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Good Chinese soup find in Orchard Ion

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Being Cantonese, I grew up drinking soup. On recommendation of friend, I tried Soup Guru. Located within Ion Opera foodcourt in B4, Soup Guru offers ~10 varieties of slow-boiled Chinese soup.

Buddha Jump over the Wall soup (S$8) was smooth, full-bodied and left a pleasant, lingering aftertaste in the mouth…as a good Chinese soup ought to. Soup had chunky pieces of chicken thigh meat, black Chinese mushrooms, several slices of abalone and wolfberries were surprisingly sweet to the bite. The soup had been brewed for hours as the chicken meat was tender and the cartilage separated from the bone with ease.

Classic chicken ginseng soup (S$9) is a rich soup with stronger herbal undertones. There was a whole chicken drumstick; several pieces of fish maw; black Chinese mushroom; slice of abalone and ginseng root in the soup.

If you prefer clear soups, Guru rejuvenating fish slice soup (S$5.50) comes with 8-10 slices of fish; dried seaweed and red dates. Fish slices were fresh and seaweed was fragrant. A good soup to perk-up the day.

The counter staff is knowledgeable about the soups. Popular soups are their signature Buddha Jump over the wall and chicken ginseng soups, as well as the lotus root soup. You can order rice (@S$1.50) and vegetable dishes on the side. They serve pumpkin rice; yam rice; brown rice and white rice. My favourite is the pumpkin rice, white rice with soft pumpkin pieces and fragrant dried shrimp. Yam rice comes with yam bits and dried shrimp. Brown rice generally tends to be hard. Soup Guru’s rendition of brown rice is chewy with a good bite to it without being overly hard.

Will be back to try the apple & pear soup with pork rib as well as the papaya with snow fungus and pork rib soup. Most soups are priced at S$5.50.

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