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Inspired by the standing sushi bars in Tokyo, the original branch of Singapore's Japanese restaurant opened in August 2009. A true standing concept, it received a warm welcome and with the emphasis on quality it was voted the #1 sushi bar and #1 for sashimi by the HungryGoWhere community.

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mycc | Salmon Aburi Roll
mycc | Salmon Aburi Roll
mycc | Unagi roll
mycc | Unagi roll
mycc | Potato Aburi
mycc | Potato Aburi
Salmon aburi
Salmon aburi
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Great weekday deals for Jap food and alcohol!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 148

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We learnt about the prevailing promotion [$3 salmon sashimi, $2 sake, $5 beer, wine, hot sake and umeshu] on Monday and Thursday only at 8QSAM Standing Sushi Bar. Unfortunately, the branch at Marina Bay Link Mall has a separate promotion targeted at the office crowd there. We ended up with the weeknight deal [izakaya happy hour $5 salmon sashimi, $10 martinis, $5 Asahi beer, $5 large glasses of sake ,and a selection of $5 bar bites].

Salmon Aburi Roll

Previously, there was a hype surrounding Koh Grill's Shiok Maki or Sushi Bar's Salmon Aburi Roll. In terms of the proportion between the rice and ingredients, the salmon and cucumber pieces wrapped inside the rice was done to a nicety. We found the coating layer of salmon sashimi was slightly too thin, resulting in the torching process cooking the entire salmon altogether. In terms of taste, while the homemade sauce served here was refreshing, Koh Grill's unique creamy cheesy sauce was our preferred choice. Nonetheless, the balance of this dish was executed well and surely worth a try!

Salmon Sashimi - 5 Slices

I'm not really a fan of sashimi, but the salmon sashimi was thick and fresh which we felt was value for money at S$5/-. For the purpose of comparison, if you're only targeting their salmon sashimi, I suppose visiting the branch at Queen Street would fare better economical sense since similarly, five slices there would cost just S$3/-.

Potato Aburi

I was really looking forward to this dish as I love potato salad and the dish in the menu photo surely looked more appetising and palatable than what was served as it depicted an extravagant amount of sauce. Unfortunately, the dish served was nowhere close to the picture as there was no overlying sauce and the seaweed wrapping tasted chewy rather than crisp. Though the potato salad on top of the three seaweed wrapped sushi was generous and flavoursome.

Unagi Roll

We found quite a distinct inconsistency in terms of the distribution of the ingredients within the roll and the unagi tasted average.

For the rest of the review, please refer to our review.

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Mediocre food; will be back during their promotion days

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 170

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Hello sushi fans! We are bringing you to Standing Sushi Bar this time round. I have heard tons of people talking about this Sushi Bar and so I decided to try it out. It was so hard to get last minute reservations at the SAM outlet so we decided to try the Marina Bay Link Mall outlet.    Well, I think I will just get my hands up to book seats earlier at SAM next time round. It was such a long distance walk from the train station and it was sooooo empty. Of course, this place is mainly for the working adults so after hours mean that it is practically a ghost town. 

Salmon Aburi $13. Of course, this has been in the heats for some time. The salmon aburi roll; so nice and yummy. The slightly burnt taste on the salmon and another layer of salmon inside the roll. It is nice but I think I prefer the one at The Sushi Bar (Far East).  Click on the link if you want to read more on that!

Salmon Sashimi (5 slices for $5). They have this Happy Izakaya Times at the Marina Bay Link Mall outlet. Salmon sashimi, Asahi Beer and some other selection of $5 snacks from 5pm-845 pm. For the Queen Street outlet, they have different promotions on different days of the week so have a check at the Standing Sushi Bar website!

Oysters (2 for $5). Well, I really love oysters so when I saw this, I knew I had to have them. It was fresh and I would say goes well with a cup of Asahi beer. Slurps! Missing my oysters now.

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I was seated the whole time.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

Despite the name of the establishment, I was seated the whole time!


Being a fan of the other branch at Queen St, my partner and I decided to try out this branch.

Was not disappointed! I had walked past during the lunch rush once and it was bustling so I decided to head there in the evening instead, at about 4pm.

It was much less crowded and thusly the service staff were very attentive.

The food quality remains from the Queen St branch and the set menu provides for some value-for-money-eating. (Had a salmon bento thing that came out from the kitchen super quick)

The owner was there when I was eating. He came over to say hello while we were eating which was a nice touch. I hope the next time we visit he will say hello again.

The deal on the Asahi drafts was very hard to say no to and we ended up drinking much more than we originally planned.

They provide ready prepared sushi and sashimi sets that must be very convenient during the lunch rush.

Had a great time and would definitely visit the place again.

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