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 • 08 Mar 2014 310 reviews 2 followers
There is nothing more enticing than a cold cocktail on a windy but warm weekday afternoon, sitting in the open with a good friend over light-hearted chatter. That is what SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse  is able to offer. Located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-70 (by the river), Singapore 059817, the number to contact them is 6222 1887.
SQUE (pronounced as "skew") bistro has an open concept that allows patrons to enjoy the embrace of the breezes and scenic views of the river. This casual, relaxing setting allows for a lazy day of simply unwinding and casting one's troubles to the winds. The service crew is friendly as well.
I was told that they serve a wicked Cosmopolitan, so I ordered a glass of that. No, actually make it two - I had one more after the first glass. This refreshing, sweet drink was a definite thirst quencher and soother, sour hints infused into the sweet cranberry-vodka concoction.
We shared a platter of Nachos - thick, crispy corn slices rich with mozarella, sour cream, onion, bacon and chunks of beef salsa. This was a delicacy that went perfectly with our drinks, and strangely filling. The bacon was somewhat crispy as well, and the salsa was delicious and succulent.
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I spent $28 per person.

Must tries: nachos, cosmopolitan

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After Work, Chillout
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