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Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet (Oriental Plaza)

Those looking for an incredibly affordable Korean barbecue buffet treat should head down to Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ. Buffet dinner offered is only $20+ but the restaurant offers a huge repertoire of marinated meats and side dishes.

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 17:30 - 22:00

+65 62256964
$27 based on 28 submissions
Buffet (9 votes), Dinner (6 votes), After Work (5 votes)

Recommended, but not for the service n ambience

Food is pretty all right, rather I would say it's good. But I was disappointed with the service part, dk whether bcus there was too many ppl, the staffs didnt clear my plates when we reminded her few times, and gave us the "face".

Maybe you want to visit the place during "not so busy hour"

The HGW community like this place for...

  • bulgogi burrito4 votes
  • samgyupsal4 votes
  • bugolgi burrito2 votes
  • pancake2 votes
  • bugolgi1 vote
  • bulgogi1 vote
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16 Nov 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Recommended, but not for the service n ambience

Food is pretty all right, rather I would say it's good. But I was disappointed with the service part, dk whether bcus there was too many ppl, the staffs didnt clear my plates when we reminded her few times, and gave us the "face".

Maybe you want to visit the place during "not so busy hour"

29 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Do not call for reservation.

I honestly felt you guys can do better. The food is really good and I like it a lot. But if u guys want to go. They are too popular as of current. You called in for reservation. They merely say "you can walk in you can walk in huh" and put down the phone. Before I can response. Please be more polite and just let your customer know you do not take in reservation. That's it. You can also put in your site that u do not take in reservation. Or u can no need to provide a reservation line. All your outlets have the common problem.
16 Jun 2014 • 22 reviews • 1 follower

Value for Money for Meat Lovers

We arrived there at 615pm on a Sunday evening. Did not have to wait long and we got our table. We had many choices of meat, chicken, pork belly, marinated beef bulgogi, pork slices as well as beef ribs. There were also generous sides of Korean veg pancake, and japchae (mixed vegetables) and free flow of kimchi and soup. We had the meats piled high like a mountain and grilled until the tray was almost black! Had a great time eating and the cuts of meat were well marinated and tender and very fresh. Though it was quite smokey inside, there was nothing that could not be fixed with a shower after dinner. Generous portions and the meat was filled up fast, as well as the side dishes. Wait staff also cleared our dirty plates very fast. We only took an hour for dinner, though we were informed that we had 2 hours to eat. As grilling the meat was a fast way to cook, we did not have to linger around that long after dinner was finished.
08 Apr 2014 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

Probably the Best Korean BBQ Buffet

For full review, please visit my blog The Engineer Chef:

I wanted to eat Korean food, so my friend suggested us to dine at Ssikkek for several reasons: 1) It's buffet (guys like buffet). 2) It's relatively cheap ($24++ for weekend dinner), you pay almost the same if dining a la carte elsewhere. 3) It's delicious.    So we went to Ssikkek at Oriental Plaza. We were there at around 7.30pm, and there was a line, but not so bad. As soon as we were in the restaurant, we were seated on a table adjacent to the food bar. The restaurant was clean, well air conditioned, and gave a comfortable dining "feel" even though it's full - unlike other steamboat buffet restaurants that are nasty. Thumbs up for these.    We started off by taking some Korean banchan / side dishes: kimchi, white pickled radish, jjapchae, pajyeon, kimbap, seaweed soup, kimchi stew; and also from the deep fried counter: mandoo and french fries with their special mayo dip (that reminded me of Washington Avenue Bahn Mi's french fries dip). The side dishes were pretty awesome. I love the seaweed soup cuz it's very comforting to the stomach, the mandoo, the fries and dip. The jjapchae and kimchi stew were pretty ok although I claim I cook better ones. The pajyeon was mediocre, and if you could, avoid the kimbap as they tasted weird. 

As for the BBQ meat, Ssikkek offers a huge variety: beef short ribs, beef ribeye, beef short tip, beef bulgogi, pork belly, bacon, pork bulgogi, pork loin, chicken bulgogi, mini sausages. There are also some seafood such as shrimp and squid. Not forgetting, they offer vegetables for grill such as enoki mushrooms. 

Also, they offer fresh vegetables and condiment used for wrapping the barbecued meat to be eaten in a traditional Korean way. For example, fresh bibb lettuce, garlic, jalapeno, green onions, dobanjang, gochujang, sesame oil, soy vinegar, etc.   If all of these are not enough for you, they have free Korean instant cup noodles for you to eat to, but I doubt anyone would choose this option, wouldn't you? Not forget to mention, iced Korean tea, yellow colored beverage that tasted like Vitamin C drink, and sodas are offered. Ice cream sticks are available at $1 a stick. Grab the Melon, trust me!   My dining experience at Ssikkek was very satisfying. Even though there is a time limit of 2 hours stay, to my surprise they do offer to change the grilling pan after charcoal has built up on it. For those of you with big appetite, this is definitely a place to go!

23 Dec 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


Was invited to dinner with a few friends at this korean BBQ buffet last weekend, 1st impression, place is small and bad smell even before i stepped in. Ventilation is bad and i am sure my clothes will stink after my dinner. 

However, the worst is yet to come! when i approached the food counter, had a SHOCK!!  Gosh, there are less than 15 selection of raw food and mostly are meats. For seafood selection there are only 2 choice, fozen calamari and prawns!! There are PATHETIC selection of ready-cooked food too. Mainly korean stir-fried tanghoo, pancakes and oil-fried dumplings..etc. I was taken aback that how can a BBQ buffet only has these few miserable choices. I had been to many korean buffet restaurant and this is my FIRST time to see such a BAD setup. Almost felt like walking out instantly! but paisei, my friends had already settled in.

The restaurant is noisy and it kept playing korean MTVs on it 2 bg screen REPEATEDLY... YAWN!!!! The music is too LOUD for a comfortable dinner experience. Maybe the management is trying to drown the customers chatterings with the ambience music, EXACTLY like a HAWKER CENTRE! This definitely spoils our dining mood.

In addition, they have a time limit of 2hours per table. NONSENSICAL RULE! The management is just trying to make as much as they can with this rule and lousy choice of food.

On top of that, the deserts selection is EQUALLY bad.. only watermelon, oranges! BEST PART... ICE CREAM is chargable at $1.00ea... OH MY GOD!!!!! Can the management be MORE GENEROUS?? if you wanna open a BBQ buffet and start to offer lousy selection, time limitation and pay for your own "ice cream".
I am starting to wonder how did it get such a high ratings in the website? 

I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone who read these to patronise this restaurant. It WILL DEFINITELY SPOIL your dining experience!

Visit at your own risk!.. you had been WARNED...!!! Spent your $30 somewhere else!!