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 • 16 Jun 2014 22 reviews 1 follower
We arrived there at 615pm on a Sunday evening. Did not have to wait long and we got our table. We had many choices of meat, chicken, pork belly, marinated beef bulgogi, pork slices as well as beef ribs. There were also generous sides of Korean veg pancake, and japchae (mixed vegetables) and free flow of kimchi and soup. We had the meats piled high like a mountain and grilled until the tray was almost black! Had a great time eating and the cuts of meat were well marinated and tender and very fresh. Though it was quite smokey inside, there was nothing that could not be fixed with a shower after dinner. Generous portions and the meat was filled up fast, as well as the side dishes. Wait staff also cleared our dirty plates very fast. We only took an hour for dinner, though we were informed that we had 2 hours to eat. As grilling the meat was a fast way to cook, we did not have to linger around that long after dinner was finished.

I spent $26 per person.

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BBQ, Buffet

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