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Sky on 57 showcases a modern interpretation of Franco Asian Cuisine in a setting that offers a bird’s eye view of Singapore and the bay. Located at Tower One on level 57, the 12,000 square foot restaurant offers guests an unparalleled vista while they dine in a relaxed, sophisticated environment.

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Latest Review for Sky on 57

Overall RatingBased on 40 reviews
Most helpful review:

Give it a bit more credit!!!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Despite the less than par review, I thought it'll be a nice place to bring my parents for dinner. 

I was prepared for the worse - I was expecting rude stuff, average food. But I was pleasant surprised!!!

First things first. I found the staff attentive, professional. It is almost as if they are trying to make up for the bad review online, I found them a tab trying too hard to please (and approaching dangerously on the brink of being intrusive). But once theyunderstand that we are pretty chill, they gave us the space we need to enjoy ourselves.

The food is pretty good. I LOVE the foie gras Xiao Long Pao. Absolutely heavenly. I can just come here and have three baskets of this stuff. I noticed that there are some comparison between foie gras Xiao long Pao at Sky on 57 and the truffle Xiao long Pao served by Ding Tai Fung. Well, foie gras gras and truffle are different, so any comparison between these are like comparing apples to oranges. I personally find that the foie gras version taste better. Foie gras complements the meat better whereas truffle seems to mask the taste of pork, and compete instead of compliment its taste. 

The rest of the food was alright. My mom had lobster Hokien noodle. It was rich, the broth was thick, and I thought it was pretty darn good value considering you get a whole lobster. It might not impress someone who reckons he or she can get Hokien noodle at Newton or Bedok for one tenth of the price, but darling, it's location location location. For the price you pay, you get lobster, which i think is a fair price to charge. Plus there ain't no white table cloth and you'll have to queue up in hot weather at Newton and Bedok.There is a price to pay for these things. 

I had the suckling pig. The meat was tender, very tender and juicy. The skin was crispy and it taste pretty good. I did think it was a tad oily. But I generally find French food a tad oily. My dad had the cod. I thought it was average, and again, a tad oily. 

I think this place deserves better rating. Come here for thebreathtaking view, enjoy the food and service, but be prepared to pay. Though, you can be pretty sure that you've just impressed your guest.

(Do pardon the tyPo. It's a blxxdy pain in the back to type on this review site.)

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Atas Chicken Rice With A View

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 527

Justin Quek is arguably one of Singapore's most celebrated chefs and his restaurant, Sky 57, opened with much fanfare as Singapore celebrated the return of one of its prodigal sons. 5 years on, we were excited to be part of the after party on the occasion of my good friend's visit to Singapore.

As the name suggests, Sky 57 is perched on the 57th level (top floor) of the iconic Marina Bay Sands and plays neighbour to the infinity pool (accessible to hotel guests). The view is naturally awesome, boasting a birds eye view of the marina bay area but only if you are seated in the alfresco area where the bar is. Still, you do get a limited view of the surroundings if you manage to snag a window seat.

Complimentary Bread - There were a few different flavours of bread but all came across as average. Well, at least it helps you tide over the hunger pangs until the real food is served.

JQ's Signature (+$5) - Chef Justin Quek's signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) required a top up of $5++ for a total of five pieces. The skin was a wee bit too thick but I loved the richness of flavours in the soup and filling; a hint of truffle starts off before the taste of foie gras kicks in together with a mild porkiness from the meat, which had bits of chewy fat for that added texture. A beautifully concocted and excellent dish in my humble opinion. Caveat - you must like foie gras to really enjoy this dish.

Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté - The velouté proved to be a great follow up to the xiao long bao; Creamy and rich without coming across as too heavy on the palate. Coupled with mild saltiness from the bacon bits, a crispiness from the croutons and crunchiness of the diced artichoke, it was a delight to consume. I hear the other soup option on the lunch menu, the Pumpkin Infused Superior Broth, was very good as well.

Wagyu Beef (+$5) - I'm not sure this was worth the additional $5++ top up. Granted, the boneless wagyu beef was very tender with a tinge of red in the center and a light sweetness from being marinated in hoisin sauce. Finished off with a light sprinkle of salt and two miserable stalks of vegetable. Decent but definitely not wow and rather nauseating after the second piece.

Due to the word limit, see my entire review and pictures here.

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Total Reviews: 206

The restaurant is opened by local well known chef Justin Quek. It is located at level 57 with a great view overlooking the garden by the bay. The view would much have the weather been not so hazy. Maybe if that is the case, we would be dining outside and enjoying the view. Today we are having the 3-course restaurant week lunch which costs $40++ per person.

We start the meal with the bread basket, served with butter. There are 4 types of bread : cheese, Japanese, baguette and herb. The baguette has quite a hard crust. The cheese one is most yummy to have. The bread is refillable.

Starter : Kurobuta Wanton
Sauteed prawns, lobster & tomato fondue
The overpacked wantons look more like siew mai with filling threatening to come out. It tastes quite flavourful and juicy.

Main Course : Sakura Chicken
Sauteed mushroom, potato mousseline, Shao Xing wine sauce
The dish is fragrant and reminds me of the Herbal Emperor Chicken 药材皇帝鸡 with its smell. Although served with cream sauce, the sauce is light with asian flavours in it. The chicken is very tender and tears easily from the bone.

We also order the resturant's signature JQ's Signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao 鹅肝小笼包 ($25++).
The xiao long bao has quite an amount of soup inside. It has the strong flavour of foie gras and truffle in it too. But I feel that the skin of the xiao long bao is a bit too thick. The staff has replied that such thick skin is needed in order to hold the soup.

Dessert : JQ's Signature Freshly baked fine apple tart, vanilla ice cream
Unlike that the usual apple tart, the thinly sliced apple lies on a thin crispy pastry skin. I like the flakiness of the tart, which is balanced by the ice cream. I am a bit sad that the ice cream melts rather fast, which makes one feels the need to rush through the dish.

Overall it has been an enjoyable lunch with JQ asking about the meal. The guy has a great memory of remembering us.

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