the person instead of showing bad attitude towards your customers.

1. i have ordered my food (with extra rice), informed the staff that i do not have small change. i was rudele told off: " you go find change"

2. food is here, i pass him the $50 note, he said "jokingly": "you didnt find change ar? What about the drinks?"

3. Return back to me with the change, i said "thank you" and reach out my hands for the change. He threw the money on the table.

what a service you have. Definitely i don't recommend to make the effort to go all the way down for the food.

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