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(Closed) Shabu-Sushi Buffet Restaurant (Nex)

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#B1-38/39/40, Nex, 23 Serangoon Central, 556083
Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Local, Singaporean
+65 68343383

Daily: 11:30 - 23:00

$24 based on 49 submissions
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Shabu-Sushi Buffet Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant located at B1 of Nex.

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Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

The ambenience is nice and the food is great.  It comes with tempura, fresh seafood including prawns and more than 100+ raw and cooked food items to choose from.  The experience is a very interesting and relaxing one, as the food is brought to you in small portion via a conveyor belt.  I would certainly go back again anytime soon!!!

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Stomache-inducing food

Total Review: 1

A group of us recently went to this place to have dinner. The moment you step into the restaurant, there is a musty smell to the place that is not pleasing AT ALL. When we went to the "buffet table", the selection of sushi, is at best, basic. The rice of the sushi is hard and cold, the tamago does not look fresh at all. It looks hard and has a deep yellowish streak to it. The fried noodles and fried rice was described by one of my companion as "plastic". The noodle looks seasoned but it is tasteless, not to mention cold and hard.  We regretted that one mouth of rice/noodle "plastic". Perhaps the only merit to the "buffet table" was the fried wanton. Spam it to fill yourself up if you can- don't expect the other food choices to be up to standard. 

The selection of food for the steamboat/"shabu shabu", was very limited. The contents do not look fresh at all, and we started to think that the staleness is a commmonality in all that they serve. Nevertheless, we tried the ingredients and one of the chicken ball that my companion tasted, was described by her as having the taste of "toilet". While my companion had not literally tasted toilet before, I think she must have had such a bad taste of it that that was the only thing that comes to mind. Needless to say, we didn't take anymore of the chicken ball. Expect vegetables, cheesetofu, egg tofu, egg, noodles, chicken with lots of fats, beef, fish slices that feel "powdery" when eaten... basically ingredients that I can get from the local supermarket at twice the freshness and tastiness. 

They had 6 ice cream flavours and even then, they tasted strange. Perhaps my friends and I have been traumatized too far to have favourable views of the most normal food choices that shouldn't go wrong. In the end, I think the drinks are the ones that tasted the most normal. If there is something wrong with the orange juice or pepsi, we really have nothing else to say. 

The worst thing may be the fact that the very night after our dinner at this place, 3 out of 8 of us had stomaches. 2 out of the 3 threw up. The Groupon voucher must have been their last ditch attempt to try and revive this place- it does not even qualify to be a proper restaurant. My advice would be to just avoid this place. You will regret going there. FOR SURE. I'd rather organize my own "shabu" and buy "sushi" from cold storage that will be much more fresh, safe and enjoyable. 

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Below par buffet restaurant

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Went there for dinner and tried out the place. I regretted it.
VALUE: You have to pay about $24.60 per person. With the same amount, I can get better food elsewhere.
FOOD: The shabu-shabu selections were mediocre and sushi selections were miserable. The tempura and fried sausage were overcooked and cold.
DRINK: They don't provide cold water, albeit they provide hot water and ice. You have to mix the hot water with ice to get yourself a decent iced water. The soft drinks and punch selections are okay. You can't mess up with soft fdrinks, I think.
DESSERT: They provide ice cream and some cake, I didn't get any because it didn't look appealing.
AMBIENCE: Loud music, mood lighting mixed with bright neon LED, it is not really a place to spend intimate time with your special ones or family. The table and seat are weirdly designed; I think it's not possible to use booster seat for some tables.
SERVICE: I think the service is not that bad. The servers are actually quite helpful.

Overall, I won't recommend it to others unless they got special promotion. If you add another $5-10, you can actually get to choose better buffet restaurants.

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