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Review for (Closed) Suite 23


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16 Oct 2011 • 54 Reviews • 10 Followers

Yummy steak

Wonderful stay at Park Regis, it's for hubby's birthday.

Our dinner came complimentary because our room was late. Supposed to check in at 1pm. But it's only till 5.30pm then we got our room. *faint* Manager thus offer complimentary dinner which was a delight. Despite it being complimentary, this is 100% my honest views as always.

Our order: Wild mushroom soup, Tiger prawn salad, Beer Tenderloin, Pan-seared Salmon, Tiramisu and 2 scoops of ice-cream.


The menu was actually….pretty pathetic. Imagine only 3 main courses to choose from. =.= Beef Tenderloin, Pan-seared Salmon and Fish & Chips. (Park Regis was still a very new hotel then. ) However, it was fantastic!! Especially the tiger prawns Caesar and my medium Tenderloin with mushroom sauce. Such a huge and thick slab too! Tender and yummy! Best steak I've eaten to date. Even the sides like broccoli, braised carrots and wedges were delicious too! The tiramisu(too moist) and ice-cream(too sweet) did not impress though. Dearie said his salmon was also pretty good, however, it will be better if it can be firmer.

Servers were attentive too, I mean, since we’re the only customers. Haha. When I requested for more mushroom sauce, it came hot too! However, their waitresses really pretty jialat. The elderly one, I got problems deciphering her English. The young Filipino one, was simply….I dont know how to say. She looked at me as if I'm speaking in a foreign language when I tried to order a lychee martini from her.

I did casually look at the prices, and still feel my steak is worth it, for it's quality, taste and weight. I dont quite remember but it's below $50. Lychee martini is around $16. All in all, a very well-rounded restaurant.

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Lunch, Dinner, Romance/First Dates, Private Dining, Quiet
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$100 for 1 pax
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